free downloads, new words and heat with humidity

Yup another Sunday and it is still humid as heck.  I was hoping to wake up to a nice cool morning that would help me feel up and ready to write.  Nope, hot, humid, sticky…just plain icky..but I wont let it stop me!  I must write after all.

Now per the part of the title about freebies.  I decided that Hope Everlasting has been overlooked.  So it is up for free for the next five days.  And in case anyone didn’t get a chance to read One More All Hallows Eve it is free today.  So two of the Guardians of the Gate City tales for free.  It is a good thing.  Once I get some photos of Sandy Pond I can put together the cover and trailer for A Watery Grave.  Three tales in the same world.  This is a good thing.

My book trailers have started having some notice.  Which is nice.  After all I made those to help entice people to try reading my tales.  I know I had one sale because of the trailer for Ice.  With the heat people are enjoying the images of snow and ice for sure.

Chaos war is moving along.  Not as fast as some can write but we know I write in my own weird way.  Spent the part of the night that my brain would not shut down trying out different ways to have Jessica separate from the guys long enough for the Vamps to grab her.   Not sure I am going to find a way that will not involve magic of some type.  The guys are more than hyper vigilant at this moment.  I only have the few months between Greg getting cursed and the next section of the book to get her taken down under again.  It will wok out.  I am glad I kept Master Tachi around as a ghost though.  Need a wise old man in this story.  Gives me a place to add in little things that the Warrior should know but doesn’t.

Now the Warrior’s back story is starting to fill in.  When I made up Jeffery I hadn’t thought about just what he was.  He was a construct.  Now he is getting history, a vague one thanks to all the magic wrapped around him but one none the less.  Poor guy wants to remember but he can’t.  Between destiny and Avendale’s messing with his head it will take a lot for him to remember who he was before Avendale found him and used him.

Okay time to dig out stuff for the coming yard sale and to fill in missing parts, maybe even make a trailer for Endings..and if I can do something not porny for Distance…we will see.


working up to the climax

Okay got Harry back to the Pond now the fun begins.  Got to bind and/or banish those Mari-morgens and they aren’t gonna be happy to see that happen.  Mixing catholism and wicca can be fun.  After all there are priests who understand that other ways of worshiping is not heresy and that one view just wont stop all the dangers.  So a little mixing and a lot of magic coming into this scene..I think.  While this started a darker tale than Hope Everlasting I think we will get out of it with less casualties.  So far no main characters are biting the big one.  They might be owie when I am done but well that happens in good old magic battles with beasties dire.  Back to the writing.  Might actually finish this today if I don’t get interrupted.

Some days

Well yesterday was almost a total waste of time.  All day headache and queasiness made working on my books hard.  I managed to do some editing and rewriting on Partings, so that it flows better.  Thanks to Chuck and Larry and David for their comments  on how to make that shortie short better.  Need to make a cover,e etc before I post it.

Managed to get Hope Everlasting posted up on Kindle.  I figured since it was done and ready I would put One More All Hallows Eve up for free for the next four days.  Did that just before I went to bed and crashed.  Got up this morning and I can tell the boards are slow.  Only seven downloads as of 8am and no comments on the discussion boards.  But then there were hardly any after I went to bed.  Guess everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Good thing to do.

It is Canada day here and there were lots of fireworks going off last night.  While I am glad they were celebrating oh my did that make my head worse. Still touchy this morning.  Something around here is making my allergies go into overdrive.  Not sure what though.

Well today I have the goal of writing at least ten pages.  Not necessarily on one piece but that would be nice.  Just gotta see which one hits my up side the head and says work on me.  Yeah I should do more editing on Star Beast…or maybe I could pull out my really awful stuff and see if I can save it in any way.  After all even as a teen I had great ideas, just didn’t have the ability to tell them well.

It’s funny I am putting up short stories and even shorter stories but I am almost afraid to put up Loralil.  The two books are longer than my shorts, three to four times longer but I am just not ready to let that baby go I guess.  Maybe when I finally get some idea what i want for the covers.  It is hard because I don’t want something too cheesy but I don’t have the funds to get something really good made up for me.  She is close to my heart, after all I have been writing her longer than I have had kids and my kids are my center.

okay enough on this blog.  I should go to the other page I set up on wordpress and put up the other covers I have.  That is what that is for.  Covers and book trailers and series trailers.  Fun stuff that needs a place.  I will probably even put up the threatened poetry videos.  If I can decide what poems from ages ago I feel worth the effort.  Most of those are DEPRESSING but heck I was pretty depressed 10 to 15 years ago.  Now I am just silly and tired and cooking stuff way too much.  Yeah someday I will do that threatened cook book and photography book too!  Okay time to work.

Start of summer vacation or MOM I’m hungry!

Well Kaylan is home for the next 8 weeks so writing will be interesting.  So far I have played Minecraft with her, fended off requests for food she doesn’t really need, had to look up stuff that will keep her from bugging me and I can’t wait till she goes out to play.

Last night I had a little writers conversation with two other writers.  Got some pointers on what they think one of my stories needs.  Part I will definitely work on, part um…no.  A short short short piece is meant to be that way.  A bit more detail I can add.  Changing it from two ghosts on the windswept moors to two ghosts in windswept Harlem…no…not what these two are about.  After all a collection of ghosts stories from Death’s point of view… you are going to have ghosts from all time periods right?  I have the two in this tale from 500 years ago.  I have another set around the 50s, then the 80s and another that will be current to date…and a few others.  The important part is how they deal with and understand they are dead and how death helps them move forward.  Should be a fun if niche title.  But then everything I write is a niche title huh?

Started on the heavy editing needed to make Star Beast work.  Lots of errors in flow.  The spelling was not as bad as I expected.  The grammar…well we know that needs help.  Pacing will work out once I get the wording fixed.  Once I do that I can move it on to the actual conflicts and well bring in the battles.  But it will be a long haul on that one I think.

Plan on the read through of Hope Everlasting.  Making sure it is ready for the next step.   If I spend today and tomorrow getting it tightened and cleaned up then I can work Sunday on a cover and trailer for it before I put it up live to be read.  I plan on putting One More All Hallows Eve up for free download from Canada day to Independence day…for the uninformed that is July 1st through July 4th.  Get some traffic on my stuff I hope.

Well time to think about lunch.  The only problem eating breakfast before 6am is that you are starving long before noon.

Old stories can become new

Since I finished up Hope Everlasting I decided to pull out some of my older works and look them over.  Having over 30 years worth of story files from so many different word editors makes it interesting.  First you have to find a way of opening some of those files.  Then you have to go through and reformat it so you can read it.  Then you read through and realize that while the story is worth saving you just might have to lose more than half of what you wrote!  Battle of the Star Beast is my current example.  I spent most of yesterday just getting it open and reading it through.  The basic story is still good.  Considering that I am still getting begging emails from people after ten years of not working on that one it is funny.  I only had one chapter as a doc file.  The rest of it was in htm…which made getting all those little tags out important.

Once I finished that it was time to read through.  Okay I know where I was going, what I planned on but damn if I didn’t get caught up in a few cliches writing that one.  Course in my defense I started that story before my oldest had even hit preschool.  She’s a senior at UNH now.  Bit of it I will admit is great.  The whole bits were there is a memory exchange between the hero and heroine is actually good.  But other parts, ouch really just ouch.  It is forty pages of serious editing and rewriting that needs to be done before I move along to the rest of the story.  Okay it is one that I probably bit off more than I could chew.  After all I have devolved into I hope a fine short story author.  This will not be a short story.  This will be a three book novel set.  More than I usually do.

Now I probably wont work on this one exclusively.  Just not how I write.  I have to bop between one tale to the next.  If I get stuck, I pick up another tale and work on it.  Something different to get me fresh.  I could work on the other tales in the Nashua’s Guardians collection.  Nashua’s Guardians?  I am not sure that will be the final title of the collection but it works for a working title.  After all I have Jackson’s story started and four other stories that don’t directly involve Harry or Jackson yet.  Not saying,they won’t.  After all you can’t have things that go bump in the night in Nashua not have either the physic cop or the Guardian come a calling right?

But I thought it was time to get back to my science fiction stories for a bit.  Along with Star Beast I have one called the Price of Freedom.  Furry aliens with odd powers, a intergalactic police man, a villain out to control a dying race’s resources, love, hate, talking space ships, just plain fun.  But harder to write well I think.

Yeah I am babbling this morning.  I should probably take this over to my other blogs and babble about new video ideas but this is my writing blog right?  I came across an idea to use my poetry and photos together in short music videos.  I am following a guy on Youtube who is doing that and it gave me a ton of little fun ideas.  So we will see.