Flash Fiction: BooHoo doll

When did we become something silly? Big heads and tiny bodies, made out of a ball and some yarn? Really now? Once we were poppets, used by witches to curse people. Then we were voodoo dolls, made to look like a person and take control of them. Now? Now we are cute little things, hanging on key chains or strings attached to book bags. I am so ashamed!

My great uncle ten times removed was used to take down a tyrant and my great great grandma was used to take down a slave owner. Me? Well I get used by a wannabe goth child to make her teacher sick enough to cancel a test. Really? A test! Life is so unfair! I wanted to be used for something great, something important, but no, I get used for a test. What happened to the good old days!


Flash fiction: Bury me in a Barrow Mound

I walk slowly forward, my feet dragging in reluctance. Today I have given up, allowed them to place you in your grave. Nothing I could do would bring you back to me. As I watch them heap the stones over your face, I stand like those very stones. You told me you would come back to me, that everything would be all right, but you lied. Nothing is right, will ever be right again. As they build the barrow about your body, the part of me that loved life is buried with you. Tonight, after they all leave, I will join you here, my love. They say that I must let you go, but my heart will not go on. There are enough stones for two.

Back to work…or damn I got interrupted

As a mom and writer finding the peace and quite I need to get on a roll can be hard. Generally I am actually looking forward to Monday’s simply because my family goes off to their weekly things. The hubby is at work and the daughter goes to school, leaving me with peace and quiet till the renter gets up. Well since she is off visiting her boyfriend this week I expected to have a full six hours with no one to interrupt the flow.

I was doing all fine and good, getting about 1200 words typed up when I got the call from the school to go get the kid. And bam…there went my muse. She is still pounding on my head (yeah that is why I get headaches right?) but the flow has been interrupted.

Trying to get Loralil on her way toward the hidden GreyElf city of Tal’sin is hard enough. I am trying to decide where to toss in some action since right now I am dealing mostly with the fallout of the death of her uncle.

Now why is this important? Well as Loralil is the main character of my classic fantasy tale I need action. I need to keep moving things along, so to speak. Now if I was still doing tabletop gaming with her I would roll dice and throw in some random monsters, but should I do that? One thing you don’t want in a book is to hear the dice rolls.

But what I really need to do is to make up an actual map of Loralil’s world. Unlike urban fantasy, classic fantasy needs to have a map to help you estimate how long it will take for your characters to go from place to place. In a world that is run on magic and horsepower the average distance you could be expected to travel would be about 30 miles a day depending on the road conditions and terrain. So again a map would be a good thing. To work out the topography and little things like would there be inns and villages or are you moving through swamp, forest, hills. These things are important if you want a tale that doesn’t seem shallow.

So while i have 4300 words right now I can’t go too much further forward without a decent map. While i have had Loralil travel in the two books so far, she is going in a different direction and this is not a quest trip so far. Right now she is traveling with the mage and healer who have been caring for her since her uncle’s death. So a slow pace most likely with no really change of pace. No galloping for the fun of it as I have the healer driving a small cart which is another thing to research to see how they travel.

Once I get the map and research figured out I can move forward to the city of Tal’sin. It is a mountain city, much like Mer’Beryl was. Very different from the high elf city of course. Where the High elves are more like you would expect a Tolkien elf to be, the grey elves are artisians and healers. They build cities that blend into their environment and live deep into the mountains in pocket valleys.

Here is hoping I can find what I need and get this novel going. I have other parts ready…once i get this transition done.

Back to work

With all the snow and ice and bitter cold the very best thing fora writer is to stay inside and write. Thankfully I am getting words down finally. Over the past month I have tossed between four different titles and had real trouble settling down to work on just one. Been hard working on just one.

In fact at the moment I have two notebooks with complete scenes from the next Loralil book and a totally new book. The important thing is that I am writing new things. We, as writers, need to write, daily. If we can that is. The past three months I have mostly been editing work and not putting down fresh new words.

Thankfully I got them down and I will do more today. Writing can be a chore but it is also a fun thing.

Now I don’t plan on putting the new Loralil stuff here till I get more of it down but I thought how about a bit from this totally new thing I started?


Sherri woke up to a furry paw tapping her face. “Aw, enough, Sammy.”

“Now, Sherri.”

She grumbled as she tried to roll over and found she was trapped under her blankets. Wiggling an arm free, she sighed and opened her eyes. “Damn, did I oversleep?”

The room seemed filled with light and she looked over at the clock. It read as 1:00am. “Huh?”

“Hurry, get dressed.” The same voice from before urged her to move. Still a bit foggy with sleep, she was swinging back the blankets before it dawned on her that cats do not talk.

Sherri darted her eyes about, but there was no one in the room with her other than her cat, Sammy. “Who?”

There was an audible sigh and a thud as her cat jumped off the bed. “Me, silly woman.” The gray stripped form turned about, then sat, curling his tail about his paws neatly. “We really don’t have time for this, Sherri.”

Sherri blinked repeatedly and then shook her head. “Must be dreaming.” She started to lie back, when her cat darted forward and raked a set of claws across her knee. “I said, up!”

“Hey!” Rubbing the scratch, Sherri slowly got up. “How long have you been able to talk?” She reached for her robe when Sammy leapt up and sat on it.

“Duh, forever.” He quickly licked his shoulder, then looked back at Sherri. “Look, you really need to get dressed. Put on the stuff over on the chair.” He pointed with his chin, before settling down and closing his eyes.

Sighing, sherri shook her head and stepped over to the threadbare, overstuffed chair she had placed by her window. Lying, neatly folded, was clothing she did not recognize. She picked up and shook out a knitted silk, long sleeved t-shirt and shrugged. “Okay, looks like it will fit.” Slipping out of her sleep shirt she rummaged through the pile and dressed from the skin out.

Turning back to face her cat, she buckled a new belt into place. “Okay, I’m dressed.”

“There are boots next to the chair, put them on.”

Shaking her head, Sherri complied. “Weirdest damn dream ever.”

“You’re not dreaming.” Sammy sat back up and stretched. Just as he reached that full tendon snapping stretch common to all felines he form wavered and flowed into a man form. “But you aren’t dreaming and you are not safe. Please continue dressing. We don’t have a lot of time.”

Sherri’s jaw dropped and she paused mid movement. “Um…you sure I’m not dreaming? I mean since cats don’t transform into,” she took a closer look at Sammy, “two foot tall, hot,” she swallowed as her eyes were drawn to his abs, “men?”

A smile slid over Sammy’s face and he stretch again. Luckily for Sherri’s senses he had transformed in a pair of worn and low slung jeans. “Well, normal cats don’t, no.” He chuckled and sank down to sit cross-legged on the bed. “Keep dressing and I will explain a few things.”

“O…kay,” Sherri pulled on the first boot, lacing it up tight.

“We don’t have a lot of time before they start rounding everyone up, so don’t expect me to tell you everything.” He looked toward the blinds before continuing. “Firstly, you are no more human than I am.” When Sherri opened her mouth he held up a finger. “Silence.” Sherri swallowed, then nodded.


Well there is a lot more to that one. I am not sure where this is going to go but it should be fun. When I get there that is. so much to write and so little time right?

Another new cover and excerpt..why not?

Well I figured time to get some work done and here you go.  This is another  darker tale from my Magic and Nightmares series.  Nothing is what it seems is it?

secrets-can-be-deadly  Not totally sure on this one.  But it might work.

Here is a bit of the opening of the story


Secrets, we all have them.  Some are good, some are bad, but they are all meant to be kept close.  What can you do if the secret you must keep close might just destroy an entire world?  You hide it away and hide yourself at the same time is what.


Abby has just such a secret.  Something terrible enough that she left her comfortable life in the city to hide in the deep woods back beyond.  Took off, without telling anyone where she was going even.  She was lucky that there weren’t many who noticed, even fewer who cared.  In today’s society if you don’t fit in most just gloss over you and forcefully ignore you.


In the deep, ancient woods she lived peacefully and simply, totally off any grid that mankind had developed.  While most from this day and age would be lost without their cell phones and Internet, Abby had come to enjoy the peace of the land.  The nearest neighbor was more than ten miles away, across rivers and streams.  Those very rivers and streams were another way of breaking any trail to her.  They had no roads leading to them or bridges crossing them.  You had to take a boat across and getting that boat to the bank was not easy.  Here in the little pocket clearing she grew vegetables and herbs, wrote and painted and lived peacefully, missing very little from her life before.


Should intrigue are reader or three, or so I hope.  Probably toss this up in the next few days.  Just haven’t decided yet.

The bane of the modern age

When you write on the computer a thunderstorm tends to give you down time at the wrong times.  I was working on Blackbird, a new Echoes of Elder Times, short story when a series of thunderstorms hit.  Like a smart writer I saved my work and shut down the computer.  Now that was a good idea because of the power blips that happen.  So I did.  Only problem is I was on a roll and then poof!  I hate when something stops me.  I being silly did not pick up a pen and keep scribbling down my inspiration…oh well right?

I want to get this tale done by the end of the week. I might do it, I might not but I can try right?

The distractions are out there, the cute little black squirrels who run the fence behind me.  The daughter needing attention and cool treats for her strep throat and of course stuff to watch on tv.  So of course I will have to buckle down and write more.

So writing a little tale of magic, transformation and and love.  I am wondering if I should put it in the Echoes stories or in the new Fantasy Romances that I have.  I think it would be nice as the second tale to follow in the footsteps of the Knight Protector.  While I can do romance in some of my stories writing actual romances isn’t as easy as you would think.  While I know romance, being married to a very romantic man helps, writing them is different.

See most of the romantic stuff I wrote fell into the erotica category.  I have enough of those written for three or four collections but writing something romantic without the erotica content?  Not something I have done a lot of yet.  I plan on trying to do this series and I will.  I need a series name of course.

Like always coming up with a series title is a bit hard.  Having Knight could have me calling them Knights of love…but that sounds rather more like an erotic tale than a series.  Then I could go with something like Fantastic Love…but no.  I will have to sit and ponder this for a while.  Hopefully I will come up with a good title for the series before I have too many stories finished.

Now I just need to make some covers.  A Gremlin that I can use for a short and a dragon/man cross for another…dang so much

Fresh and brisk morning

Okay taking off yesterday to read and play games was a good down time.  Needed it.  I was getting way to wrapped up in my storyline for comfort.  Yeah it is a good idea to enjoy what you are writing but you need time to do other things and relax.  Pushing to get your characters through something can make the seem like they are being pushed.  I have the beginnings of a section with Avendale, a bit into her motivations and a bit into why she is so focused on controlling Jeffery.  Plus a few more hints about his mysterious background from before  she found him.  I know having a character who only remembers bits and pieces can be annoying to some but it will work out.  Probably should add a bit here and there about Jessica and Gregory but this is really Jeffery’s story.  There came into being in this paradigm, until Jeffery.
Realized after I had fiished up my spoiled time that I am behind on book trailers.  I mean five whole finished books, not counting A Water Grave which I am holding off for those pics from my daughter.  I need to do them for The Words That Bring Peace, Distance Means Little to Love, The Dream Wish, Endings and All That There Was.  Now four out of the five wont be an issue.  Distance…well that depends on if I go romancy or raunchy.  I dont know but I guess I will get them sorted out in the next few days.  Then a few more covers to do for the finished stories and oh yeah get the paperback cover to work for Endings so I can get that out.

So much to do, so little time till school starts.  Well back to work for me.

Brisk morning lots of work to do

Well the temps today are comfy and should stay that way.  Which is good.

I got a lot of notes written up yesterday and plan on more of course today.  I will be typing them up after I go get groceries.  Chaos War one has topped 30K in words.  That is long for me as my followers know.  Obviously it will need a lot of editing to make sure it flows the way it is supposed to.  Still haven’t rescued the damsel in distress but we will get there.  Not that she isn’t trying to rescue herself, just hard to get lose when you are chained up right?  So it will happen.  New characters have forced their way into the story.  Now no guarantee these fun guys will last past the battle with the baddies but that is the fate of many a secondary characters right?

I posted two new shorts over on Amazon kindle.  All that There Was and The Dream Wish.  The first is an odd little story that was inspired by of all things an episode of Sailor Moon and a painting of a tree in a globe of glass.  Yeah I know I do have odd ideas.  The Dream Wish on the other hand was just that, a dream.  I do get a lot of really good inspiration from dreams.  Which is a good thing since my dreams are just so weird.

Today I do have a lot of work that I should do.  I need to make trailers for the three shorts that dont have them and one for the erotic collections.  That one will be hard, oh the bad puns!  I want to elevate it to something nice so we will see.  I have one more cover finished that I can post up the story to Amazon but I think i will wait a week on that.

Still waiting on the photos for A Watery Grave.  That story is of course the third of the Guardians of the Gate City stories.  I hope my daughter figures out how to get the photos off her phone soon!  I am also seriously looking into a way to do my photos and poems together in ebook form.  There are a few out there so if i can figure it out who knows what might show up?

free downloads, new words and heat with humidity

Yup another Sunday and it is still humid as heck.  I was hoping to wake up to a nice cool morning that would help me feel up and ready to write.  Nope, hot, humid, sticky…just plain icky..but I wont let it stop me!  I must write after all.

Now per the part of the title about freebies.  I decided that Hope Everlasting has been overlooked.  So it is up for free for the next five days.  And in case anyone didn’t get a chance to read One More All Hallows Eve it is free today.  So two of the Guardians of the Gate City tales for free.  It is a good thing.  Once I get some photos of Sandy Pond I can put together the cover and trailer for A Watery Grave.  Three tales in the same world.  This is a good thing.

My book trailers have started having some notice.  Which is nice.  After all I made those to help entice people to try reading my tales.  I know I had one sale because of the trailer for Ice.  With the heat people are enjoying the images of snow and ice for sure.

Chaos war is moving along.  Not as fast as some can write but we know I write in my own weird way.  Spent the part of the night that my brain would not shut down trying out different ways to have Jessica separate from the guys long enough for the Vamps to grab her.   Not sure I am going to find a way that will not involve magic of some type.  The guys are more than hyper vigilant at this moment.  I only have the few months between Greg getting cursed and the next section of the book to get her taken down under again.  It will wok out.  I am glad I kept Master Tachi around as a ghost though.  Need a wise old man in this story.  Gives me a place to add in little things that the Warrior should know but doesn’t.

Now the Warrior’s back story is starting to fill in.  When I made up Jeffery I hadn’t thought about just what he was.  He was a construct.  Now he is getting history, a vague one thanks to all the magic wrapped around him but one none the less.  Poor guy wants to remember but he can’t.  Between destiny and Avendale’s messing with his head it will take a lot for him to remember who he was before Avendale found him and used him.

Okay time to dig out stuff for the coming yard sale and to fill in missing parts, maybe even make a trailer for Endings..and if I can do something not porny for Distance…we will see.