Lady of Blood, audio dribble

Since I can’t post the actual file here I have placed this up on YouTube. If you click on the link you will be taken to my channel and you can watch/listen to this. I have three more finished and a hell of a lot more in the works. I will try to post them up daily till I am caught up. Enjoy. If you like please comment on YouTube and follow my channel.

Lady of Blood


Oy vey…five videos started

Yup I have recorded five tracks so far. They arent long, only about 20-30 seconds long so far. Used Adobe Soundbooth to do the recordings and wasn’t that fun! Audio work is harder than you think folks. First getting your all important words down without out flubbing up can be HARD. Then you have to listen back to your own voice…creepy. Save the file and then open up Premiere Pro and past in the .wav file, past in the png file and then find some interesting music to go under your voice. Yup I am going to have two audio tracks on these! I am excited if filled with a lot trepidation.

Thanks to the awesome hubby I have managed to figure out how to have the second track at a lower level so you lovely people can hear me reading my deathless prose. Okay not so deathless but I can be a be egotistical in a blog if not in real life right?

The next step is figuring out how to fade the second track out after the audio voice stuff is finished. I hate having things end abruptly and want a nice slow fade out. Now I could put up the few that I have done but they are far from ready. There is a ton of clean up that needs to be done on the audio.

Fun thing is I do have a bunch of videos without my odd voice in them all ready around. Poem videos with images and background music with a line of the poem on different images. I am trying to re-work those so I don’t have to try and do it all again…not as easy as it might seem. The first one I tried, Butterflies, comes out really choppy in PP but plays just fine in Windows Media Player. So I am not sure I will be able to update them with my audio files of me reading those poems. We will see.

I had hoped to be able to post something up today but I think I am just rushing myself. Now my readers don’t expect James Marstairs quality reading here or movie quality image. I am playing with what I have and slowly like with anything else these things will get better. I have decided to take a break from frustrating myself at the moment. I really want to get back into creating.

Okay to be totally honest I want to see if I can do as well as my 14 year old daughter is doing with her YouTube channel. The child has over a thousand followers. Last time I looked I…14. What an ego crush right? I admit I am not doing the type of topical videos she is. My daughter makes videos based on Aphmau, he favorite YouTube series, along with original artwork videos to songs she adores. Proud of my girl yes, jealous of my girl, oh heck yes, but isn’t that the life of a parent?

Oh wow I have a lot of work to do or why did I decide to do this?

Well yesterday I sat down and worked on a lot of things. Between taking my flash fictions and putting them together with the images that inspired them was a full day project that is not yet finished! As of this morning I have 83 image/word files ready for audio and I am not anywhere near done with this part. I guess I have been a very busy beaver haven’t I?

I have audio recordings for thirty four poems that I intend to combine together with my photography and of course the original text from my poetry. It will be fun learning the way to combine this in the updated Photoshop I have on this machine. Once I figure it out they will be put up on my second Youtube account.

As for the voice recordings I think I will start those tomorrow, after all it is getting pretty hot today and I am not sure I want to do recordings when I can sit in a cool breeze away from the computer.

As for the illustrated flash fictions I have been working on I have four completed ones, or mostly completed. Three of them have all the illustrations are colored in and the words are inked in. I worked on the drawings for the four story yesterday and half of them are really good, the other half? Well you will see.

Hopefully this weekend the scanner will be set up so I can use it. Scanning in these pages will be the beginning of my new work. As I have said elsewhere these will be free tales. Hopefully readers will find them and enjoy them and maybe, just maybe want to read my longer for sale fictions.

Darn it all

Well I was all ready to take my audio files and post them up on this blog. Take it in a new direction and place up files of me reading my poetry, dribbles and drabbles up here but when I tried found out that while you can do that one WordPress, you have to have a paid account. Which of course I do not. Sorry folks but as I haven’t made much money as a writer/poet/artist/sculpture/etc I can’t afford pay for sites yet.

Back to the search for a place I can place my audio files and let people hear my work. The plan is to put up these files for free. The poetry ones are very short so I had no plan of making a video of them but well looks like I just might have to and put them up on my second youtube account. Now for those of you who don’t know I have a bunch of videos up on my first youtube account here:

This account was set up quite a long time ago and contains music videos I made and book trailers. I had to do aother one because no matter how I tried I could not sign in. So the original account is sorta linked to my current empty account

So I will put up updates with links so hopefully you wonderful followers can actually enjoy the audio version of my work.


Research today and yesterday

In today’s world of the internet if we want to learn something most often we go right to Google and pull up links on whatever topic we are interested in. There is a lot of crap out there and a lot of wrong info but if you dig deep enough you find gems.

You hear constantly that research was better and more accurate in the days before the web. Take it from me that is not true. There were tons of books, written with a slant that was that of the ruling attitude of the times. But there were also a lot of interesting books to be read.

When I was a kid I was really interested in the stories of before times. Of how other cultures thought of how the world began, would end and of other creatures. In seventh grade I had one of the most amazingly dry history teachers of all time. His delivery of information was almost ponderous up till he started telling us about Egypt. Then he came alive with burning eyes. It was like being taught by a mummy that had come unwrapped to tell us all about the legends of his people. It was then I decided I wanted to be an Archaeologist.  This was long before I learned the difference between archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, archivists, etc. I believed until I was in my senior year of high school if I wanted to study the tales of other long gone cultures I would have to be an archaeologist. But in my senior year I was disabused of the dream of becoming one. First by teachers and counselors who pushed me into business classes and then by my mom telling me that college was too expensive and that I needed to make a living.

Now I know that there were a lot of scholarships, grants and loan systems out there that would have helped me go to school but no one at the time mentioned them to me. Now I know it was because I was both from the projects and a girl. They didn’t think I was right for the college world and that it was best I go to work right away. Or if I was to take classes it should be data entry (yes that was a field of study back then) or bookkeeping courses. I worked for years as a bookkeeper and did data entry but I continued to pick up books on whatever subject interested me.

For the types of books I was interested in going to the local library was really useless. As wonderful as the Nashua Public library was, it was lacking seriously in books on ancient cultures belief systems and the fiction I liked to read. So I turned to places like the new age book store that I found in western Mass when I was visiting friends. I got a lot of books that would be considered white light nut job stuff by some of the people I know back then. They told thing from a nontraditional slant which is just what I was looking for at the time.

Thankfully now we have many more ways to do research and cultures to research. Any of you who have actually read the stories and books I have put out will see the basis in ancient stories of my work. Everything from Celtic to Japanese to some of the native cultures of the North American continent.

Now what started this rambling blog post is I was sitting down reading a novel I downloaded from Amazon on a free offer.  Like my Death Walks Through stories this had a different take on the incarnation of Death. You don’t realize it through most of the novel because it is written richly with lots of understanding of the Navajo culture to it.

I was drawn into the take by the detail and the feel of the story. Unlike many other Urban Fantasies written in the 21st century this one was gentle in pacing and very respectful of both the Navajo and the white people in the story. While there was a pair of MIBs trying to get the mysterious item in the story, they were really the only cliche in the entire novel.

Research and an open mind gave this writer a novel that was quietly amazing. I plan on reviewing it up on Amazon later today. If you are interested in reading my reviews of books over there just look for Lisa Williamson. Though that can be confusing as there are two of us with that name who are publishing. I am NOT the one who wrote the book about a young woman, The Art of Being Normal. That is NOT mine. I write fantasy, etc.


Just some fun

See one of the things great about being a writer and a sorta artist is seeing stories in everything that exists. Over Christmas we had moved my more expensive dragons into a safer place. At the same time we had lego sets set up. I couldn’t resist taking photos of course. At the angles there were some fun images to be had. Stories that would almost tell themselves don’t you think?

I am still alive

i could say it was equipment (it was), i could say it was health (it wasnt), or i could say ant number of things but to be honest I have been sucked into a game since the end of January. But since I found this ap I will now try to post what I can here much more often. Thanks for still reading.

Hello once more

Well as you know it has been a while since I wrote anything at all. Lots of reasons but the biggest for this blog is that I just haven’t had the drive to write. Generally I write something but for months now I have been unmotivated.

While my own personal work, books, stories, poetry, drabble and dribbles, etc are on the back burner but my mind keeps going. So how about we do more analysis of trends in fiction of all kinds.

As a fan of good characters I have been enjoying the current takes on Sherlock Holmes. In the past decade there are three different takes on This classic character. Yes I am talking about all three today. From Robert Downey Jr’s movie take to Benedict Cumberbatch’s British Sherlock and Johnny Lee Miller’s American take on the same character.

In each we see a different face on the classic character.  The modern takes are in many ways so much better because the character has become very three dimensional. He is no longer the two dimensional character of the 1800s. He no longer is just the cold, ex druggy with just one drive. Now we see the reasons behind how he became who he is. Why he had the drug habit, why he only seems to trust a very small amount of people and why he is willing to go to extremes.

Plus one of the best parts is that they have, in this current century, started to make the female characters three dimensional. The recent takes on Sherlock’s paramore, on Doctor Watson’s wife and on Mrs Hudson has been so very much fun to watch. No longer in modern fiction can we have half the population under explored and that makes for fine watching.

Now as a writer I have done my best to explore characters in many ways. Sherlock is not one I have tried other than in a video game. The Great Detective is of course the basis of many of the detectives we read, watch and play to this day.