Random thoughts and babbles while having allergies

Well last night wasn’t fun. Like so many I have allergies. Woke up in the morning with congestion which moved on to a half head of pressure, then pain, nausea, light and sound sensitivity and lethargy. Made me not want to do much. Then when I finally gave in and took an allergy pill before bed, while the mind would not shut down! Lots of very weird and funky stuff would not stop till I got up and wrote them down. Here is what goes on in the mind of the Mad Writer when she can’t sleep.


First a really bad poem

sniffles abound
Alergies to what
Everything it seems

Can’t sleep
sun up too long
missing long cool nights
Can’t wait for fall

Lying in bed
pain in my head
tasting alergies
go to sleep you said

Wishing it was easy
only slightly less weezy
meds aren’t even helping
making me too cheesy


Then this dribble

Bloody Annoying

I told him back off, leave me alone. If he had listened then I wouldn’t be watching as his blood pooled beneath him. Never say I am doing nothing and to make you a sandwich when I am writing. Really, just get up and do it yourself, stupid. Sorry dear.


Then some various story ideas. From this one I am gonna call Zombies, Viruses and Mad Men


It’s been ten years since everything collapsed. The old world ended pretty messily.
There were monsters of mankind’s making, both living and dead. Things were pretty bad for a long time, but nothing can last forever.

While the big cities had turned into wastelands or war zones, there were still places out in the world that were barely touched by the madness that had descended. Places that had been hidden so well that they looked like a part of the natural world around them. There were pocket valleys high in the mountains or small islands shrouded by mist on the big lakes. Small enclaves deep into the desserts where few went and even underground caverns that held groups who knew how to hide.

When what ever it was that animated the dead ran out, bodies covered the streets and fields where humanity used to be the thickest. Then came the year of disease. Those who had not succumbed to the viruses let loose by the governments and those thinking they would overthrow those governments changed. There were good, bad and truly evil left, but the numbers of humans dropped from seven billion to just under a million world wide.

I imagine there were places never touched by the plagues, places that the militias hadn’t risen or that the mafias hadn’t taken. I was young when it all went down, a mere child if you want the truth. Recounting how I survived the city after my mother had hidden me away before she had been taken by the gang is another tale, one I try not to remember. It took me a long few weeks to get past the men with guns during the day and the monsters at night.

Before it collapsed there were all kinds of theories. The most popular was of course the whole zombie/virus thing. So many thought they could just blow the heads off and they would survive.


To the beginnings of a possible YA story


I wanted to be a good daughter and support my parents, but the idea of switching school into a private academy one hundred miles from all my friends was bad enough. Being forced into wearing a uniform with knee socks and a little skirt? Well let me tell you I argued with my parents.

“Mom, come one! This is ridiculous!”

My mom just smile and shook her head. “It isn’t ridiculous persay, sweet heart.”

I tolled my eyes as I tried to tug the skirt down to show less leg. “Really, Mom? You would have never wore this…this!”

My mother chuckled even more before reaching behind me. “Well, I wouldn’t know about that.” She opened what I thought was just some boring old book and turned it toward me. “Open up to page 65, Sara.”

Out of curiosity I did and I swear my eyes near popped out of my head. There in living color was a picture of a much younger version of my mother dressed in the same uniform. She wore it with more style than I thought she had. I mean come on this is my mom. She usually was found dressed in jeans and a tshirt, yet she made that uniform look like something straight out of my favorite manga.


You never know what might come out of my head at night. There was another bit but I dont share erotic content. Nope I write it down and sell it! Now here is hoping one of those two story bits turns into something more than a few paragraphs in a folder. Back to the salt mines



Wednesday First Pages – Overanx32 by John Patin



John R. Patin




“What does overanx mean?”

“What?” Cliff Anderson looked up from his desk.

“Overanx. O-V-E-R-A-N-X. Overanx.” Ringer spelled it out as he walked in waving a memory flimsy. “I was trying to find an out of the way corner in that damn warehouse for your precious beach sand and had Rusty moving crates around. I found this on a wall, on a clipboard, of all things. When is the last time you saw one of those? Someone had parked a stack of somethings in front of it.” Epsilon Express’s cargomaster made a face.

“You know,” he complained, “my job would be a lot easier if I could open those crates and find out what was in them instead of trying to interpret their goofy encrypted shipping labels.”

“Nope.” Anderson shook his head. “Bonded cargo. You do that and we lose any shot at a Guild membership, not to mention their juicy contracts. ‘Rules is rules’ as the saying goes, no matter how stupid. I don’t think I have ever encountered an organization that didn’t cling to that one like it was Holy Writ. It turns out governments don’t have a monopoly on that adage, though they do win hands down at ‘stupid rule’ proliferation.

“As for clipboards…” He reached down and slid open a drawer in his richly patterned Rivieran Mahogany desk. “…I use them all the time.” He came up with a clipboard. “Here, have one. I had a bunch custom made. They are hard to come by in your modern office supply catalogue. The new flimsies don’t need the power supply, but I deal with a lot of old files.” He tossed it over to his partner. “Besides, sometimes I just like to jot stuff down the old-fashioned way. Stylus is tucked in the clip.”

Ringer caught the clipboard and compared it to his memory of the one he’d discovered in the warehouse. That had been printed plastic laminate, this one was made of a light colored… “Wood?” he guessed.

Cliff snapped a finger and ended the motion with a classic gun-point. “Got it in one. Give that man a cookie.” He plucked the domed lid off a blue and white ceramic jar, shaped like some sort of maintenance bot, and reached in.

“Let me guess. Beechwood? Rivieran beechwood?” Ringer ground his teeth. Along with sand, wood products were not among his favorite cargoes right now, especially when they hailed from Riviera.

“Waste not, want not,” Cliff grinned, stuffing a cookie in his mouth as he offered another to his partner. “Here, try one. Myra made them. The cookie jar is from her too. Supposed to be an antique. A collectible, even.” He grinned again.

Frowning, Ringer accepted his prize, glancing askance at his partner. Cliff enjoyed getting a rise out of people, even his friends, and right now, the word collectible was also in disfavor with his partners. But that was another story, the ramifications of which were yet to be determined. In fact, he had a related engagement that afternoon. His eyes glanced to the wall behind Cliff where another antique, an analog clock shaped as a comical black cat with a flicking tail, rolled its eyes and grinned at him. Plenty of time. He decided to ignore the jibe.








John R. Patin



“The morning’s pings have been collated and a new course plotted, Captain,” the astrogator reported. Across from the captain, he pointed into the ‘tank’, the 3D holographic astrogation display that dominated the center of the bridge. A new line was added to the torturous route they had laboriously charted over the last three months.

“And we lost another probe,” Parchem, the ship’s com tech, added glumly from her station to the captain’s left, a quarter way around the circular console surrounding the holo tank. Every member of the crew knew that each such loss would cut into their share of any profits from this voyage.

Philip Weiss, captain of the ‘Golden Venture’, inwardly flinched. That was the second probe this week. This was getting expensive. The probes were mini starships in their own right, full of costly sensing gear. The head office was going to have a meltdown if this expedition didn’t pan out.

“Thank you, Thecla.” The young woman nodded and turned back to her station, tucking a stray wisp of hair under the bill of her cap as she did so. Long hair must be a pain in zero gravity, Weiss thought, his hand unconsciously moving to his own bald scalp. Catching himself, he motioned instead for Jennings, the Venture’s astrogator, to continue;

“I’ve launched a replacement to complete the array. That leaves us with five spares. At this rate of attrition we’re never going to make it all the way into the system unless things open up or we get some nav data from the locals, if any are still in there. I’ve never seen an Oort cloud this dense before, or this big. Little wonder they never seem to have left their system.”

Weiss considered another possibility. ‘Golden Venture’ was here because of radio signals transmitted centuries ago from this system. At least, they hoped it was this system. The locals had apparently achieved a technical level at least comparable to 20th century Earth, then gone dark. Not a good sign. It was hoped that they had moved on to more sophisticated communication systems in the centuries since, rather than the grim alternative that Earth had narrowly avoided.



Tales from TOMORROW #8


Amazon U.S. link:




Amazon U.K. link:


Tft #8 cover FINAL

Wednesday First Pages – Adventures in the Realm of Faery by Ch’Kara Silverwolf

Today’s fun first page is from Ch’Kara Silverwolf’s fine story:



Adventures in the Realm of Faerie




Step into the world of faerie and allow your wonder to run riot with some new friends and their happy adventures. Frolic in the sun and meet some delightful characters, who will share your hopes and dreams as they discover the fun and fantasy of the fae world; it is just a step in time and space.

First Page

Alisa & Reeza

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful faerie called Alisa. Alisa had a mass of soft blonde curls falling to her shoulders and framing her face. Her blue eyes were the color of the sky.

Alisa had a special friend called Esmeralda. Now Esmeralda had hair like copper and deep green eyes. She was delicate and waif like but she had fire and mischief in her eyes.

One day they decided to go on an adventure together. Alisa had always wanted to go to where the humans were and so they set off to see what they could find.

They saw wonderful things, looking in the windows of human houses. Families at dinner, children watching television. This amazed them both for there is no television in the Faerie Realm.

They spent some time going from house to house until they came to a really big house with the most beautiful garden.

They darted about inspecting everything, they came to an alcove in the garden surrounded with draping plants and beautiful flowers. As they came into the alcove Alisa stopped and stared for there was a beautiful boy sitting there. He took her breath away. He had shoulder length dark silky hair, dark almond shaped eyes and olive skin.

Alisa could not take her eyes off him. Her heart skipped a beat when all of a sudden he looked up and she realized he could see her.

“Where did you come from little one?” he asked.

“I am from the Faerie Realm,” said Alisa. “How can you see me when other humans cannot?”

“I do not know, but I am glad that you are here. My name is Reeza, do you have a name little one?”

“My name is Alisa. May I come and speak with you again of your world?”

Reeza agreed, and over the next few months they spent much time together, speaking about the differences in their worlds. As each day passed they became closer and closer.

Alisa began to feel a great sadness for she loved Reeza and believed that they could never be together.

One day Alisa went to see Scheherazade, Queen of the Faeries. She told her of her feelings for Reeza and of her desire to be with him in his world.

“There is a way,” said Scheherazade, “but if you take this step you must be very sure of the path you are choosing. For what you wish, once done, cannot be undone. I ask that you think long on this before you make your choice.”


Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Adventures-Realm-Faerie-Chkara-SilverWolf-ebook/dp/B00HYOATR4/


Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Realm-Faerie-Chkara-SilverWolf-ebook/dp/B00HYOATR4/


Website:           www.chkarasilverwolf.com

Blog:               www.sheerak.wordpress.com

Twitter:           www.twitter.com/ladychkara

Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/chkara.silverwolf?ref=tn_tnmn

A bit off the mark or writing something short in the middle of a novel

Yup I am taking a little break from Escape to write something else.  I was asked if I wanted to submit a short story for another anthology.  As you can imagine I said yes.  After all short stories are my fortay right? (And yes I can’t spell)

With the theme of summer I thought why not write a tale about the summer solstice and of course a creature that is hot…well in the literal sense that is. A tale about a salamander.  Now the funny thing is I thought I would just jot down a fun little tale but this guy decided he needed to tell the tale.

So instead of being in third person I am writing this tale from his point of view. I have done this before of course.  Started out doing that in Night and Day and moved to the Harry stories, so it won’t be that odd for those of you who have read my work.

This wont be a long tale because well…it is set on the shortest night of the year.  I should hopefully have it done in the next couple of days and then I can send it over to the editors to take a look at it but for you guys who enjoy teasers how about a little bit from a short story today?


Summer Solstice, just another day to most.  Lots of sunlight, warmth and good times.  Pull out the barbeque and beer and enjoy long hours of golden sunlight.

But not too long ago people remembered, people held ceremonies celebrating the day.  For it is the turning of the year. The shortest night of the longest day. There are a few who burn the bonfire, the bone fire. They burn for the turning, to remind the world that the year will grow darker. Long ago the fired called us to you but now they simply light up the dark.

Look closely and you will see eyes in the those fires. Watching and waiting for you to invite us out to play.


Like I said, just a little teaser.   Happy Summer Solstice my friends and have a bright and sunny summer time.

Wednesday is first pages day!

Yup a new feature on my blog.  I will be posting up the first pages from short stories from various short story authors.  It is a hard thing to be a short story author (as you readers know from my blogs) So I decided to help support my short story author friends!  Read these and if you like (and I know you will!) go to the links and purchase the whole story!

First up is Louise Beyer and her short The Key to Aunt Agatha’s Cellar

The Key cover photo

The Key to Aunt Agatha’s Cellar, short story description

Where is Agatha Shafer Thornfelder? Did she go for a walk and forget her way home? Or is she somewhere down in the cellar with the spiders, the steamer trunks, and a closet full of old clothes? No one he talks to knows where she is, and Detective Cameron Murphy can’t remember a case more puzzling than this one.


The Key to Aunt Agatha’s Cellar

Detective Cameron Murphy stepped out on the porch and looked at the woman standing at the far edge of the tiny yard. She was young. He decided that she was probably still in college. Something about the careless attention to hair and clothes told him that much. Her name was Laura Shafer and she had called the police because her Aunt Agatha had disappeared.
He walked down the steps and over to where she waited. “Come inside, miss, and look around.”
“I don’t need to,” she shook her head.
“She’s not in there, miss. And there’s no evidence of any crime, no broken locks, no mess. Nothing at all. But I want you to look around and tell me if anything looks unusual to you. You’re familiar with the place, right? You visited your aunt?”
“Yes, for dinner sometimes. I don’t think I could tell you anything. I mean, I looked around a little before I called you. I was afraid she might be…” the young woman stopped and took a deep breath, “…in the basement.”
“Nothing there, and you have no reason to be afraid. The house looks normal to me. Very neat. Looks like she might have gone on a trip for a couple of days.”
Laura Shafer was shaking her head before he finished the sentence. “She’d have mentioned that in her emails. Ever since my mother died last year we’ve been writing. By emails, I mean. She tells me everything. All kinds of details. The neighbor’s cat. The beetles on her rose bush. She’d have told me about a trip. I know she would. And the basement. The door wasn’t locked. Her last email said the door was locked, but it wasn’t.”


This is a great one for those of you that want a tale that will make you shiver!  Louise is a great author with a number of books out for your reading pleasure.  Please support this great indie author!

Amazon US book page: http://www.amazon.com/Key-Aunt-Agathas-Cellar-ebook/dp/B00K227G9E/

Amazon UK book page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Key-Aunt-Agathas-Cellar-ebook/dp/B00K227G9E/

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/L.-M.-Beyer/e/B0085OZ0OO/

Turning to the dark side

Yes I know I am not really dark.  I do a lot of strong fiction that can be dark fantasy but really I am not an Anne Rice or a Stephen King.  But I have written a fair share of dark tales that can fall under the category of horror.

Since Just Fiction let me publish two of my short stories as a sort of teaser I chose of course The Last Moonset and Descents.  Now the first one is more an end of the world quickie but the second one, now that is horror.  More a scary tale of the mind but still horror.  I made up a cover for it and posted it up with D2D.  It should be available soon.  Okay I currently have five tales working their way through D2D and a bunch more that need to be done but well it is just something for me to do right?

Here is the cover for Descents


descents Now I have only a handful or so more to make covers for, to do a final edit to and to post.  Then I can get back to the writing part of my job, right?

Back to work

After a week of cooking and playing it is time for me to get back to writing.

I have been happily scribbling down notes on three different tales.  With any luck I will do as well as last Saturday and finish up these tales before the holiday weekend here is over.  Yes here in Canada is it a holiday weekend.  Thanksgiving is Monday and I am mostly getting used to having it so early.  With all the fun I have had baking and cooking I think it will be a good one.

Speaking of Thanksgiving of course i Have a tale in the works.  Thanksgiving on the space station with a bit of a surprise for our storytelling chef.  I still hear Larry the Cable guy telling these particular stories.  They are fun, a bit light and now up on a ton of different sites for you to download and read.  I am not sure right now if I will be putting it into the anthology for the Wordsmyth or not but that is what the idea is for.

Then I have of course the winter tale I am working on.  Jackie Frost is the main character and I think this will be a touching piece when done.

Lastly I have a new tale that came to me while i was walking to the store in the fog.  It was an odd fog in that it came up after the sun was up and the way it whirled about as I walked just said write me.  This looks to be either a Mythos of Love or a Magic and Nightmares tale.  Not sure just yet but I can’t wait to finish it.

Of course the other thing I have to come up with is a ton of covers.  I am planning on dragooning my hubby into being a part of the Death Walks Through covers.  I need a good figure in that set of tales. 

And since you are such good readers how about a tiny bit of my as yet unnamed new piece?


I walked slowly, the tails of my coat making the fog swirl in eddies about my knees. The weather was odd to most but i found it soothing.  Yes fog that grew thicker as the sun climbed in the sky was not normal But then neither was I.

The city streets were mostly empty, the mothers having dropped their kids off at school and had scurried home.  I could feel their tension as I passed their cosy homes.  Anything not simple, not normal bothered their sense of right

To me though it was a chance.  This type of fog had not been seen for a generation.  This rising wall of white that muffled all sound but the one I have been seeking.  I waited till the streets cleared before I headed out.


That is all you get folks.  I need to type up the rest.

Ideas are overflowing yet again

This month it is important for me to get stories finished.  With the Halloween holiday at the end of the month I want to get as many seasonal stories done as I can.  The only real problem is I have too many ideas.  I was happy to finish up the cover for It Just Might Be Gremlins and now it has gone life over on Amazon.


I wrote up a flash fiction for the same group I won the contest from last month.  The theme was a black and white image, so I wrote something darker than last time.  Since I won the 50L prize last month I don’t expect to win this month but it was just fun.

Another thing I finished yesterday was a quite drabble, which you can read here:


Dinner for one?

by Lisa Williamson


What is this ahead of me?  Is it a fish? Or something else?  The splashing tells me it is in distress, the perfect meal for me but it doesn’t smell right.  There is no scented lure, no delectable taste to tell me that it is worth my time.  Should I swim closer?  Maybe just a little bite, what can it hurt?  I am hungry and it could be a fine dinner waiting for me.  Just a little closer yet I have learned that these things, these Man things, have sharp teeth of their own.  Should I take a bite? Maybe.


Yeah I went for the point of view of the shark.  Why not right?  It was a fun and easy thing to drabble up together.

Now there are two short stories i need to get completed in the next two weeks.  One is for the Writer’s Stuff second anthology.  The theme on that is Winter and I am about halfway through what i hope will be a good tale.  The second one is a thanksgiving tale for the Wordsmyth writer’s group.  That one is coming along but I am not sure I like it.  I am trying to do another Space station Tale for that since the first story I added to the collection was much darker.

If I get them done by this weekend like I hope then I can buckle down and finish up a bunch more of my Death Walks Through tales.  I really want to collect the stories together into a book for Halloween but I am struggling.  So far there are ten tales finished and up for sale in one place or another but getting three more finished might be touch in this time period.

Reviews, released and reworking

Yup another post by me.  Today I was happy to receive a five star review on Guardians.  Here it is, (actual both reviews!)

5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous adventure July 13, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I love this series of stories. Harry Lionsey is the Guardian of the city of Nashua. He is a man of honor, with abilities that help him with his tasks. He reminds me of the old-fashioned PI (private investigator) only magical.

I highly recommend this series by Lisa Williamson a talented author and I hope to see many more adventures of Harry in the near future.

I have said this about other books I have read, but this would make a truly gripping TV series with the wonderful visuals.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant July 27, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
At last a collection of wonderful stories from a brilliant author of fantasy. Lisa Williamson has a talent that should be recognised, her stories leave you wondering if she knows something that we don’t. This collection contains something for everyone and should not be missed. Highly recommended, well done Ms Williamson.


I am glad people are enjoying Harry’s tales.  as for the release part of the header I decided to release my most recent ghost story even if it is a slow month.


Now for the reworking or as it is more commonly known…editing.  Yeah I do this all the time.  Sometimes you release half way into the next segment that you didn’t quite get that last part right  Many authors just steam roll ahead and go back later to fix the mistakes but that drives me a bit batty.  So today I will be fixing little continuity issues I feel that Blood song has.  That should keep me out of trouble for an hour or five right?


Try to decide what to release

Four stories that are complete and I don’t know what to release.  Should I start up the new series?  Put up the next Death tale or something else?  Releasing something might trigger sales or might be ignored.  That is the problem with writing.  You never know when is the best time to release a tale and when isn’t.  I am thinking of releasing Black bird and Black Bridge.  Or if I can get a cover made up for my gremlin story that one…who know.

Trying to work out my cat fight.  Something I know that sine readers adore (for some reason) is fights between two women over a man.  In this case it could be very interesting since the other woman just wants the power she can taste inside Ohanko.  I did realize during my thought processing last night (okay when I was lying down to sleep) that I need to do a bit of filler.  This tale moved a bit too quickly into the confrontation for me so I need to do some back filling.  Not a lot, just to move it from one day to the next really.

While a lot of writers need to cut and cut and cut to get a story to size my problem is generally having to expand things.  This is true here.  I doubt I will finish this on my self imposed schedule but I will get what I can done this week.  After all if I put up Black bird this weekend it would be good to have the next tale for that series ready for September I think.

Now for something a bit different.  Usually I am all about what i am doing in my writing but I thought hey I should review other stuff here too right?  I mean i don’t just write.  I read other authors, I watch tv, listen to music and watch movies…lots of movies.  I find all of it a great source of inspiration.

Yesterday we sat down and watched the Lone Ranger.  Now I totally enjoyed this movie.  It had all the things i expected to see and Johnny Depp as an added bonus.  I expect it didn’t do as well as they hoped because well it was a western.  No matter what hollywood thinks westerns just aren’t doing all that well anymore.  The resurgence of shows that have a western flair is great on television channels where a million viewers is a coup but in the big market that is a drop in the bucket and well what could they do.  Like a lot of other films I have enjoyed this year it played to less in ticket sales than the big boys wanted.  There was so much classic Lone Ranger bits in this movie.  I think if it had been on TV it would have done great but it wasn’t what the summer movie audiences expect.  The explosions were not over taking the plot after all.

Not that I mind a good blow things up movie but when you look at what is hot this summer you can see it wasn’t going to do that well.  Heck from what I gather most of the big name actors who had films this summer have not done as well as things like the animated films are doing this summer.

I have been burying myself in way too many YA books this summer.  Not sure why I have decided to read them but a lot of them are pretty good.  Hush, Hush made me wish for the second book right away.  I liked the different take on angels in this one.  And I will admit to sitting down and just reading from book one to the last in a series.  The head and humidity has taken energy from me enough that I read and read and read till my ebook wouldn’t stay charged!  I am giving it a rest for the next few weeks and going back to my old favorite paperbacks and hardcovers that are sitting on my shelves.