Photo stories: Robin Red Breast page two



audio poem: Roses

Okay this is the last of my finished projects. I will be putting together a lot more of them in the next few days but I may not have any done for a bit. So enjoy and we will see what to do tomorrow

How about something different? Or Acrostic poems on photos

As I stated in another of my blogs out there I am more than a writer of stories, I am also a photographer and a poet. One of the things I decided to do was to combine those two art forms together for something different and pretty.

Doing research I found that there are a lot of other forms of short poetry out there. Here I have taken some of the acrostic poems I have written and placed them onto some of my photographs. Acrostic poems are simply poems where the first letter of each line spells out a word. I tossed of a few short ones that I hope you will like. Linked with photographs that I have taken I think they are lovely images for a cool afternoon.

summer-acrostic-poem alone-acrostic-poem forever-acrostic-poem red-acrsotic-poem

Four different poems with four different images. They are simple yet fun to do. Try doing this when you are stuck on a story you are writing. Sometimes poetry can break a block, and it does not have to be deep, just a moment of your time can give something lovely to the world.

Decisions decisions

Now that my wonderful sweet hubby got me a new memory card I can go and work on the images for the poetry books I planned.  Only one problem, I am not sure what to do!  While Love, Loss and Loneliness was a book of emotional poems i could use images of flowers easily.  The next one Random poetic musings on me (yes the title keeps changing) the poems are not the same type of emotional pieces.  They deal with things I see in my world and that is where it gets confusing.  I have some of my flower photos in there, some other images that fit the poems but things like Ragged and Scars are a little harder to decide what to use.  While I have ideas I am to sure the images would be all that great.  I take great photos of the world around me but this is more of the world within me.  For this first of the three books I have planned I need ten more images.  I am just not sure what to take.

It got so confusing that I decided I would work on the other two books at the same time.  Now one is Seasons of my Mind.  Poetry that has a seasonal flair.  The poems are broken down in to the four seasons.  I need three more images and with this book i thought I would do some short little essays as well.  Just random mutterings like i do here but to help explain the poems and the effect the seasons have on me.  The poetry like all the poetry I have written, comes from different points in my life over the past two decades.  I might just finish this one first…who knows.  Not as many poems but with the essays it should make a nice little chapbook for readers.

Now the third one is Generations of Love.  Hard to belief with all the years of being a parent, daughter and granddaughter that I have less of these than any other.  But the reason is that things like the feelings I have for my family are harder for me to put out.  I write a lot as my readers know but poetry was not something I had any confidence in.  The whole process is quite raw and scary and this book is the most scary being about those people who are closest to my heart.  While I hope my children know how much I adore them I have a feeling they don’t know how much they have both damaged and uplifted me.  While the man in your life is a wonder and a gift, your children are literally an extension of your soul.  At times I think the lack of contact I have been experiencing with my two oldest is a type of punishment for my not being the best daughter and granddaughter or even daughter in law.

These books will be hard for me to publish but i am determined to do so.  While my short stories and novels are the children of my mind, these are the children of my heart.