Start of summer vacation or MOM I’m hungry!

Well Kaylan is home for the next 8 weeks so writing will be interesting.  So far I have played Minecraft with her, fended off requests for food she doesn’t really need, had to look up stuff that will keep her from bugging me and I can’t wait till she goes out to play.

Last night I had a little writers conversation with two other writers.  Got some pointers on what they think one of my stories needs.  Part I will definitely work on, part um…no.  A short short short piece is meant to be that way.  A bit more detail I can add.  Changing it from two ghosts on the windswept moors to two ghosts in windswept Harlem…no…not what these two are about.  After all a collection of ghosts stories from Death’s point of view… you are going to have ghosts from all time periods right?  I have the two in this tale from 500 years ago.  I have another set around the 50s, then the 80s and another that will be current to date…and a few others.  The important part is how they deal with and understand they are dead and how death helps them move forward.  Should be a fun if niche title.  But then everything I write is a niche title huh?

Started on the heavy editing needed to make Star Beast work.  Lots of errors in flow.  The spelling was not as bad as I expected.  The grammar…well we know that needs help.  Pacing will work out once I get the wording fixed.  Once I do that I can move it on to the actual conflicts and well bring in the battles.  But it will be a long haul on that one I think.

Plan on the read through of Hope Everlasting.  Making sure it is ready for the next step.   If I spend today and tomorrow getting it tightened and cleaned up then I can work Sunday on a cover and trailer for it before I put it up live to be read.  I plan on putting One More All Hallows Eve up for free download from Canada day to Independence day…for the uninformed that is July 1st through July 4th.  Get some traffic on my stuff I hope.

Well time to think about lunch.  The only problem eating breakfast before 6am is that you are starving long before noon.


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