About me

Guess this is supposed to be all about me.  The Mad Writer who does so many things to my characters.  But really I’m just a normal wife, mother, writer and poet.  Okay so I live in the great White North now as my old neighbors would have said.  Though to be honest I am now considered in the southern part of the country.  So weird to go from living in the northern part of one country to the southern part of another.  And it really isn’t all that different.  Well other than the metal money and all the taxes.  And thel lack of all the tress and curvy roads that I miss driving.

Published in many places, selling in only a few.  Happier, healthier and more productive than in years past.  You can find my words all over.  Here you go!


Another blog with photos


Early fanfiction


My twitter


my old artwork


my poetry


Loralil stories in progress


My phtographs


My lenses


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