Another new cover and excerpt..why not?

Well I figured time to get some work done and here you go.  This is another  darker tale from my Magic and Nightmares series.  Nothing is what it seems is it?

secrets-can-be-deadly  Not totally sure on this one.  But it might work.

Here is a bit of the opening of the story


Secrets, we all have them.  Some are good, some are bad, but they are all meant to be kept close.  What can you do if the secret you must keep close might just destroy an entire world?  You hide it away and hide yourself at the same time is what.


Abby has just such a secret.  Something terrible enough that she left her comfortable life in the city to hide in the deep woods back beyond.  Took off, without telling anyone where she was going even.  She was lucky that there weren’t many who noticed, even fewer who cared.  In today’s society if you don’t fit in most just gloss over you and forcefully ignore you.


In the deep, ancient woods she lived peacefully and simply, totally off any grid that mankind had developed.  While most from this day and age would be lost without their cell phones and Internet, Abby had come to enjoy the peace of the land.  The nearest neighbor was more than ten miles away, across rivers and streams.  Those very rivers and streams were another way of breaking any trail to her.  They had no roads leading to them or bridges crossing them.  You had to take a boat across and getting that boat to the bank was not easy.  Here in the little pocket clearing she grew vegetables and herbs, wrote and painted and lived peacefully, missing very little from her life before.


Should intrigue are reader or three, or so I hope.  Probably toss this up in the next few days.  Just haven’t decided yet.


free downloads, new words and heat with humidity

Yup another Sunday and it is still humid as heck.  I was hoping to wake up to a nice cool morning that would help me feel up and ready to write.  Nope, hot, humid, sticky…just plain icky..but I wont let it stop me!  I must write after all.

Now per the part of the title about freebies.  I decided that Hope Everlasting has been overlooked.  So it is up for free for the next five days.  And in case anyone didn’t get a chance to read One More All Hallows Eve it is free today.  So two of the Guardians of the Gate City tales for free.  It is a good thing.  Once I get some photos of Sandy Pond I can put together the cover and trailer for A Watery Grave.  Three tales in the same world.  This is a good thing.

My book trailers have started having some notice.  Which is nice.  After all I made those to help entice people to try reading my tales.  I know I had one sale because of the trailer for Ice.  With the heat people are enjoying the images of snow and ice for sure.

Chaos war is moving along.  Not as fast as some can write but we know I write in my own weird way.  Spent the part of the night that my brain would not shut down trying out different ways to have Jessica separate from the guys long enough for the Vamps to grab her.   Not sure I am going to find a way that will not involve magic of some type.  The guys are more than hyper vigilant at this moment.  I only have the few months between Greg getting cursed and the next section of the book to get her taken down under again.  It will wok out.  I am glad I kept Master Tachi around as a ghost though.  Need a wise old man in this story.  Gives me a place to add in little things that the Warrior should know but doesn’t.

Now the Warrior’s back story is starting to fill in.  When I made up Jeffery I hadn’t thought about just what he was.  He was a construct.  Now he is getting history, a vague one thanks to all the magic wrapped around him but one none the less.  Poor guy wants to remember but he can’t.  Between destiny and Avendale’s messing with his head it will take a lot for him to remember who he was before Avendale found him and used him.

Okay time to dig out stuff for the coming yard sale and to fill in missing parts, maybe even make a trailer for Endings..and if I can do something not porny for Distance…we will see.

a wee bit chilly

What a difference a few days make. Memorial day was killer hot and now it is sweater weather again. Gotta love these changes.

Perfect weather to veg around and watch movies or play a game right? Yeah I am supposed to be writing but well, still not sure on the name of my villain.

As you guys know there are tons of different types of games in this house. Between card games like Magic, Chaotic, Three Dragon Monti (that one I like!) Redkai and others there is always some to be played. I haven’t played them much lately but Fox has. It is fun to listen to him telling tales to the newbies he is teaching. Hearing just snatches of the convos make for story ideas for sure!

Kaylan was playing Beyblade with one of her new friends yesterday. The girl will play anything.

Now onto video games. I am sure most of you have seen the Lego games. WE currently have Star War, Batman, Indiana Jones and Pirates. The one I have played the most on is Pirates. I love how they brought the characters over. They even have Jack’s silly drunken run in the game and the cut scenes are hysterical. The Popsicle figures just make me laugh. I may not play it as much as my daughter does but just watching it is fun.

Another game I watched and I can assure you I probably will never play is all the Mass Effects. Now i know a lot of players had trouble with the ending, feeling they weren’t given enough control but I think they had lots. Okay there was a definite ending to the game. I wont say what but it was like watching a fine anime. Each decision made from Mass Effect one to the end of Mass Effect three led the character down the path to his final decision on how to “save” the universe. I found the conclusion quite satisfying to watch.

It was deeper than I think most gamers were ready for. And I could see possibilities.

Another game I have watched but wont play is the Assassin’s Creed stories. Yeah stories. While hubby plays I watch the story unfold. In this one you have a bit less control I think than the Mass Effect games. While there is tons you can do you really don’t get to make the choices on who your character ends up being. Both of the games are beautifully illustrated and the game mechanics seems really good. I got to listen to complaints about the “monsters” each time a new tougher one showed up but the learning curve seemed steady for the serious gamer.

Neither of these games seemed to have the flaw that a lot of other games had of being way too repetitive. The punch em up games get boring to watch and when you are a gamer’s wife you will watch a lot of games for get annoyed. I think I have grown past the annoyed wife stage of life now.