free downloads, new words and heat with humidity

Yup another Sunday and it is still humid as heck.  I was hoping to wake up to a nice cool morning that would help me feel up and ready to write.  Nope, hot, humid, sticky…just plain icky..but I wont let it stop me!  I must write after all.

Now per the part of the title about freebies.  I decided that Hope Everlasting has been overlooked.  So it is up for free for the next five days.  And in case anyone didn’t get a chance to read One More All Hallows Eve it is free today.  So two of the Guardians of the Gate City tales for free.  It is a good thing.  Once I get some photos of Sandy Pond I can put together the cover and trailer for A Watery Grave.  Three tales in the same world.  This is a good thing.

My book trailers have started having some notice.  Which is nice.  After all I made those to help entice people to try reading my tales.  I know I had one sale because of the trailer for Ice.  With the heat people are enjoying the images of snow and ice for sure.

Chaos war is moving along.  Not as fast as some can write but we know I write in my own weird way.  Spent the part of the night that my brain would not shut down trying out different ways to have Jessica separate from the guys long enough for the Vamps to grab her.   Not sure I am going to find a way that will not involve magic of some type.  The guys are more than hyper vigilant at this moment.  I only have the few months between Greg getting cursed and the next section of the book to get her taken down under again.  It will wok out.  I am glad I kept Master Tachi around as a ghost though.  Need a wise old man in this story.  Gives me a place to add in little things that the Warrior should know but doesn’t.

Now the Warrior’s back story is starting to fill in.  When I made up Jeffery I hadn’t thought about just what he was.  He was a construct.  Now he is getting history, a vague one thanks to all the magic wrapped around him but one none the less.  Poor guy wants to remember but he can’t.  Between destiny and Avendale’s messing with his head it will take a lot for him to remember who he was before Avendale found him and used him.

Okay time to dig out stuff for the coming yard sale and to fill in missing parts, maybe even make a trailer for Endings..and if I can do something not porny for Distance…we will see.


Thank the gods for slushies

Okay so decided to do the shopping early in the am since I walk over and back.  Heat is supposed to be awful today and I figured go out and back before it gets bad.  yeah right.  Didn’t work out that way.  It is a very good thing I was only getting veggies today.  Anything frozen would have been soup by the time I got it home.

All I can say is I am glad the gas station at the corner does very cheap slushies.  Made the walk back a bit more bearable and  I don’t feel like passing out.  Heat is not my friend.

Okay back to writing.  One bridging scene completed, now to fill in the next section.  Gregory has been infected by the werewolf virus, which Jessica will have to find a way to stop in its tracks.  Can’t have one of the chosen three going to the dark side now can we?

Once that little interlude is done comes the next nasty thing to happen to Jessica.  I am soooo mean to my female leads.  First the poor girl gets used as bait and a playtoy by the villainess and her demonic sidekick, next she is going to be dragged underground and have the color scared right out of her hair.  I’m so very very mean.  But because of these trials she does learn to be much more kickass.  She will never be the fighter that say my Loralil Greyfox character is but she will learn how to defend herself and better yet to stay out of harms way.  What good is a healer who keeps getting captured after all?

Lets see how much work I can get done with the sleepover twins.  Being a nice mommy I let one of my little ones friends stay over last night.  Means they are bouncing around wanting to do stuff and to EAT lots.  Pancakes at 7am, slushies a 9am,  and I am sure they will want a snack in another hour.  Lets see what I can get done between then and now.


Well I figured it out…or Loralil will be going live on Kobo soon!

Yeah finally figured out why the chapters weren’t showing on the table of contents part of the epub form.  You have to put your chapter headings as get this…HEADINGS…okay so that was an easy fix.  Now no guarantee that Loralil will actually sell…yeah I know I have a few people out there who love her.  Very few but we have to let our children fly free…right?  It has been way too many years since I started her tales.  They are longer than my usual stuff.  Heck most of the stuff on Amazon runs the gambit of 6 pages to 30…Loralil’s first book is 86 what that translates to in Kobo I don’t know yet but I will soon.  They say 24 to 48 hours.  Here is hoping.  And if she does well then Revenge can go up for sale too.  That one is longer.  At 111 pages in doc form she is longer.  Still not a Stephen King but we all know I can’t write stuff that long now can I?
I am feeling like I should push harder, do more.  I put Ice up for free till Friday…not that Amazon has it showing yet.  I got Loralil up, wrote up some more of Harry’s third story and now…it is HOT…yeah I know but sometimes I can’t breath when it is hot.   I have seven days on my person schedule to finish up A Watery Grave and then I can start the cover and trailer.  Oh heck I should probably do a trailer for Loralil…now that will be hard to do.  The art that would fit her I just cant do myself.  Well I guess we will see right?


Hot days and lack of energy

Okay it wasn’t as hot up here in Canada as it was back home but I have trouble with the heat.  I have to force down twice as much water so I dont get ill.  Which I admit I didn’t do, so didn’t get anything done since posting last.

The free download is going okay.   Ar0und 100 downloads in the US, UK and Germany.  Course don’t know how many might be in Canada since they don’t let me check up here.  Weird but true.  You think they would have Kindle listing for up here but they don’t.

Probably should put together some covers for my fanfic.  I noticed that Goodreads has a place to post up fanfiction.  Might be a way to get more attention toward my original fiction.  After all both Sins of the Father and When Shadows Rise have a nice reader base.  It would be a new place for those two stories and a notice that there is more to me than fanfiction.    Now if I can just deal with the humidity today I should be able to get a lot done.

Considering I have three complete stories for Death Walks through and Six for Worlds Apart I could do covers and have fun.  Get them ready for publication at some point.  Then there are the seven stories that are part of a mythic cycle that I haven’t named yet.  Not exactly sure what to name that book.  Suggestions would be gladly accepted, dissected and weighed.  After all the right title can help sell a story right?

Or maybe I should write today?  Instead of the darker stuff I have been working on something light would be good.  I have this story I started while watching two butterflies dance outside the window back in spring.  It has a sweet feel to it that isn’t common on my work.  Depending on how it goes it could be part of Nana’s tales.  After all I have the Dragon’s Quest started.  That one has the little dragon in it.  So many ideas so little time.



Super heat

Since it is going to be so hot today I think i will be writing in the basement again.  Now I can get some good stuff done down there.  It is quiet and cool and I can’t hear all the neighbors making noise.  I can focus on the words I am trying to put together.  Hope Everlasting is moving along nicely.  Coming to a climax now.  Nothing like a good climax in a story.   Leading up to the climax is a bit harder than you would think.  I have great openings and great endings.  The middles are where the work is.  After all you need a good bridging scene to get you from the information gathering sequence to where your hero confronts the villain.

Course it is fun to introduce those information sources.  They tend to take on personalities of their own of course.  I think my little friends that I added here might be some of my favorites.  They might be seen again, who knows?  After all Harry has a lot of stories to tell.  Thought I have decided that I will probably work on Jackson’s story next.  He isn’t a Guardian but he is a cop with extras.

Will just have to see if any one will actually read any of my stories.

I have started up an author page on  Gates and Knight Protector are up there so far.  I will be posting up everything I can but it does take a bit of time.  I put up the trailer for Gates there to help people decide.  I do like how my trailers came out.

Other thing I want to work on is a cover for Endings, book one of the Loralil Greyfox saga.  After all I have the second book finished on that one and they need to go up somewhere right?

Now if I can just get someone to buy, read and review.  This is the part that is so hard about being an author.  You write and write and edit and edit and edit, then you post and then…nothing.  Evening my fanfiction hasn’t had that many reviews.  I get downloads, people read my stuff I know.  Heck the adult stuff has a following all it’s own but I don’t know what I can do to get it out to people to read.  Does anyone read any of these stuff?

melting in the heat

Well writing can be done anywhere luckily. When it gets too hot it is time to take the pen and notebook into the dark and cool basement. Course it means I have to type up all those notes later and I can’t go back and make sure I didn’t mess up a name while I am making my notes but at least I am not overheated that way.

I am going to have a few upset readers on this story I think. Definitely had a dark turn, but then I do those so well. Or so I think. Now who is really pulling my villains strings? He or she will be putting in an appearance soon. Just have to decide exactly who it will be. Looks like this one will be around 50 pages. I really don’t know how writers pull off stories over 1000 pages. Everything I write tends to be short and to the point. Longest one so far I think is When Shadows Fall at 127 pages approximately. And that one was tough. Well we will see. People will just have to read collections. Good thing I get on tangents and write a few stories that connect together, even if only thematically.