Some days

Well yesterday was almost a total waste of time.  All day headache and queasiness made working on my books hard.  I managed to do some editing and rewriting on Partings, so that it flows better.  Thanks to Chuck and Larry and David for their comments  on how to make that shortie short better.  Need to make a cover,e etc before I post it.

Managed to get Hope Everlasting posted up on Kindle.  I figured since it was done and ready I would put One More All Hallows Eve up for free for the next four days.  Did that just before I went to bed and crashed.  Got up this morning and I can tell the boards are slow.  Only seven downloads as of 8am and no comments on the discussion boards.  But then there were hardly any after I went to bed.  Guess everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Good thing to do.

It is Canada day here and there were lots of fireworks going off last night.  While I am glad they were celebrating oh my did that make my head worse. Still touchy this morning.  Something around here is making my allergies go into overdrive.  Not sure what though.

Well today I have the goal of writing at least ten pages.  Not necessarily on one piece but that would be nice.  Just gotta see which one hits my up side the head and says work on me.  Yeah I should do more editing on Star Beast…or maybe I could pull out my really awful stuff and see if I can save it in any way.  After all even as a teen I had great ideas, just didn’t have the ability to tell them well.

It’s funny I am putting up short stories and even shorter stories but I am almost afraid to put up Loralil.  The two books are longer than my shorts, three to four times longer but I am just not ready to let that baby go I guess.  Maybe when I finally get some idea what i want for the covers.  It is hard because I don’t want something too cheesy but I don’t have the funds to get something really good made up for me.  She is close to my heart, after all I have been writing her longer than I have had kids and my kids are my center.

okay enough on this blog.  I should go to the other page I set up on wordpress and put up the other covers I have.  That is what that is for.  Covers and book trailers and series trailers.  Fun stuff that needs a place.  I will probably even put up the threatened poetry videos.  If I can decide what poems from ages ago I feel worth the effort.  Most of those are DEPRESSING but heck I was pretty depressed 10 to 15 years ago.  Now I am just silly and tired and cooking stuff way too much.  Yeah someday I will do that threatened cook book and photography book too!  Okay time to work.


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