Super heat

Since it is going to be so hot today I think i will be writing in the basement again.  Now I can get some good stuff done down there.  It is quiet and cool and I can’t hear all the neighbors making noise.  I can focus on the words I am trying to put together.  Hope Everlasting is moving along nicely.  Coming to a climax now.  Nothing like a good climax in a story.   Leading up to the climax is a bit harder than you would think.  I have great openings and great endings.  The middles are where the work is.  After all you need a good bridging scene to get you from the information gathering sequence to where your hero confronts the villain.

Course it is fun to introduce those information sources.  They tend to take on personalities of their own of course.  I think my little friends that I added here might be some of my favorites.  They might be seen again, who knows?  After all Harry has a lot of stories to tell.  Thought I have decided that I will probably work on Jackson’s story next.  He isn’t a Guardian but he is a cop with extras.

Will just have to see if any one will actually read any of my stories.

I have started up an author page on  Gates and Knight Protector are up there so far.  I will be posting up everything I can but it does take a bit of time.  I put up the trailer for Gates there to help people decide.  I do like how my trailers came out.

Other thing I want to work on is a cover for Endings, book one of the Loralil Greyfox saga.  After all I have the second book finished on that one and they need to go up somewhere right?

Now if I can just get someone to buy, read and review.  This is the part that is so hard about being an author.  You write and write and edit and edit and edit, then you post and then…nothing.  Evening my fanfiction hasn’t had that many reviews.  I get downloads, people read my stuff I know.  Heck the adult stuff has a following all it’s own but I don’t know what I can do to get it out to people to read.  Does anyone read any of these stuff?


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