Well I figured it out…or Loralil will be going live on Kobo soon!

Yeah finally figured out why the chapters weren’t showing on the table of contents part of the epub form.  You have to put your chapter headings as get this…HEADINGS…okay so that was an easy fix.  Now no guarantee that Loralil will actually sell…yeah I know I have a few people out there who love her.  Very few but we have to let our children fly free…right?  It has been way too many years since I started her tales.  They are longer than my usual stuff.  Heck most of the stuff on Amazon runs the gambit of 6 pages to 30…Loralil’s first book is 86 pages..now what that translates to in Kobo I don’t know yet but I will soon.  They say 24 to 48 hours.  Here is hoping.  And if she does well then Revenge can go up for sale too.  That one is longer.  At 111 pages in doc form she is longer.  Still not a Stephen King but we all know I can’t write stuff that long now can I?
I am feeling like I should push harder, do more.  I put Ice up for free till Friday…not that Amazon has it showing yet.  I got Loralil up, wrote up some more of Harry’s third story and now…it is HOT…yeah I know but sometimes I can’t breath when it is hot.   I have seven days on my person schedule to finish up A Watery Grave and then I can start the cover and trailer.  Oh heck I should probably do a trailer for Loralil…now that will be hard to do.  The art that would fit her I just cant do myself.  Well I guess we will see right?



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