Hot days and lack of energy

Okay it wasn’t as hot up here in Canada as it was back home but I have trouble with the heat.  I have to force down twice as much water so I dont get ill.  Which I admit I didn’t do, so didn’t get anything done since posting last.

The free download is going okay.   Ar0und 100 downloads in the US, UK and Germany.  Course don’t know how many might be in Canada since they don’t let me check up here.  Weird but true.  You think they would have Kindle listing for up here but they don’t.

Probably should put together some covers for my fanfic.  I noticed that Goodreads has a place to post up fanfiction.  Might be a way to get more attention toward my original fiction.  After all both Sins of the Father and When Shadows Rise have a nice reader base.  It would be a new place for those two stories and a notice that there is more to me than fanfiction.    Now if I can just deal with the humidity today I should be able to get a lot done.

Considering I have three complete stories for Death Walks through and Six for Worlds Apart I could do covers and have fun.  Get them ready for publication at some point.  Then there are the seven stories that are part of a mythic cycle that I haven’t named yet.  Not exactly sure what to name that book.  Suggestions would be gladly accepted, dissected and weighed.  After all the right title can help sell a story right?

Or maybe I should write today?  Instead of the darker stuff I have been working on something light would be good.  I have this story I started while watching two butterflies dance outside the window back in spring.  It has a sweet feel to it that isn’t common on my work.  Depending on how it goes it could be part of Nana’s tales.  After all I have the Dragon’s Quest started.  That one has the little dragon in it.  So many ideas so little time.




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