All the little things you have to do

Any of you who have been following me know that I am an author. As a self pub I have to do a lot of things to bring my work to the public. The joy of actually writing leveled by the research, editing, proof reading, making covers, teasers, trailers and then marketing.

Well as I am in the final read through of A Fragile Peace, I am working on the cover. This is of course the third book of a series. What that means is that I need to find ways to connect the covers so my readers will know this is the same series. You can’t just put the series name on the cover. You need to have a theme, use the same fonts and possible variations on the image of the other covers.

With this series the first two books have a dagger on the cover. Something that makes sense to the series. Now this is a bit lighter than the first two books so I have used a lighter color than the last cover but well. It just doesn’t seem right to me. I am trying to figure out how to put in some textures and well trying to figure out how to make the different blade seem better.

Here is the first steps of the cover. As you can see it needs a LOT of tweeks.


I will have to see what can be done to make this better. I want to try to get the novel out next week.


Getting ready for a holiday release

As you readers know I have been dabbling in the shorter forms of fiction over the past few months. Because of the series of wonderful holidays at this time of year I have written a number of them over the past month or so. When I let my friends over on the amazon writers group, the Starship Wordsmyth, a number of them volunteered to write up pieces to be added to my collection and I have a special bonus section in my collection for you lucky readers. These little tales will give you a taste of what some of the very best indie authors on the net have to offer.

The planned release date for this book is Winter Solstice. Why then? Because those of us who are Wiccans hold this as one of the high holidays of the year. The flash fictions in this collection will be everything from hint fictions of 25 words to full flash fictions that stop just under 1000 words.

I have been researching the many myths, legends and superstitions of the four major North American holidays. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and ending with New Years. While every culture has tales of harvest festivals and a light festival that lands around the longest night of the year, they are very different. Some of the pieces I have written are about creatures that are unknown by most in the US and Canada.

Today I have been playing around at making a cover for this collection. Because I am doing four holidays in this collection the cover needs to show jut that. Take a look and if you like comment on it for me.


Been busy working

Well now that Halloween and the kid’s birthday is over, I have a bit of time to roll into working on my next publications. As I have commented before, I plan on doing a bunch of collections over the next few months. Adding in new material that will not be sold separately and of course massively editing previously published work can and will take a lot of time.

Last night I finished up the final story for the first of the Echoes of Elder Times collection. This book will include all of the previously published tales, which in fact is ten tale. Added to those tales with be a new one titled Winter’s End. Making this collection a total of eleven tales.

While this collection won’t be as large as others the stories are well worth reading IMO. They have the feel of retold faerie tales but with a twist of course.  Some are dark, some are light but they all have my take on the myths and legends of the old world.

echoes-starter-cover This is the working cover I have for the book but I do believe I need to change up the text color and font. The purple just doesn’t stand out after all. So over the next week I plan on updating this. I will probably remove the leaves and make the font both larger and another color. Simple covers can be some of the best. If I can get it the way I want you can expect to see this release just before American Thanksgiving. A nice book for those looking for a read while they are waiting in those lines at the check out on Black Friday.

In those news I am deep in the edits of Mythos of Love. This second collection will not be out till around Valentine’s Day but it need a lot of work IMO.  MOL will only contain six tales but the very first tale in the book is the novella The Knight Protector, giving this book a longer tale. Five of the tales have been published before and I admit they needed some major overhauls but the final and newest tale will by Singer of the Blood Song.  Now if you have no idea why I am using Mythos in the title here is a bit of the blurb I have used on the tales:


Mythos – A story or set of stories relevant to or having a significant truth or meaning for a particular culture, religion, society, or other group.

Love stories are common through out all cultures.  These short stories are my take on love and magic for romance can be found in any genre.


Fantasy and romance have mixed before but mostly as paranormals. Stories with vampires and werewolves at the heroes are fun to read but they are not the only romance stories out there. With Knight Protector I have just that, a knight. He is human, who an inner power.  An old fashioned tale with a damsel in distress and an evil wizard, it is a good place to start.

Not all of the tales will have the traditional happy ending though. Because we all know that love doesn’t not always have a Happily Ever After. Sometimes the hero is killed or dies and the heroine is left to mourn. So you can expect some twists and turns from that collection.

And that is enough for now. Expect a lot of work over the next six months. I will be slowly removing from individual sale those titles that are all ready part of a collection. I do this mostly so that you, my readers, won’t feel you have to buy all of my titles and find yourself with duplicates. I will only do this on Amazon, as it is the largest seller of my work. If you still want individual copies you can go to places like ITunes, Barnes and Noble or Kobo. Happy reading everyone!

Another new cover and excerpt..why not?

Well I figured time to get some work done and here you go.  This is another  darker tale from my Magic and Nightmares series.  Nothing is what it seems is it?

secrets-can-be-deadly  Not totally sure on this one.  But it might work.

Here is a bit of the opening of the story


Secrets, we all have them.  Some are good, some are bad, but they are all meant to be kept close.  What can you do if the secret you must keep close might just destroy an entire world?  You hide it away and hide yourself at the same time is what.


Abby has just such a secret.  Something terrible enough that she left her comfortable life in the city to hide in the deep woods back beyond.  Took off, without telling anyone where she was going even.  She was lucky that there weren’t many who noticed, even fewer who cared.  In today’s society if you don’t fit in most just gloss over you and forcefully ignore you.


In the deep, ancient woods she lived peacefully and simply, totally off any grid that mankind had developed.  While most from this day and age would be lost without their cell phones and Internet, Abby had come to enjoy the peace of the land.  The nearest neighbor was more than ten miles away, across rivers and streams.  Those very rivers and streams were another way of breaking any trail to her.  They had no roads leading to them or bridges crossing them.  You had to take a boat across and getting that boat to the bank was not easy.  Here in the little pocket clearing she grew vegetables and herbs, wrote and painted and lived peacefully, missing very little from her life before.


Should intrigue are reader or three, or so I hope.  Probably toss this up in the next few days.  Just haven’t decided yet.

Turning to the dark side

Yes I know I am not really dark.  I do a lot of strong fiction that can be dark fantasy but really I am not an Anne Rice or a Stephen King.  But I have written a fair share of dark tales that can fall under the category of horror.

Since Just Fiction let me publish two of my short stories as a sort of teaser I chose of course The Last Moonset and Descents.  Now the first one is more an end of the world quickie but the second one, now that is horror.  More a scary tale of the mind but still horror.  I made up a cover for it and posted it up with D2D.  It should be available soon.  Okay I currently have five tales working their way through D2D and a bunch more that need to be done but well it is just something for me to do right?

Here is the cover for Descents


descents Now I have only a handful or so more to make covers for, to do a final edit to and to post.  Then I can get back to the writing part of my job, right?

Ghost stories are fun to make covers for!

Yup I write those too…if you hadn’t guessed faithful readers.  This one is for a tale that actually started out as almost a fan fiction.  I had set it (Long long ago) in the world of the White Wolf Wraith gaming system.  I decided to keep the bones and through out a good half of the story and rewrite and I came up with something that fits in my Death Walks Through short stories series.  So here you go!