a wee bit chilly

What a difference a few days make. Memorial day was killer hot and now it is sweater weather again. Gotta love these changes.

Perfect weather to veg around and watch movies or play a game right? Yeah I am supposed to be writing but well, still not sure on the name of my villain.

As you guys know there are tons of different types of games in this house. Between card games like Magic, Chaotic, Three Dragon Monti (that one I like!) Redkai and others there is always some to be played. I haven’t played them much lately but Fox has. It is fun to listen to him telling tales to the newbies he is teaching. Hearing just snatches of the convos make for story ideas for sure!

Kaylan was playing Beyblade with one of her new friends yesterday. The girl will play anything.

Now onto video games. I am sure most of you have seen the Lego games. WE currently have Star War, Batman, Indiana Jones and Pirates. The one I have played the most on is Pirates. I love how they brought the characters over. They even have Jack’s silly drunken run in the game and the cut scenes are hysterical. The Popsicle figures just make me laugh. I may not play it as much as my daughter does but just watching it is fun.

Another game I watched and I can assure you I probably will never play is all the Mass Effects. Now i know a lot of players had trouble with the ending, feeling they weren’t given enough control but I think they had lots. Okay there was a definite ending to the game. I wont say what but it was like watching a fine anime. Each decision made from Mass Effect one to the end of Mass Effect three led the character down the path to his final decision on how to “save” the universe. I found the conclusion quite satisfying to watch.

It was deeper than I think most gamers were ready for. And I could see possibilities.

Another game I have watched but wont play is the Assassin’s Creed stories. Yeah stories. While hubby plays I watch the story unfold. In this one you have a bit less control I think than the Mass Effect games. While there is tons you can do you really don’t get to make the choices on who your character ends up being. Both of the games are beautifully illustrated and the game mechanics seems really good. I got to listen to complaints about the “monsters” each time a new tougher one showed up but the learning curve seemed steady for the serious gamer.

Neither of these games seemed to have the flaw that a lot of other games had of being way too repetitive. The punch em up games get boring to watch and when you are a gamer’s wife you will watch a lot of games for get annoyed. I think I have grown past the annoyed wife stage of life now.