Brisk morning lots of work to do

Well the temps today are comfy and should stay that way.  Which is good.

I got a lot of notes written up yesterday and plan on more of course today.  I will be typing them up after I go get groceries.  Chaos War one has topped 30K in words.  That is long for me as my followers know.  Obviously it will need a lot of editing to make sure it flows the way it is supposed to.  Still haven’t rescued the damsel in distress but we will get there.  Not that she isn’t trying to rescue herself, just hard to get lose when you are chained up right?  So it will happen.  New characters have forced their way into the story.  Now no guarantee these fun guys will last past the battle with the baddies but that is the fate of many a secondary characters right?

I posted two new shorts over on Amazon kindle.  All that There Was and The Dream Wish.  The first is an odd little story that was inspired by of all things an episode of Sailor Moon and a painting of a tree in a globe of glass.  Yeah I know I do have odd ideas.  The Dream Wish on the other hand was just that, a dream.  I do get a lot of really good inspiration from dreams.  Which is a good thing since my dreams are just so weird.

Today I do have a lot of work that I should do.  I need to make trailers for the three shorts that dont have them and one for the erotic collections.  That one will be hard, oh the bad puns!  I want to elevate it to something nice so we will see.  I have one more cover finished that I can post up the story to Amazon but I think i will wait a week on that.

Still waiting on the photos for A Watery Grave.  That story is of course the third of the Guardians of the Gate City stories.  I hope my daughter figures out how to get the photos off her phone soon!  I am also seriously looking into a way to do my photos and poems together in ebook form.  There are a few out there so if i can figure it out who knows what might show up?


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