well so much to type

finally I get into here.  The net was a tad slow this morning.  Wouldn’t let me into my blogs.  Bad net

Yesterday I wrote up a lot of notes on Chaos war.  I need to type them up, all 15 pages of them so I can move onto the actual rescue of Jessica.  Its important to rescue on of your main characters after all.  Yeah I tossed vamps into Chaos war but as this is about the creatures of nightmare being set loose about a world not ready for them makes sense that vamps would be in this mix right?

Course i am exhausted right now, might make typing a battle.  I have been trying to work but just tired.  I think I need caffeine.  Too bad I hate coffee.

Okay I will feed the brat and then get myself working.  Get those notes typed.

On the paperback front.  CreateSpace is part of Amazon and lets us turn ebooks into paperbacks.  Covers are the issue there.  I have a really nice cover for Knight Protector but it only does the front of the book.  You need to put together a complete front, back and spine when doing a paperback.  I am trying to convert but my head just cant focus.  Hopefully after lunch I will have that fixed and then I can have it put out to sale for those who prefer paperbacks.

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