Phew I’m done

Yes I have finished up the ending for Nightmares.  Now I just have to work on the read through and the editing.  At this rate I might actually make my self set date for release.  I thought the day the world is supposed to end yet again would be the perfect day to release this book.  But we will see.

A Watery Grave is up on Amazon kindle now.  I will be announcing it on the boards tomorrow to coincide with my two day freebie promo of All That There Was.  Need ot get some notice on my other stories so the beginning of September will have a few two day promos.  Here is hoping the month is a good one.  If I continue to double my sales I should hopefully see 22 or more in September.  That is actual paid for the book sales versus the free downloads.  Those seem to settle around 150 to 200 per book with only a few reviews to let me know someone read those free books.

Once I finish up the reread and edits of Nightmares I have someone who offered to look it over for me.  Now I don’t know if she charges.  If she does I will have to work the elephant myself.  We shall see right?

God I am tired.  Writing can take a lot out of you, especially when the end comes to you in one big rush of action, blood and death.  I have left the ending open for the next book but I don’t plan on working on that till next year some time.  I think it is time to finish up either Destiny’s story or the sisters.  Have to decide if I am doing more urban fantasy (well more adventure than fantasy) or if I want to work on my science fiction tale.  but I am taking off the weekend from writing.  I will flog my freebie and the new story over the weekend but writing itself can wait for me to feel more with it.  Time to watch some bad movies, good tv and read if I can.  If not I will just run about on Minecraft and build more impossible buildings.  Which ever, I’m beat.


Book Trailer for A Watery Grave

Yes for once I have the trailer out BEFORE the story goes live!  I  won’t be releasing this one for the reading public till some time next month.  So hopefully you lucky readers will enjoy my little trailer.  Photos taken by my very talented daughter


Fresh and brisk morning

Okay taking off yesterday to read and play games was a good down time.  Needed it.  I was getting way to wrapped up in my storyline for comfort.  Yeah it is a good idea to enjoy what you are writing but you need time to do other things and relax.  Pushing to get your characters through something can make the seem like they are being pushed.  I have the beginnings of a section with Avendale, a bit into her motivations and a bit into why she is so focused on controlling Jeffery.  Plus a few more hints about his mysterious background from before  she found him.  I know having a character who only remembers bits and pieces can be annoying to some but it will work out.  Probably should add a bit here and there about Jessica and Gregory but this is really Jeffery’s story.  There came into being in this paradigm, until Jeffery.
Realized after I had fiished up my spoiled time that I am behind on book trailers.  I mean five whole finished books, not counting A Water Grave which I am holding off for those pics from my daughter.  I need to do them for The Words That Bring Peace, Distance Means Little to Love, The Dream Wish, Endings and All That There Was.  Now four out of the five wont be an issue.  Distance…well that depends on if I go romancy or raunchy.  I dont know but I guess I will get them sorted out in the next few days.  Then a few more covers to do for the finished stories and oh yeah get the paperback cover to work for Endings so I can get that out.

So much to do, so little time till school starts.  Well back to work for me.

Lots of work done but more to be done

Okay I finished writing A Watery Grave yesterday.  Yeah it is going to need some editing.  This is what happens when you write with a migraine.  Typos and odd word choices are what I expect.  I will be working on that one in a little bit.  Spent so far this morning editing through the first of the erotic stories that I plan on publishing.  This set will be six stories focused on a couple named Ann and Charlie.  A little wild but mostly just loving moments for a couple that doesn’t have the time they should together.  I will need to put them in order the write in bridging scenes.  Not making it into one long story but connected short stories of a sexual nature.  Maybe these will sell, who knows.  Not sure I would put this up for free like i have with the shorts.  After all the shorts are more what I really want to be known for.

Speaking of my free stories I was annoyed to look in on my current one and see that they took down the numbers.  Yeah today is the first of the month but the the other report only goes from the 1st to the 28th…it was missing the 31st.  Luckily I found it finally.  72 downloads across the US, UK and the rest of Europe…well not including Spain…for some reason I don’t have a single reader there this past month.  Happens I guess.

So today will be a day of editing and arranging and then working on a cover for both A Watery Grave and the to be named collection.  If I can get them done this week I will be happy.  I can put them up, let them go and go back to writing.  I really should work on a longer tale this time around.  A Watery Grave is a short story but I expected that.  Harry tells tales in his own pace and I have left him in a place that might confuse some readers but will lead nicely to another story.

Should I post up all the other finished stuff?  Let people find and read those while I work on incomplete things finally.  I have so many in progress things to finish.  Some worth finishing for sure, others damn what was I thinking?  Never know what will happen.