Music is the muse today

Music is definitely my muse right now.  The two ghost stories I have put up over the past two weeks were both inspired by songs on my IPod.  I have another started that I am not sure will be a ghost story or something from what I am tentatively calling my horror series.  anyone who knows me or has read my work realizes that I am no HP Lovecraft or EA Poe.  I write stuff that is odd yes but not necessarily that dark but it seems I have a number of stories (in pieces right now) that would really be more a horror story than a fantasy.  They are dark for me (which can be quite dark) and don’t have a happy ending for sure. 

My original dark tale was Descents, which is in the Gates collection.  Dark and eerie it fit in that book because of the gate in the story.  Though I will admit I am thinking of a new set of tales once I get Descents and the others back.  With titles like Man’s Roads, And Darkness Claims it all, Light search the Night and Walk Blind Into the Night these tales would be darker than my usual.  I guess I could call the series Descents into Darkness.  That would be a nice title don’t you think?

Course not all of my tales are dark.  I do have lighter more romantic fair just waiting for me to finish them up and put them out.  Flame Vixen is one of them and Singer of the Blood Song another.  They will of course have me normal odd fantasy flavor but with romance as a big component.  What to call them I have no idea.

Now I finally put up the last of my finished erotica stories.  And He makes three is pretty much smut but well you never know what sells right?  I obviously would rather my fantasy sell but I will take sales where they come. 

Today I started writing to Richard Marx.  One of my all time favorite singers.  His songs have inspired me to write poetry and of course short stories.  Hazards is based on his song Hazard and Children should be heard is based on Children of the Night.  So this now story, Now and Forever, is of course based on the lines of that song but it always has bits inspired by other songs from the same album.  While I have only typed as of now 710 words, it is a start.  Who knows where it will go.  This man telling this tale is doomed for sure though.  Never ever sign a contract with blood, no matter who tells you to do it.

I will post excerpts from some of the tales I have mentioned over on books by Lisa Williamson and of course the two covers on my newest stories over on Window of my mind.


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