Working hard

It is amazing how hard it is to come up with 30K in short erotic stories.  While to me these stories read fine alone, putting them together is torture.  I had planned on releasing them one at a time but with a publisher wanting 30K in erotic content I find myself putting them in one book.  I am currently short about 4K.  Now that could be just one more complete story.  If I could get myself into writing it.

I have half of the 30K in an fantasy novel with erotic content.  But the thing is the erotica in that story is not the main focus.  The battle between the god of the Sun and the god of Night is.  So while I am enjoying working it I doubt I will have it done in time for the publisher.  Well unless he isn’t in a super rush.  I could probably have it all done in a month or so.  The writing part that is.  Still would need the editing and proofing but well…we will see.  If he hadn’t wanted erotica I could have given him Nightmares but well we do what we do right?

So much work, so little time.  I better get back to figuring out what to send this guy and what order then need to be in.  Msot of them read okay but a few are raunchier than the rest.  What to do!


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