Dang it is chilly

Well we are at another Friday.  Thankfully the kid has the day off so I don’t have to rush out this morning.  I can warm up before we go out to get food.  Will need to bake later but for now I can write.

The publisher wants 30K words minimum so I have to get out close to 20K in the story I decided I will submit.  Hopefully this one will be to his liking.  Getting back into Sun and Darkness was not as hard as I feared.  The story has been cruel, then touching and now I need to go from the Eldest daughter who is becoming a Seer to the middle daughter who betrayed her mother and is now the consort.  The age of the characters will probably need to be adjusted though.  While many cultures consider a girl a woman when she hits puberty thus old enough to bed and marry I am not sure how that will go across.  This story is set in a time and a world where the average life expectancy is like 45.  How do I put that across so that people wont think I am doing something bad.  I can’t see that it will go across so time to switch up the ages.  Course the fact that we have gods and goddesses roaming about makes it odd enough.

If i finish this and it actually does get published then I can see how this type of work will move for me.  If it does well I do have other erotic tales set in fantasy or science fiction worlds.  Hopefully I can get a few sales from them.

Okay back to work and hope I warm up enough to go out and get some meat for dinner.


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