Barrelling along

Well I got over 30K on the erotic book thankfully.  Sent it over to the publisher and he sent it back for some additions.  Not so much stories as in contents and cover information.  You know name, bio etc.  So I have to work on that today.  Trying to get literotica to take down my account since would just be easier to do that than to remove each story in their clunky way.  Yeah it was a good place to put out stuff but moving files there is a pain in the bottom.

Harry’s new story is moving along.  I should, I hope, have it done in time for the free promo days of A Watery Grave at the end of the month.  I am aiming to have Halloween Pranks and Mischief out for Halloween…only makes sense right?

Sun and Darkness is about 15K right now.  Which is not bad for a story that is not quite a quarter done…I think.  I will see what I can do on that later.  My head is starting to feel full!

Now All That There Was is on free promo from today to Wednesday.  I figure I will get the full five free days on my books, then let the kdp only lapse and put them up on Smashwords.  After all it will get them on a lot more sites than just them.

Plus i realized I need to combine the chapters of Star Beast and Love of Healer.  I have no idea just how big those really are.  So much work and so little time.

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