Writing in the shorter form

The past week has been a bit difficult for the writer in me.  Having what is probably just a head cold has made my thinking processes very very slow.  Going through headaches, doziness and fatigue will put you off from thinking much.

Well today I pulled on my big girl panties, sat down and did a little writing.  Nothing long but then I wasn’t looking for something long.  There is a short story contest from one of the groups I belong to.  They gave you an image and you needed to write something under 500 words.  Well like a drabble that didn’t seem too hard to do.  That was till I got sick.

Well this morning I managed to get a little tale written down and submitted.  I don’t think  I will place in this contest but it is possible they will publish my little tale in their anthology.  Yes another anthology.  Not that I won’t at some point put this tale together with all my drabbles and put them out in a collection but I will gladly get any publication.

Now since I have broken the block I had I will try to write other things.  I have thoughts about doing more stories about Monica Van Helsing and her side kick Patricia.  I had thought they would be a one shot but she has so many other vamperic creatures to hunt down and stop.  Having a blood drinking vampire who hunts down the less known vamperic kind might not be totally new but i have read a lot of vampire fiction and I think not too many have taken this direction in their tales.

I had planned on having the Dark Games series be for all my sorta horror but now I think it will be like Harry’s tales.  Stories told from these two characters.  I will have to come up with something else for the other tales.  I just might use the Snow Tales title for a series.  I have a number of stories that would fit in that category.  From the Snow of course being the first.  That story is in the Reflections of the End anthology.  That story is really a sort of sequel to Ice but as that is in my Echoes of Elder Times series I will just spin off like i do.

Today I will sit and work out what I think will be good places.

I have put up almost all my tales over on Smashwords.  The biggest surprise was having the erotica I put up purchased in a quick order.  Five erotic tales bought at the same time.  Those sales put A Moving Experience into the best seller rank of my stories.  Okay maybe not huge numbers but it has sold more copies than Endings and Ice, which had been my big sellers before now.

So time to work out what goes where and decide if I want to put up my handful of free tales into those existing series.



Getting things done

Yesterday ended up being a good day for writing down my notes.  Today I am typing them up.  Rebirth is done the writing, typing, editing, rereading and editing by me stage.  Now to get it to a prereader for a once over.  Came out rather nice I think.  Time to move onto the notes for Possibilities.  That little tale has been a pain to get going but I have it now.  Once I get the notes done for it I can type in the notes for another as yet untitled bit.

It is interesting to me how I can go from one series to another.  I don’t mean to skip from one series to another but the ideas come as they may.  having four Mythos of love stories is cool and I sorted through my files and found four others that will probably stay in that romantic theme.  With those and the five Death stories I have a lot to finish.  The only problem is the darker turn tales are taking and the ideas for horror stories.  I have six of those pending!  I was working on Possibilities when this scene with a scared and drenched six year old child running through a storm hit me between the eyes.  WTF right?

I have tried to work on just one tale at a time but it is like my mind gets stuck in neutral when I do.  If I want to keep putting out content I have to work on multiple tales at the same time.  Maybe this is a sign of OCD or some other thing, who knows?  But it does give me so many tales to tell the world.

I used to just sort them by science fiction, fantasy and horror but now I have been slowly sorting my story ideas by those series I have come up with.  I still have many that are in those plain genre categories but someday I will sort them all.  The important part is to work each day and get them out.

I realized that between the short stories, the collections, the anthologies and those tales I have tossed up for free I have close to a hundred tales available for readers.  Okay it only shows as sixty on amazon but that is because there are six tales in Gates, six tales in Distance, eleven tales in Naughty Interludes and more scattered through the anthologies.  If i keep writing as I have been I could easily have 200 tales up for reading by the spring!  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Is that Spring I feel?

Yup I actually got warm enough today to walk around in a tshirt…okay a tshirt with a tank top under it and my trusty heavy sweater looped thought the strap of my bag but still!  Wandered around with the kid and some friends.  Took some photos of flowers.  Okay the flowers were in the garden shop of Walmart but hey they are blooms and the photos came out good.  This morning i got to see my favorite squirrel running the fence.  The black squirrel with the white tip of his tail…and heck there is now a baby red squirrel running around outside.  Which is cool.

I’m still fighting my muse for a good Secrets story for the second Selected Anthologies book.  It is not working out as easy as the last one but I will say this, once I get one piece done for the anthology I might do my own.  I have six different secrets stories started and they will gel into something I am sure.  I could always do a new series of tales right?

The poems for the different little collections are coming together.  The ideas are flowing better than I expected but it could be because the sun is finally out.  Once i get a few more days of warmth I will probably start looking around for more things to photograph for those new collections.  What do you readers think?  50 poems and photos per book?  It came out nice on the first one so I think I can do it again.

Sudden Disappearances is slowly moving forward.  I thought it would only be 30 pages…it is all ready well past that.  This one looks like at least 60 pages, maybe more before it is done.  That will make it a good end to the first collection of shorts in the Guardians series.  Of all my series it looks like it will be the first collected together  The other six collections will need at least another four stories to get to the right word count.  Here is hoping with the good weather I can buckle down and write a lot more.



New month and the brown bar is back

Last month was awesome.  I broke my best record of sales.  A total (so far as I know) of 32 copies of my work went to readers who wanted to read my stuff.  This made me happy.  With that and the handful of reviews I received makes March one of the best months so far in my writing career.  While I did not finish up as much as I thought I would I did put out new titles for the readers to enjoy.

In fact I used a new platform to post them.  A place called draft2digital.  Stuff went in pretty easy and amazingly enough one of the titles sold three copies right away.  Now it just might be because it was erotica and had the torso of a sexy woman in a corset on the cover but who is complaining?  I mean any sale is a good sale.

My series are starting to fill out nicely.  I have a number of titles out now.  Each series of short stories has between 3 and 6 titles a piece, which is good.  As I complete more I am moving quickly to the amount of pages I want for the paperback collections.  Okay for the collections period.  It will be fun to see how they do.

On the writing front Harry took over my mind from Traveler.  At first Sudden Disappearances flowed easily but it got stuck over the holiday weekend.  Okay between cooking and having kids in and out of the house and other distractions I really did not get a lot done.  But I made up for it today.   The story is up over 6K in words right now and I have some nice twists working there way into the story.  I did have to dig back into A Watery Grave for some info and flip back to another work in progress.  That work is Lady of the Merrimack.  Now that is a side story based in the same city as Guardian but from a different character.  As I have said in other blogs in the past I have a whole set of other stories that will be set in the same city.  Seven to be exact.  Each of them are in various stages of writing from a few pages to over 30 pages of story.  They will weave in and around the main Harry stories to make the world richer.

Slowly word is getting out about me.  I was just added to a book listing over on a facebook page  http://www.amazon.com/review/RQW0ENBT3U9HF/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm? you can see it there.  Rather nice of them.  Facebook as proven a good place for me to put up links to my work and to discuss writing.  Heck I have been printed in two collections from Facebook and I have been requested to be in three others, so a good place for me.

Amazon has been good too obviously.  Though I am confused.  I have a review I picked up on the UK site that has not as of yet processed over to the US site.  Night and Day got a nice solid four star review and it would be nice if it would show up in the US.  One of my odder little tales, it was the first one I wrote in first person.  I happen to like that tale and who knows someday there might be more of them.  You never know right?

Heck when I get the rights back to the tales in my first collection, Gates, I plan on putting Last Moonset and The Companions tale out as part of a new series.  They are of course tales that go together.  The other tales in the collection could probably work in Beyond Realities or Worlds Apart but I would have to think about it.

Heck I have the beginnings of a sequel to Descents.  Now that will be fun.  My take on horror is not the modern lets fill it with blood take.  So we can see where that will go when I get to it right?  Some of the stories like Seven Moons should go with Knight Protector.  Very paranormal romance without the usual paranormal take on things.  I just might change Knight Protector into the first book of a series of my more romantic tales…okay now I have myself thinking of more series!  I am going to drive you poor readers nuts this way if I keep it up.