The fun of being self published

I know that I have talked about this before but there are real advantages  to being in charge of your own publications.  One of the best ones is knowing where your audience is.

The different publishers I use give is nice reports showing the part of the world that my books are selling in.  Now it doesn’t surprise me that I sell in the US as  that is where I make the most sales.  Being an american, even if I am living in Canada, i expect people to buy from there.  Well the other places I seem to do most of my sales recently are Britain, australia in the lead with Canada and Germany coming up behind.  Really cool.

I was glad to see Canadian sales since I do live here now.  I am also pretty grateful to all the wonderful people who have been buying and reading my work.  I have just enough sales to be able to indulge a tiny bit in my other hobbies of baking and artwork so all of your have been wonderful.

Traveler is doing quite well, for me that is.  Since it came out the day before Thanksgiving I have sold 22 copies.  Now that might not seem like much but really it is!  Most of my titles are lucky if a handful of people read them.  Having that many pick up this story is wonderful.  I have two amazing reviews up an I can hope that one of those wonderful readers will put up a review for it soon.

Now as for work in progress.  Yes I know I have many many pieces I am working on but those closer to completion are Where Angels No Longer Tread, which is in final edits and Whether to Save Face or Family which is coming close to completion of the writing stage.  Due to multiple computer issues I have been slow on working the past two weeks but I should have my working machine back in the next day or so and I can finally get back to work.

I hope to have a cover up to show all you wonderful readers before Christmas.  I have a great simple idea for the cover.  something clean and crisp for this story of love, loss and magic.  Yes I write a lot of that but this one is different,

Now this story is more a novella.  Since I have another one in the pipe I decided I needed yet another series title.  Fantasy Romance Novellas instead of my fantasy short stories.  So these will not be part of the Mythos of Love stories.  A great friend recommended Flights of Fantasy…now it is good but it doesn’t feel quite right.  I might change it to Flight and Fantasy Novellas…haven’t decided.

speaking for upcoming tales the one I plan on working after Face is titled Wind Lover.  Starts with a man made of mist and wind, a silver water lover.  Should be interesting I hope to those who like paranormal romance.  Yes I think I will do another paranormal romance.  I haven’t even tried to sell Angels yet but I have great feedback on Angels so we will see if I have managed to do it right or not.


What a 24 hours I have had

Yesterday I was on a radio interview which anyone can listen to here:

Then i woke up to a sale…yes only one but hey that always makes me happy.  Then there were some reviews of my free stories over on Smashwords

for Twas the Night there were two

Review by: James Jenkins on Sep. 27, 2013 : star star star star
Quick, cute and different.
(review of free book)

Review by: I M Vayne on Sep. 22, 2013 : star star star star
A good quick read with an interesting twist on the familiar.

For Same Time Next Year at the Space Port Cafe

Review by: James Jenkins on Sep. 27, 2013 : star star star star star
Enjoyable, third party look at two lovers who meet at spaceport cafe.

and for In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Review by: James Jenkins on Sep. 21, 2013 : star star star star star
Short and cute. Worth the time read, might make you want to see what else the author has.
(review of free book)

Then I got an email that the short flash fiction story I submitted to a contest WON!  Which You can read here

And finally if you want to read one of my other short stories, something written for a Halloween Contest you can go here

What I day it has been.  I love days like this.

All three and a busy day

If you have been keeping track of my other blog pages you know I have been putting up excerpts and photos.  Usually I try to do one of the three pages a day (okay I said TRY) but today I actually am doing all three!

The anthology group…Authors Choice asked me to help put together a website for our books.  The first one, Reflections of the End, will be out very soon now and I have started up a simple page.  Not sure how well it will turn out but it will give you readers a place to read about the books, the authors and where you can buy said anthology.  This group should be around for a while and we are all ready working on a second collection.  The first is about the end of the world…a very popular subject right now.  The second one will be about secrets.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting the second story to flow but I will get it done.

Now the work on the new website has reminded me that I have not updated my own website in a bit.  So later I will try to go in and add in the new reviews I have.  Two that are not up on the site yet along with the titles of the newer releases.  I have been busier than I thought when I look back at it.

I have one more erotic (okay I admit this one is almost pure porn) story to put up.  I need to change the title because the working title would not attract a reader at all.  Once I figure out a title I can whip together a cover and post it up.  I have been using draft2digital and it is a lot easier for sure.  They give you templets for things like dedication page and also written along with the copyright page.  Nice handy things they you don’t have to change for each publisher.  So that will be nice.

This month I still have the brown bar of shame on amazon but have actually sold two shorts through D2D.  One went on B&N and the other on amazon.  So they don’t show on the amazon site as a sale but I have sales and that makes me happy.  Okay so it is only 2 short stories but it is a start for the month right?

I have been working out how I will be doing the next poetry book in my head.  I will of course be using images again and I think if I can pull it off i will put the text on the image.  The problem there is having it in a color that can be read right?  With the spring images I have gathered filled with green and other colors this will be fun.  I need to be a bit more relaxed when I start to photo manipulate.  Thank goodness my hubby gave me photoshop!

I have got to start taking photos of the baking i am doing.  While my muffins dont come out the jumbo things that all other cookbooks show i think they look as good as they taste.  They are more in line with the size we should be eating.  The ones you see at the bakeries out there are all either two to four servings IN JUST ONE MUFFIN!  That is crazy and unhealthy.  If you are making stuff from scratch and don’t mind the smaller size then my muffins will be perfect for you.  So I will take those photos and use them in my at the moment imaginary cook book.  I will do one but when is the question.  So many ideas and so little time.

I have started working on Moments of Love, another ghost story.  Listening to music during my walks is making so many ideas fill my head.  This one came from Make a Memory by Bon Jovi.  In the video of the song he is a ghost and well you can see where that is going right?  So between that for the Death Walks through series and Down the Rabbit Hole for the Worlds Apart I am hitting my series with new tales.

and I am babbling today aren’t I?  Could be I don’t want to move on to something else or just that I want to babble.  Either way I need to get some work done on my writing!


What happened to spring? Well back to work

I know that St Patty’s is Sunday and next week spring officially starts but you can’t tell looking out my window.  There is snow coming down yet again.   I had hoped to get my camera back out and be taking some photos of the world around me but nope.  Now i could take snow shots but I have done the whole snow thing enough lately.

Been a good month so far for me though.  I have another author interview up   Rather fun doing those via emails.  not sure how well I would do face to face but give me a list of questions and I will answer them.  Sales are up this month, thank goodness.  It really is a rollercoaster when you are a writer.  There is only so much you can do by yourself for sure.  No I haven’t hit the top of the charts, no I don’t expect to but it is nice to have people buying my work, reading it too!

It is fun to go look at my rankings but confusing.  One minute I have numbers in the high six to low seven digits.  Now if that was sales it would be tremendous, as ranks it is not great.  But make one sale and you jump up to the five digits.  That is the only way I know I have sold copies of Naughty Interludes or Gates in fact.  It is fun to watch and depressing at times.

Okay I should be writing, yes I know this.  I just have not been inspired at all this week.  Now this happens sometimes.  You shouldn’t force yourself to write, no matter what so many so called experts say.  I have noticed that if I force myself to work on something the story does not flow right.  I end up having to rewrite the whole scene.

Now a lot of writers do just that.  They force themselves to write, write, write and then they go back and tear out huge chunks of their book because it just didn’t work.  There is nothing wrong with pondering what you are writing.  Writers write not just on the computer or paper but in their heads too.  You need to work out the scene, the character and the story somehow.  If you are not anal retentive enough to have to use an outline and force your characters to be this way or that you might find yourself writing something amazing.

This is why I have so titles and so many works in progress.  I go where the story takes me when the story takes me.  This of course would drive the big publishers nuts but it has worked fine for me as a self published author.  I always have something to work with and something to put up.  To be honest I have four things out to people for anthologies and have put up some finished work for free on places like storyenet and wattpad.  Plus I have put a lot of my stuff from amazon over on smashwords.

Speaking of smashwords amazingly enough I have gotten sales there for the first time this month.  A handful of them in fact.  I believe their free days is what helped.  Seeing sales anywhere is always a great thing for me.  The fact that between Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords I currently have 21 sales so far this month is amazing.

And yes I am a tad scattered today.  Must be the snow?  All I know is that the seeds in my kitchen are sprouting and bringing a bit of green to my snowy white world.  Hmmm…maybe I should work on another poetry collection?  Who knows.

A Christmas story, a Christmas sale and the end of the world

Well I finished up Christmas Snow yesterday.  All written and just needing a little editing here and there to make it clean and readable.  Hubby will make me a nice cover and I should hopefully have that little Christmas gift up Monday.  After all a Christmas story needs to be available for Christmas right?  Now I was surprised at how it came out.  Part of me thinks Hallmark moment but heck I like the story.

Now as for the sale, pretty much everything I have up for sale will be dropped down to 99 cents from Monday till Friday next week.  Call it my Christmas sale.  I can’t drop the price on the paperbacks or on Naughty Interludes but the rest will all be 99 cents.  This way anyone who wants to load up on my work can.  Hmm…maybe I should keep them low till New Years Eve.  That way anyone with a new kindle can fill up on my weird tales right?

As for the End of the World…Nightmares is ready for release and I will be putting it up on the 21st.  A nice LONG piece for me with enough darkness I hope to please those of of the world story fans out there.

Now as for new works in progress I think I will be taking off next week from writing to do a ton of baking.  I have to get all the food presents ready in time to give to coworkers and friends after all.  Heck Sunday is make cookies for the kid’s class since their party is on Monday.  And of course she told them mommy would make cookies.  All I can say is I hope this cold or whatever is going on in my head stays away so I can get my work done.

In the new year I will get back to working on Traveler.  I have a better idea where that should be going now.  Hopefully this will work out as another novel.  If I can buckle down I should get it written out by the end of January.  Course there is no guarantee right?  Heck Harry tried to nudge me to do just one more story for him right now.  But really just need to give him a break for a month or so.  Yes I will write a few more Harry the Guardian tales but just not right now.

Okay time to clean up files, back them up and finish up one more knitted christmas hat.

A new week a new point of view

I just realized after I typed up all my notes on Coffee House Blues that I had nineteen pages of Maeve’s point of view but I lost Daniel’s somewhere.  So today is going to be about writing up what is gong on with Daniel.  Developing him should be interesting.  He isn’t any more a traditional magic worker than Maeve is but he knows what he is and has had training.  I am trying to decide whether he should be bound to that coffee shop or not.  Now having a mage who has to stay within a certain set area might be interesting.  And it would explain why he isn’t i nthe running for whatever it is that the Fae have planned for Maeve.  I am hoping to only have Harry in the story marginally.  After all he is a busy guy and can’t be keeping track of everything in town right?  I have mentioned him in passing in the story so far.  But you readers will see when I finish this up and publish it.

Speaking of publishing this month is seems any free promos on the weekend are just slow going.  I did better on them during the week.  Which I guess is a good thing.  After all A Watery Grave is going free promo 9/11&9/12.  I want that one to see some good movement.

Got another sale yesterday so I have surpassed last month all ready!  It is rather cool…well to be honest I have to say surpassed my amazon sales.  After all I actually sold a copy of Endings over on Kobo.  Now that surprised me.  I was just about to pull Endings from over there and just have it on Amazon and WHAM!  Now if I could see some movement on Smashwords for Knight Protector.  Slow but steady.  I might not win the race but at least the occasional reader has decided to try out my stuff.  Here is hoping I can see more sales.

OMG sales!

Yeah I have taken the past two days off from writing.  Just watched movies and flogged my stories, answered different comments on my writers panels and then WHAM!  Oh my..A very nice guy just bought one copy each of nine of my stories!  NINE!  Really cool.  Between starting the day with a 5 star review from a serious reviewer/journalist to this sale…my goodness I love today.

Yes I did sit down and work.  I typed up some old notes on story ideas that I had and lost.  Nothing big, just a page or two of things that I can develop in the future.  You readers all know I have a ton of story ideas peculating in my files.  Then for a bit I sat down and wrote out a scene or two on CHB.  Characters are getting interesting for sure.  dragons masquerading as bikers to a light mage who is working as a barista.  Will be a fun story I think.  Not sure how long it will be but who knows right.  Not like I haven’t become slightly known as the short story author.
Had another plea for a novel.  Now if they would just look they would see Endings is a novel length book.  And well Nightmares will be once it is done.  If I keep getting good reviews who knows I might decide to edit it all by myself and post it myself.  We will see right?  I do edit a lot after all.  While writing, during the re read, then again and again.  I am pretty picky of what I want my words to say after all.

Okay time to work on things…what I don’t know but it is a good day for me.

OMG reviews and new kindle

Okay two posts here the same day..why?  Because my publisher has put Gates: One reality to the Next into kindle format and it is on Amazon for $2.99!  Yes a complete collection ready for people to read.  Which is good right?

Then a really nice guy read and reviewed my short One More All Hallows Eve…and gave it five stars!  Oh my I wasn’t expecting that.  Plus the free download is moving along nicely…over 100 downloads and we still have two full days.  Plus I just looked and I actually have sold three copies of Passing the Torch…my goodness it is happening.  Okay I am not selling like the preferable hotcakes but it is a start.  Who knows I might actually have an audience!  Okay back to being the silent writer type.