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Oh wow I have a lot of work to do or why did I decide to do this?

Well yesterday I sat down and worked on a lot of things. Between taking my flash fictions and putting them together with the images that inspired them was a full day project that is not yet finished! As of this morning I have 83 image/word files ready for audio and I am not anywhere near done with this part. I guess I have been a very busy beaver haven’t I?

I have audio recordings for thirty four poems that I intend to combine together with my photography and of course the original text from my poetry. It will be fun learning the way to combine this in the updated Photoshop I have on this machine. Once I figure it out they will be put up on my second Youtube account.

As for the voice recordings I think I will start those tomorrow, after all it is getting pretty hot today and I am not sure I want to do recordings when I can sit in a cool breeze away from the computer.

As for the illustrated flash fictions I have been working on I have four completed ones, or mostly completed. Three of them have all the illustrations are colored in and the words are inked in. I worked on the drawings for the four story yesterday and half of them are really good, the other half? Well you will see.

Hopefully this weekend the scanner will be set up so I can use it. Scanning in these pages will be the beginning of my new work. As I have said elsewhere these will be free tales. Hopefully readers will find them and enjoy them and maybe, just maybe want to read my longer for sale fictions.

Just some fun

See one of the things great about being a writer and a sorta artist is seeing stories in everything that exists. Over Christmas we had moved my more expensive dragons into a safer place. At the same time we had lego sets set up. I couldn’t resist taking photos of course. At the angles there were some fun images to be had. Stories that would almost tell themselves don’t you think?

Hello once more

Well as you know it has been a while since I wrote anything at all. Lots of reasons but the biggest for this blog is that I just haven’t had the drive to write. Generally I write something but for months now I have been unmotivated.

While my own personal work, books, stories, poetry, drabble and dribbles, etc are on the back burner but my mind keeps going. So how about we do more analysis of trends in fiction of all kinds.

As a fan of good characters I have been enjoying the current takes on Sherlock Holmes. In the past decade there are three different takes on This classic character. Yes I am talking about all three today. From Robert Downey Jr’s movie take to Benedict Cumberbatch’s British Sherlock and Johnny Lee Miller’s American take on the same character.

In each we see a different face on the classic character.  The modern takes are in many ways so much better because the character has become very three dimensional. He is no longer the two dimensional character of the 1800s. He no longer is just the cold, ex druggy with just one drive. Now we see the reasons behind how he became who he is. Why he had the drug habit, why he only seems to trust a very small amount of people and why he is willing to go to extremes.

Plus one of the best parts is that they have, in this current century, started to make the female characters three dimensional. The recent takes on Sherlock’s paramore, on Doctor Watson’s wife and on Mrs Hudson has been so very much fun to watch. No longer in modern fiction can we have half the population under explored and that makes for fine watching.

Now as a writer I have done my best to explore characters in many ways. Sherlock is not one I have tried other than in a video game. The Great Detective is of course the basis of many of the detectives we read, watch and play to this day.



Been a while and look what happens

Hey you few brave and loyal blog readers. Yeah it has been a while. Life threw me a number of curveballs since last summer. The details are too many to go into but I apologize for not being a good little blogger/writer and keeping the world up to date.

Today I have seen one real sign of what happens when a writer drops out of sight for a while. When I googled myself I found that another Lisa Williamson who is a writer has taken over. Now what bugs me is a writer with just one book with the same name is a big name. Okay I am sure her book is a good one but really it is just a book about the current hot topic of transgender people.

First off, NOT ME. Those who have contacted me thinking I was her, sorry. I am a writer of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, novels and so much more. I write fantasy, science fiction, horror and paranormal romance. I try not to grab onto something that is the hot topic and write a tale. My stories are filled with wonder, magic and other worldliness along with real issues. My characters are diverse but I haven’t and dont plan on making a character who is focused on their sexuality. I write about issues that are old yet always new.

So if you read this thinking I was the Lisa Williamson who wrote, The Art of Being Normal, I’m sorry. You can find her other places. If you are on the other hand a fan of things like elves, dragons, guardians, wizards, witches and more? Well I am the author you are looking for.

I took off time after my last novel, A Fragile Peace, at first because I was burned out, but then for technical and yes health reasons. Now I am back to putting out work and I have released six collections of short stories and flash fictions, some that have bee seen before and some that have not. I am back to writing things both as Lisa Williamson and as LA Mason.  Hopefully totally new work with spark a resurgence of people reading my work.

Working on so many things but it is the 4th! Time for a break

Well that is nothing new right?  I have started the process to get the anthology, Reflections of the End into paperback.  While it isn’t that hard using Createspace what is tricky is pricing.  The program tells the minimum price you can put in for the size of your book but that is in the US..if you want to sell it else where you need to raise the price.  This is a good way of seeing why paperbacks cost so much.  I still love the feel of a good paper back in my hands but dang it all that is more than I can afford.

Now usually a service like Createspace will take a day or so to go through the review process before the book will show up on their website and amazon.

Thankfully that is all i have driving me nuts right now.  I am taking a few days off from writing to process these books and of course do the usual blogging and flogging.  So much fun but things that need to be done.

Now I do have a lot of ideas running through my head.  Thanks to research  I have been doing there will definitely be a bunch of new Death stories.  Being as today is a holiday back home I can take time off right?

So dern busy lately…

Yes i know I should do this every day but between my poetry collections, getting Harry’s book together and helping on getting Reflections up and out I lost track of time.   Thanks to all that work though I now have a number of new releasing showing up all over.

Twist of Fate is the most recent charity collection.  Stephen Wilson is the man behind this one and it came out really exceptional.  There are a lot of talented writers/poets/photographers and other people inside this book.  I am very proud that I have two poems inside.  The money from this book goes to those effected by the Tornadoes that destroyed so many homes in Oklahoma.

Reflections of the End is a facebook group anthology about what else?  The end of the world.  I submitted one piece to that one and hopefully it will be well received by the reading public.  It just went up life this morning after all lot of shuffling around.  I got added as an admin to this group so I could help push it through.  These folks are another group of highly talented indie authors.  We will now work on the second book..all kinds of stories about secrets.

The Writers stuff group is closing up submissions for their anthology and I have a tale in that one too.  Plus we have been doing a bunch of drabbles to help fill pages.  I have quite a few I have done but I am not sure if all of them will make it into the book.  Drabbles are a lot of fun.  Exactly 100 words written about an image.  Good practice for sure.

Guardians of the Gate City is live on Barnes and Nobel, Kobo and Apple but for some reason not yet on Amazon.  I put through the paperback version this morning on Createspace so it will be available to those who prefer a real book in their hands.   I really hope people will buy the collection.  That is a lot of Harry stories all in one place and I basically tossed in Sudden Disappearances for free!

The two poetry collections are out and available and I will work on finishing the third one next month.  I needed to step away from that one.  Just too intense.  I plan on finishing up a few short stories this month instead.  Blackbird is two thirds done and then I can dive into a few other projects.

My sales might have been slow in June but at least I had some.   Not as many as in May but I am told things go like that.  I got one review of my own work and a few of the anthologies.  Funny thing about anthologies some people just don’t get them.  I know we got dinged on one of the collections because of all things that the stories were not all set in the US by American authors…really?  I mean anthologies are so you can try out a new author, see if you want to read more of there work.  No where in the description did it say the book was US or American based.  Now I can understand wanting to read stuff like that but dont expect it to be there if it isn’t listed in the blurb…