Hello once more

Well as you know it has been a while since I wrote anything at all. Lots of reasons but the biggest for this blog is that I just haven’t had the drive to write. Generally I write something but for months now I have been unmotivated.

While my own personal work, books, stories, poetry, drabble and dribbles, etc are on the back burner but my mind keeps going. So how about we do more analysis of trends in fiction of all kinds.

As a fan of good characters I have been enjoying the current takes on Sherlock Holmes. In the past decade there are three different takes on This classic character. Yes I am talking about all three today. From Robert Downey Jr’s movie take to Benedict Cumberbatch’s British Sherlock and Johnny Lee Miller’s American take on the same character.

In each we see a different face on the classic character.  The modern takes are in many ways so much better because the character has become very three dimensional. He is no longer the two dimensional character of the 1800s. He no longer is just the cold, ex druggy with just one drive. Now we see the reasons behind how he became who he is. Why he had the drug habit, why he only seems to trust a very small amount of people and why he is willing to go to extremes.

Plus one of the best parts is that they have, in this current century, started to make the female characters three dimensional. The recent takes on Sherlock’s paramore, on Doctor Watson’s wife and on Mrs Hudson has been so very much fun to watch. No longer in modern fiction can we have half the population under explored and that makes for fine watching.

Now as a writer I have done my best to explore characters in many ways. Sherlock is not one I have tried other than in a video game. The Great Detective is of course the basis of many of the detectives we read, watch and play to this day.




Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Okay the first day of school.  That means i have hours of free time to actually do writing, editing, cover art, webpage updates and of course blogging!  While I adore my daughter and summer was fun having all her little friends coming and going all day interrupted me way too much.  I used to be able to work with kids around but I think it was my kids and not other peoples kids.

The difference between your own and others is that your own kids know that asking mom every few minutes, “What you doing?”  “Why” “Really?” can make mom angry.  Never mind yelling through the screen door, fighting over who knows what, asking for drinks, snacks, can we watch a movie, play a video game…and on and on.  It is good that my youngest has a ton of friends, bad that they seem to prefer to do all that on my back patio which is steps away from my work space.  Now i can try to finish up all those tales I have slated.  Yeah I don’t expect to get them all finished asap but I can try.

I have had a good couple of days for sure.  Got two reviews over on Goodreads of stories that needed some notice.   Then I woke up to two sales this morning.  One each on two titles that haven’t had any yet.  The Words That Bring Peace and Seasons of my Mind both sold a copy over night.  That was something nice.  No more brown bar of shame in the US on Amazon and my poetry found a curious reader on B&N.  This I can happily live with.

I really hope this month breaks records for me.  So far my best month was March 2013 with 32 total sales.  While many would say that is nothing, I say that was fabulous!  Yeah I haven’t made a lot of money being a writer but people are actually buying and reading my work.  What else could I ask for.  I am pumped at the moment and very willing to do more work.

Rebirth and Possibilities are both through the writing stage and onto the editing stage.  I am tossing between putting them out on their own or submitting them to the anthologies that are waiting for stories.  I need a story on Changes, one on Winter and one on Halloween.  Now the Halloween story came to me yesterday when i was cuddling with my hubby, so that one is taken care of after I do some fun research.

Yes I think research is fun.  You find out all kinds of new and exciting things, things you didn’t know before.  I think while I wanted to be an archeologist or a parapsychologist when I was a young person I would have been the one delving into the records and researching the stories.  I wasn’t ever all that keen on chasing down the ghosts or delving in the ground.  No I wanted to dig up the histories or more the myths.  I adore the stories they told to explain odd happenings in the world.  The myths are what make our world and are what I write if you think about it.  Heck after all I call one of my series the Mythos of love.  What is a Mythos after all but a society’s way of explaining things.

Now I have a lot of reading to do for friends.  Reading, reviewing, editing and proofing.  I love this community of writers I have found .  We share with each other our ideas, our skills and our stories.