How about something different? Or Acrostic poems on photos

As I stated in another of my blogs out there I am more than a writer of stories, I am also a photographer and a poet. One of the things I decided to do was to combine those two art forms together for something different and pretty.

Doing research I found that there are a lot of other forms of short poetry out there. Here I have taken some of the acrostic poems I have written and placed them onto some of my photographs. Acrostic poems are simply poems where the first letter of each line spells out a word. I tossed of a few short ones that I hope you will like. Linked with photographs that I have taken I think they are lovely images for a cool afternoon.

summer-acrostic-poem alone-acrostic-poem forever-acrostic-poem red-acrsotic-poem

Four different poems with four different images. They are simple yet fun to do. Try doing this when you are stuck on a story you are writing. Sometimes poetry can break a block, and it does not have to be deep, just a moment of your time can give something lovely to the world.


All three and a busy day

If you have been keeping track of my other blog pages you know I have been putting up excerpts and photos.  Usually I try to do one of the three pages a day (okay I said TRY) but today I actually am doing all three!

The anthology group…Authors Choice asked me to help put together a website for our books.  The first one, Reflections of the End, will be out very soon now and I have started up a simple page.  Not sure how well it will turn out but it will give you readers a place to read about the books, the authors and where you can buy said anthology.  This group should be around for a while and we are all ready working on a second collection.  The first is about the end of the world…a very popular subject right now.  The second one will be about secrets.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting the second story to flow but I will get it done.

Now the work on the new website has reminded me that I have not updated my own website in a bit.  So later I will try to go in and add in the new reviews I have.  Two that are not up on the site yet along with the titles of the newer releases.  I have been busier than I thought when I look back at it.

I have one more erotic (okay I admit this one is almost pure porn) story to put up.  I need to change the title because the working title would not attract a reader at all.  Once I figure out a title I can whip together a cover and post it up.  I have been using draft2digital and it is a lot easier for sure.  They give you templets for things like dedication page and also written along with the copyright page.  Nice handy things they you don’t have to change for each publisher.  So that will be nice.

This month I still have the brown bar of shame on amazon but have actually sold two shorts through D2D.  One went on B&N and the other on amazon.  So they don’t show on the amazon site as a sale but I have sales and that makes me happy.  Okay so it is only 2 short stories but it is a start for the month right?

I have been working out how I will be doing the next poetry book in my head.  I will of course be using images again and I think if I can pull it off i will put the text on the image.  The problem there is having it in a color that can be read right?  With the spring images I have gathered filled with green and other colors this will be fun.  I need to be a bit more relaxed when I start to photo manipulate.  Thank goodness my hubby gave me photoshop!

I have got to start taking photos of the baking i am doing.  While my muffins dont come out the jumbo things that all other cookbooks show i think they look as good as they taste.  They are more in line with the size we should be eating.  The ones you see at the bakeries out there are all either two to four servings IN JUST ONE MUFFIN!  That is crazy and unhealthy.  If you are making stuff from scratch and don’t mind the smaller size then my muffins will be perfect for you.  So I will take those photos and use them in my at the moment imaginary cook book.  I will do one but when is the question.  So many ideas and so little time.

I have started working on Moments of Love, another ghost story.  Listening to music during my walks is making so many ideas fill my head.  This one came from Make a Memory by Bon Jovi.  In the video of the song he is a ghost and well you can see where that is going right?  So between that for the Death Walks through series and Down the Rabbit Hole for the Worlds Apart I am hitting my series with new tales.

and I am babbling today aren’t I?  Could be I don’t want to move on to something else or just that I want to babble.  Either way I need to get some work done on my writing!