Photo stories: Robin Red Breast page two



audio poem: Roses

Okay this is the last of my finished projects. I will be putting together a lot more of them in the next few days but I may not have any done for a bit. So enjoy and we will see what to do tomorrow

All three and a busy day

If you have been keeping track of my other blog pages you know I have been putting up excerpts and photos.  Usually I try to do one of the three pages a day (okay I said TRY) but today I actually am doing all three!

The anthology group…Authors Choice asked me to help put together a website for our books.  The first one, Reflections of the End, will be out very soon now and I have started up a simple page.  Not sure how well it will turn out but it will give you readers a place to read about the books, the authors and where you can buy said anthology.  This group should be around for a while and we are all ready working on a second collection.  The first is about the end of the world…a very popular subject right now.  The second one will be about secrets.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting the second story to flow but I will get it done.

Now the work on the new website has reminded me that I have not updated my own website in a bit.  So later I will try to go in and add in the new reviews I have.  Two that are not up on the site yet along with the titles of the newer releases.  I have been busier than I thought when I look back at it.

I have one more erotic (okay I admit this one is almost pure porn) story to put up.  I need to change the title because the working title would not attract a reader at all.  Once I figure out a title I can whip together a cover and post it up.  I have been using draft2digital and it is a lot easier for sure.  They give you templets for things like dedication page and also written along with the copyright page.  Nice handy things they you don’t have to change for each publisher.  So that will be nice.

This month I still have the brown bar of shame on amazon but have actually sold two shorts through D2D.  One went on B&N and the other on amazon.  So they don’t show on the amazon site as a sale but I have sales and that makes me happy.  Okay so it is only 2 short stories but it is a start for the month right?

I have been working out how I will be doing the next poetry book in my head.  I will of course be using images again and I think if I can pull it off i will put the text on the image.  The problem there is having it in a color that can be read right?  With the spring images I have gathered filled with green and other colors this will be fun.  I need to be a bit more relaxed when I start to photo manipulate.  Thank goodness my hubby gave me photoshop!

I have got to start taking photos of the baking i am doing.  While my muffins dont come out the jumbo things that all other cookbooks show i think they look as good as they taste.  They are more in line with the size we should be eating.  The ones you see at the bakeries out there are all either two to four servings IN JUST ONE MUFFIN!  That is crazy and unhealthy.  If you are making stuff from scratch and don’t mind the smaller size then my muffins will be perfect for you.  So I will take those photos and use them in my at the moment imaginary cook book.  I will do one but when is the question.  So many ideas and so little time.

I have started working on Moments of Love, another ghost story.  Listening to music during my walks is making so many ideas fill my head.  This one came from Make a Memory by Bon Jovi.  In the video of the song he is a ghost and well you can see where that is going right?  So between that for the Death Walks through series and Down the Rabbit Hole for the Worlds Apart I am hitting my series with new tales.

and I am babbling today aren’t I?  Could be I don’t want to move on to something else or just that I want to babble.  Either way I need to get some work done on my writing!


Caffeine is a writer’s friend, especially when combined with chocolate

Yeah I know that caffeine is found in chocolate but every once and a while I decide to have a bottle of coke with chocolate and well I write a lot.  Finished up a complete ghost short story in three hours because of it.  Too bad that doesn’t help me come up with a really good cover.  I did my attempts yesterday and I hated them all.  Lucky for my readers my hubby said he has an idea and will put it together in the next few days.  The sooner it is done the sooner I can put up a new ghost story for the world to enjoy.

Today I’m not in the same OMG I can write mode.  Yes I will do some writing later but right now it is sit, drink herb tea from a cool little dragon pot I have and think.  Think of how i want tales to go and ponder what images to use in my next poetry book.  Now I have taken more photos this morning and it is interesting that at this time last year there were a lot more flowers around.  That was of course because we had a late spring this year.  But I like the temps where they are.  You can breath and not worry about getting dehydrated.

I was asked to join another online writer’s chat group and the title of the group just hit me with an story idea.  I have started it but we will have to see if it goes anywhere or not.  The nice thing about completing something yesterday is I have a sense of accomplishment and not quite the NEED to prove to myself I am working that the days leading up to it gave me.  When you are a writer you are a bit bipolar.  Not in the way of people who actual suffer with the disease but more in that you go back and forth on whether or not you should be writing, are any good at it and whether you should force the world to read you inner most imaginings.

Yeah we are a weird bunch.  Some of us have egos as big as taxes but most of us are nerdy little guys and gals who just want someone to enjoy our tales.   Or our poems or our essays, songs and blogs.  We just want to get our words out of our heads and hearts and into yours.  Now my words are mine obviously but they are odd little bits that I hope give someone some enjoyment.

I started a discussion about what inspires people to write.  Yesterday’s ghost story came out of the walk back from the grocery story and hearing the Doobie Brothers singing Cheating the Hangman.  Sitting down and writing the tale was as easy as breathing and it only needed a bit of tweaking here and there when I stopped.  That made me happy.  I am not the type of writer who is overly flowery and long as you might guess.  A lot of the times I have to do editing is to add in more.  I do seem to have a problem with incomplete sentences.  Or more what the editors dcall fragments.  I think of it that my thoughts are sharp and to the point when I write.  Like in the old days of when I wanted to be an artist and I would do complete to me pieces and the art teacher would tell me to add MORE…fill in the background, put in more foreground, just clutter up my nice clean and crisp images.  Drove me nuts and drove the teacher at the time as nuts I think.

No I am not an artist really.  Yes I can draw, I can copy an image pretty well or take something in front of me and put it down on paper but i will never be famous for it.  not that being famous is my goal in any way.  I want to leave something behind but not for the world.  No I want it for those who care and for those rare few who just might think like I do.  Nothing wrong with that.


Yup it is spring time to plant

Well after the fun of going out and playing yesterday.  Okay really just wandering around town I decided since it is warm that I should put those plants of mine into the ground.  Most of them that is.  A fun and busy morning turning over soil that was pretty rock hard, planting the seedlings from my window and then cleaning up.  The kids helped so it was interesting.  Course the most interesting part was digging up the front for flowers and finding a ton of little white round worms (meal worms) The kids decided after they had the ewwwie fest that they would use them for fishing.

Feeling like I have accomplished stuff is a good thing.  Ideas are flitting through my tired mind and that is a good thing.  Working out a title with the eidtor/writer to one of the anthologies I will be part of next month.  It is looking like i will be part of four that will come out in the Month of May.  Or so the editors are hoping for.   The PA anthology is almost all done, cover images and all.  The Boston charity one is rolling along rather quickly, this Horror/fantasy one is nearly ready and then the one for social networking will be done too.  I am waiting on notification on all of them and will of course let my wonderful readers know when they are out.

The weather has put me in a good mood.  What with the really good (if I say so myself) flower photos I took yesterday and the attempts at a decent shot of a lady bug I took today I am finding myself in the mood to work on my Seasons of My Mind poetry book.  This would be the second poetry collection and while the first hasn’t sold much it has had a nice review.

Once I get my mind working I think i will see what comes out.  Might be good might be bad but at least I will be getting things done.

If you want to see the lady bug photos they will be on the window of my mind page

Is that Spring I feel?

Yup I actually got warm enough today to walk around in a tshirt…okay a tshirt with a tank top under it and my trusty heavy sweater looped thought the strap of my bag but still!  Wandered around with the kid and some friends.  Took some photos of flowers.  Okay the flowers were in the garden shop of Walmart but hey they are blooms and the photos came out good.  This morning i got to see my favorite squirrel running the fence.  The black squirrel with the white tip of his tail…and heck there is now a baby red squirrel running around outside.  Which is cool.

I’m still fighting my muse for a good Secrets story for the second Selected Anthologies book.  It is not working out as easy as the last one but I will say this, once I get one piece done for the anthology I might do my own.  I have six different secrets stories started and they will gel into something I am sure.  I could always do a new series of tales right?

The poems for the different little collections are coming together.  The ideas are flowing better than I expected but it could be because the sun is finally out.  Once i get a few more days of warmth I will probably start looking around for more things to photograph for those new collections.  What do you readers think?  50 poems and photos per book?  It came out nice on the first one so I think I can do it again.

Sudden Disappearances is slowly moving forward.  I thought it would only be 30 pages…it is all ready well past that.  This one looks like at least 60 pages, maybe more before it is done.  That will make it a good end to the first collection of shorts in the Guardians series.  Of all my series it looks like it will be the first collected together  The other six collections will need at least another four stories to get to the right word count.  Here is hoping with the good weather I can buckle down and write a lot more.