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A new day and still not sure

Woke up all ready to try and finish up Nightmare this morning.  After all I just need to have a monster break into the room that the heroes are hold up in, defeat said monster, maybe lose a couple of secondary characters, drag the damaged across the city to safely and write an epilogue right?  Still not sure if I should use an ogre or an elemental or maybe something a bit more exotic.  This story is set in the pacific northwest so I could pull in something from the cultures there right? Will just have to do some research and then write up those bits.

Meg still hasn’t gotten me those photos I need for Watery Grave so maybe I should just use what I have.  It wont be as nice as having an actual pic from Sandy Pond but what can I do?  I know I have readers for that series.  Never mind I really should make a bunch more covers and trailers.

still sleepy though.  Maybe i should snooze a bit till the kid wakes up.  After all once she is up I have to go out and get foodstuffs to feed my hungry family.  I could take pics on the walk over to the store…hmmm…who knows.  I will get stuff done.  Just do it at a slow pace today I think.
Had another download of Ice last night.  So looks like that is my biggest seller so far.  Odd but true.  People like my end of the world story.  And I have not a problem with that


Well it took three weeks but The Knight Protector is now on the premium catalog over on Smashwords.  What this means is that they will be sending it out to a bunch of other retailers, getting more exposure.  Should show up on Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, etc.

And speaking of Barnes and Noble, Gates is now over there.  That surprised me.  I just went over to see if Knight was there yet and up popped Gates!.  Interesting don’t you think?  I know a couple of you bought my book and thanks loads for doing so.  I can’t find my sale stats on that yet and it is driving me batty.  I don’t expect a lot but it would be nice to know if it is worth me putting up more of my work.  So far it is the free stuff that is getting downloaded.  Not necessarily read but downloaded.  And not in huge numbers.  I am not a Stephen King but maybe some day I can have a few thousand people reading and commenting on my stories right?  Not a lot to ask I think.  I don’t expect to make a living writing but oh it would be fine if I did.

Restarted posting stuff over on MySpace, yes I had one of those once.  And obviously my other blogs will be getting stuff.  I have been a bit off this week so I haven’t written much.  Hopefully I can do a lot more this weekend.  I would love to get Hope Everlasting finished up in time to upload it when I put One More All Hallows eve up for a free read.  A nice teaser don’t you think?

Well here is hoping I can get more readers for my nonerotic work than I have for the erotic.  Maybe I sould make up a book of my photographs and another of the recipes I have mastered.  Spread out what I do and hopefully someone will want to buy what I am selling.