Caffeine is a writer’s friend, especially when combined with chocolate

Yeah I know that caffeine is found in chocolate but every once and a while I decide to have a bottle of coke with chocolate and well I write a lot.  Finished up a complete ghost short story in three hours because of it.  Too bad that doesn’t help me come up with a really good cover.  I did my attempts yesterday and I hated them all.  Lucky for my readers my hubby said he has an idea and will put it together in the next few days.  The sooner it is done the sooner I can put up a new ghost story for the world to enjoy.

Today I’m not in the same OMG I can write mode.  Yes I will do some writing later but right now it is sit, drink herb tea from a cool little dragon pot I have and think.  Think of how i want tales to go and ponder what images to use in my next poetry book.  Now I have taken more photos this morning and it is interesting that at this time last year there were a lot more flowers around.  That was of course because we had a late spring this year.  But I like the temps where they are.  You can breath and not worry about getting dehydrated.

I was asked to join another online writer’s chat group and the title of the group just hit me with an story idea.  I have started it but we will have to see if it goes anywhere or not.  The nice thing about completing something yesterday is I have a sense of accomplishment and not quite the NEED to prove to myself I am working that the days leading up to it gave me.  When you are a writer you are a bit bipolar.  Not in the way of people who actual suffer with the disease but more in that you go back and forth on whether or not you should be writing, are any good at it and whether you should force the world to read you inner most imaginings.

Yeah we are a weird bunch.  Some of us have egos as big as taxes but most of us are nerdy little guys and gals who just want someone to enjoy our tales.   Or our poems or our essays, songs and blogs.  We just want to get our words out of our heads and hearts and into yours.  Now my words are mine obviously but they are odd little bits that I hope give someone some enjoyment.

I started a discussion about what inspires people to write.  Yesterday’s ghost story came out of the walk back from the grocery story and hearing the Doobie Brothers singing Cheating the Hangman.  Sitting down and writing the tale was as easy as breathing and it only needed a bit of tweaking here and there when I stopped.  That made me happy.  I am not the type of writer who is overly flowery and long as you might guess.  A lot of the times I have to do editing is to add in more.  I do seem to have a problem with incomplete sentences.  Or more what the editors dcall fragments.  I think of it that my thoughts are sharp and to the point when I write.  Like in the old days of when I wanted to be an artist and I would do complete to me pieces and the art teacher would tell me to add MORE…fill in the background, put in more foreground, just clutter up my nice clean and crisp images.  Drove me nuts and drove the teacher at the time as nuts I think.

No I am not an artist really.  Yes I can draw, I can copy an image pretty well or take something in front of me and put it down on paper but i will never be famous for it.  not that being famous is my goal in any way.  I want to leave something behind but not for the world.  No I want it for those who care and for those rare few who just might think like I do.  Nothing wrong with that.