Book teasers, do they work? Should we do them?

Well on the first question, I am not sure yet. I just don’t have enough information but on the second half, yes we should. They are fun, easy to make and they can peak the interest of a potential buyer. They work great on things like Twitter and other social networks. So why not right? I have a bunch of examples to show you here.

traveler angels-teaser death-teaser distance-teaser endings-teaser endings-teaser2 face-teaser guardians-teaser Like the book trailer, these little things attract attention to your novels or collections.  So why not try one?


To do a giveway or not do one, that is the question

With the news that Amazon is finally thinking about reining in all the free books on their site I find myself with a bit of a quantry.  While i pulled myself out of the KDP select program I still want to be able to give a free book or three out to potential readers.  Now Smashwords luckily allows you to do coupons for one day or more of your titles for things like giveaways.

Now this is a useful thing yes, but I don’t have all my titles over there yet.  This means I have to start moving my tush and getting all my published (self published that is) work into shape for the confusing process of smashwords.  This can be both good and bad.  They do put your stuff out to a lot of places but to be honest I have only seen one real sale over there.  One…I have ten times as many on Kobo!  Should i do it or not is the question.

Never mind that I am hip deep in Traveler right now.  I have done some nice progress and have come up with the next sequence in my head so I will hopefully keep banging out the chapters.  I am doing my best to keep this a lighter fantasy, less violence to bother the younger readers and a bit more romance to fill the gap.  Romance not sex…this will be a clean tale but not a kiddie book.

And btw just what qualifies as a YA book?  Does it have to have teens as the main character?  Or just young seeming characters.  Reece and Edana are young…just how old I never say.  Hell Edana is a lot older than she expects.  But can I say this is a YA fantasy novel?  I have no idea.  Anyone want to help me with that?

Hopefully if I keep up on the roll I will have it ready for a prereader by the end of next month.  Another hard thing, finding a prereader!  I know a number of people who like my work but they are all either busy parents or busy authors.  Makes it hard to find someone who will read my stuff and let me know if the story is plausible or needs major fixing.

Well on the news front I have sent off a copy of One More All Hallows Eve to a reviewer and did an author interview for Endings/Revenge.  Just more ways of getting the brand of me out to the reading public.  Another brillant writer type recommended having a tshirt or two made with my book cover on it and having someone wear it around a convention.  Now I hadn’t thought of  that as a marketing technique.  Just finding someone who could afford a con and was willing to wear the shirt just might find my some readers!  Course the people i know who go to cons tend to hit transformer and anime cons but I can work around that right?

Still toying with the bookmarks snuck into books at stores and the local library.  While I don’t have the funds to do this yet I think it would work.  What do you think?  One suggestion would have worked if I hadn’t sold my car but that is okay.

I need more ideas that I can do for no money.  The only way to get people to notice me I can’t afford right now but some day.  Yes someday I will be a known voice in the fantasy genre, not huge but known.  All I can ask right?