Audio Drabble: Night Music

Decided to flip it up and put up drabbles for the next couple of days. This one came from a fun image that I found online.  Took a few tries to get through the words of this one without tripping up. Recording your own work can be an interesting thing to do. It shows you how your work is with pacing and it also gives you a whole new respect for those who do audio work for a living.

I heard at one point that the voice actors were thinking of doing a strike for better benefits and more time between jobs. If you think about it voice actors spend hours reading out loud and if they do games they could be screaming out loud for hours. They strain or even injure the vocal cords and if they end up unable to talk the don’t get paid.

So here you go. Enjoy folks.

Ten days and counting down….are you ready?

Yup Christmas is quickly approaching. Everyone is out trying to buy that perfect present for their loved ones and as far as I can tell they are not looking at ebooks at all. I have not seen a sale in the past 11 days!

Now normally I would be like, okay fine, but with a collection that came out just before Thanksgiving and only four sales on that book so far, well I am wondering what I am doing wrong. The two reviews I received were great. Those who read it love the tales. So what am I doing wrong?

I have tried out two different low cost ad places and have seen no reaction to the ad. Could be the placement, could be the title but who knows. What worries me is that I have planned another collection to be released next weekend.

Holiday Flashes of Fiction won’t be expensive. I plan on only charging 99 cents for it since these are extremely short little tales. So this is a call for you my readers to take a look at my titles, see if there is anything you are interested in. I try to keep my prices low on all ebooks and as low as possible on my paperbacks.

Now back to Christmas. I have been working feverishly on gifts to give…makes me wonder what you readers are doing?


Getting ready for a holiday release

As you readers know I have been dabbling in the shorter forms of fiction over the past few months. Because of the series of wonderful holidays at this time of year I have written a number of them over the past month or so. When I let my friends over on the amazon writers group, the Starship Wordsmyth, a number of them volunteered to write up pieces to be added to my collection and I have a special bonus section in my collection for you lucky readers. These little tales will give you a taste of what some of the very best indie authors on the net have to offer.

The planned release date for this book is Winter Solstice. Why then? Because those of us who are Wiccans hold this as one of the high holidays of the year. The flash fictions in this collection will be everything from hint fictions of 25 words to full flash fictions that stop just under 1000 words.

I have been researching the many myths, legends and superstitions of the four major North American holidays. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and ending with New Years. While every culture has tales of harvest festivals and a light festival that lands around the longest night of the year, they are very different. Some of the pieces I have written are about creatures that are unknown by most in the US and Canada.

Today I have been playing around at making a cover for this collection. Because I am doing four holidays in this collection the cover needs to show jut that. Take a look and if you like comment on it for me.


Tis the season….

the fun part about being a short story writer is that you have a lot of places to send your stories to. Now August seems like an odd time to be thinking about seasonal stories but lots of sources are asking for Halloween stories right now. And of course like the crazy short story writer I am, I am working on tales for different anthologies.

Now most of the stuff I have submitted so far has been flash fictions. For those of you who don’t know what that is, flash fictions are short stories, generally under 1000 words. So far I have sent out two different ones and I am working on two more. One for a Halloween drabble collection and one for a clown anthology.

I find myself really inspired by the coming holidays. Something about fall and Halloween has always given me that extra added push to write something fun, something different. From a story about walking the path of jack o lanterns to a story about a small and adorable little furry critter, they are just fun.

Now as of last week a new anthology all ready came out. In this one I wrote a flash fiction about a classic creature of fantasy, the Salamander. A story of only 500 words but a fun one none the less. So if you are interested take a look at here is the link:

hot summer nights

Canada Day is tomorrow or I better do a lot of writing today

Yup another Canada day is nearly here.  I have been living up here now for four years and thinking of their national holiday my right wrist gives me a major twinge.  I don’t think I will ever forget getting that injury for sure.

but other than the bad wrist I have had a good life up here.  I have writing and publishing a lot since I moved up here.  Before i moved to Canada my life was too busy with taking care of kids, working and being sick.  Here the pressure, while different, is much less.  I can create and I am so glad I can.

Over this past week I worked on two battles for the newest WIP. First a knife fight in space. Okay not actually in space but on ship board.  Having a resource that I can ask hand to hand combat questions of makes that so much easier. Then i worked out my very first ship to ship battle, again thanks to the live in research specialist.

Trying to understand the physics of space flight and battles is way beyond most of us humans. My hubby gave me a very intelligent answer.  What shows like Babylon five or Firefly.  They have those ship to ship fights.

Now I have watched both of those and of course enough anime to get the general idea but I still plan on having him read what I have in chapter fifteen to make sure it doesn’t seem lame.  Yes I said lame.  While I can write, I just am not sure on the battles if they are lame or not.

It looks like once this little bit is done I will be starting the next act of this book. Having the heroine be more a classic heroine that needs to be rescued is different for me. After all most of my female characters will kick butt and take names.  Yes I have done the rescue me theme with the heroine from The Knight Protector but I wrote that piece over fifteen years ago.  A very different me for sure.

So the thought is do i keep her as a victim or do I let her learn to kick butt?  I am not sure. The two lovebirds in this story are not true warriors but the hero was a part of that knife fight on shipboard.  Guess we will see right?

This week i did take a little time off to write a flash fiction length tale for an anthology. Something to refresh my mind. It is odd to go from writing in third person past tense science fiction to writing first person present fantasy.  A twist of the mind right?

Now today I will be doing all my blogs, maybe write a poem or three, a drabble or two and maybe just maybe I will type up the raw emotional letter i wrote to my now deceased biological dad.  I just can’t decide. Should i or should I just forget?

So what is this tale really?

In discussions all over the writerverse one thing we all try to figure out is just where our stories fit in the size category.  See there are a lot of publications looking for certain sizes of work.  This has been a very confusing thing for me because as any of you who has read my work you know I write stories of all kinds of lengths.  So just what type of writer does that make me?

Well when a writer who is part of a serious organization brought up (the SFWA for those who want to know) Here are what the guidelines for size of your tales are.

The Science Fiction Writers of America uses these definitions for it’s Nebula awards, and most people consider them to be pretty standard:

Short fiction: under 7,500 words
Novelette: 7,500-17,500 words
Novella: 17,500-40,000 words
Novel: 40,000 words and up

Shorter stories use different techniques, and have different kinds of subjects, so the Short Mystery Fiction Society subdivides the shortest categories further for their Derringer Awards:

Flash story: up to 1000 words
Short short story: 1001 – 4000 words
Long short story: 4001-8000 words
Novelette: 8001-17,500 words

Now I broke down the Flash fiction a little bit more.  As there are these little fiction things called drabbles which are 100 words…there for another category, one that I have played with a lot.

So going through all my finished stories I came up with a total of 94 stories that have either been published or will soon be.  Yes I have less titles up because I pulled out the stories from the collections and did them separately. 

A majority of my tale come out in the short short story category with 51 titles so far.  the rest are as follows:

Epic     1

Novels  4

Novellas 4

Novelettes 7

long short stories 17

flash fiction 9

and to round out everything I have drabbles 46

So you can see I have done a lot of writing over the past two years.  If you add together the 94 tales to the 46 drabbles you have 140 pieces of fiction that I have written or finished up in two years.  This of course is not counting all the poetry I have done.  I have no idea if I will keep up this crazy level of work or not but at least by seeing the size i write in it is understandable how I came to have so many out there for the reader to find and enjoy.

Hopefully I will come to an agreement with my two publishers to take the 17 stories they have and put them out separately.  I seem to have better luck finding readers for singles than for collections….we will see.

Writing in the shorter form

The past week has been a bit difficult for the writer in me.  Having what is probably just a head cold has made my thinking processes very very slow.  Going through headaches, doziness and fatigue will put you off from thinking much.

Well today I pulled on my big girl panties, sat down and did a little writing.  Nothing long but then I wasn’t looking for something long.  There is a short story contest from one of the groups I belong to.  They gave you an image and you needed to write something under 500 words.  Well like a drabble that didn’t seem too hard to do.  That was till I got sick.

Well this morning I managed to get a little tale written down and submitted.  I don’t think  I will place in this contest but it is possible they will publish my little tale in their anthology.  Yes another anthology.  Not that I won’t at some point put this tale together with all my drabbles and put them out in a collection but I will gladly get any publication.

Now since I have broken the block I had I will try to write other things.  I have thoughts about doing more stories about Monica Van Helsing and her side kick Patricia.  I had thought they would be a one shot but she has so many other vamperic creatures to hunt down and stop.  Having a blood drinking vampire who hunts down the less known vamperic kind might not be totally new but i have read a lot of vampire fiction and I think not too many have taken this direction in their tales.

I had planned on having the Dark Games series be for all my sorta horror but now I think it will be like Harry’s tales.  Stories told from these two characters.  I will have to come up with something else for the other tales.  I just might use the Snow Tales title for a series.  I have a number of stories that would fit in that category.  From the Snow of course being the first.  That story is in the Reflections of the End anthology.  That story is really a sort of sequel to Ice but as that is in my Echoes of Elder Times series I will just spin off like i do.

Today I will sit and work out what I think will be good places.

I have put up almost all my tales over on Smashwords.  The biggest surprise was having the erotica I put up purchased in a quick order.  Five erotic tales bought at the same time.  Those sales put A Moving Experience into the best seller rank of my stories.  Okay maybe not huge numbers but it has sold more copies than Endings and Ice, which had been my big sellers before now.

So time to work out what goes where and decide if I want to put up my handful of free tales into those existing series.