Another new release!

Okay i know it seems like I say that a lot but things come out in batches.  The most recent anthology from one of my facebook groups is up and ready.  I submitted one of my Death Walks Through short stories to this one.  I don’t plan on releasing it separately so it is either get this wonderful collection or wait till I do the collection of the Death stories.

This book has stories, excerpts and drabbles from 11 different authors writing in different genres and styles.  We plan on a series of books like my other groups have done.  Oh my I just realized I am supposed to finish up that story all ready!  Ack! oh well just I wont be in the second book.


The story I put in this one is I Just Can’t Love You Anymore.   Inspired by one of the songs on my IPOD.  As I have said before music is a major inspiration for me.  I will hear a snatch of a song and come up with a story quickly.    Never mind I should be finishing up another story for the Secrets anthology.  I have been both too busy and too lazy this month!

Well time to dig into the tales I have stored.  There is a fun one that could be a vampire tale or maybe not.  Never know with the tales i write.  The tentative titles are And the Darkness Claims It All (for the secrets anthology), Now and Forever for my new Myths of Love series, Man’s Roads for a yet unnamed horror style series…so much work



A silly happy day

Okay most of the time I write about writing and the weird world around me but today..ah today.  I just received my very own copy of the book Dark Minds.  Why this is cool is because I am one of the contributors!  My story, A Different Kind of Hunt is actually the second story in the book.  That is cool.  I know sometimes when you read a anthology you can get bored and not finish but my placement pretty much insures it will be read!..not that I never finish an anthology.  I am crazy about that type of book.  Collections of short stories make me eager to dive in and try new authors.

This is a good sized book for sure.  The nice little bit that David, the editor did was to have us make images to go with our tales.  So the image in the book was something I made up.  I have posted it out on the web of course for people to see.  While this story I wrote is a bit dark it is still fantasy.  Most of the other stories are horror but David liked it so it is all good.

One of my hope for dreams is to be able to have a copy of each anthology I have contributed to along with my own collections and novels on my shelves.  Just having books with my name on it on a shelf will be a boost to my writers soul.  Artists have their paintings or sculptures, singers and musicians have their CDs and writers have their books.  I have a lot of stuff out but right now they are mostly just ebooks.

Now while ebooks are taking over the world I admit I love the feel of a real book in my fingers.  You can hold it, smell it and cuddle it if you want.  Yes it is weird but we never said I wasn’t weird right?

Now hopefully this tale will bring in some more readers to my other works.  I am holding my breath (figuratively) for my 200th sale.  At the moment I am at 186 but it might happen soon.


It is out and ready for purchase!

What you ask?  Well that is Dark Minds.  This is one of the anthologies I was requested to submit a story to.  Yes I didn’t submit and pray I was actually asked!  And if that was not cool enough then I was asked to do an internal image for my story.  I love that.  Now the lovely blurb on this book refers to fantasy..and guess what..that one is me.  Most of the anthology is wonderful dark horror style stories but well we all know I don’t really write horror that well yet so i was so happy that the editor, David Monk, wanted me story.

Now if you want a copy of this story you need to go here

41qAt9KFyQL  Come and try it out folks.  There are so really good stories in this collection!


On other fronts I seem to be almost done the poetry collection Generations of Love and oh my has it effected me.  While my other collections are of course personal they are not so much about me and my family.  I have dredged up things I have been afraid to think about.   A lot of tears went into this book and it needs a few more tweeks before I release it for reading . The images are actual photos of my family in there.


Finished the edit

Not sure how well I did but damn I caught stuff my spell checker should have.  Yes I do use spell check and grammar check but for some reason the darn things have been only checking half my files.  What i mean is that I will be editing along happily fixing the booboos and wham I get an error message saying that the .dll file for spell check and grammar check is missing…how can it be missing halfway through using it?  I am thinking maybe my computer needs a nice check up from the hubby.  He can probably figure it out.  If he wasn’t working so hard and so much at his job.  Poor guy.  Having to work Father’s day is not fair but well it happens.

Now as far as I can tell Harry’s tales are ready for the world to read in one place.  Once I get a spiffy new cover done (thank you for this hubby mine) then i will post it up for sale.  Still trying to work out the price point for this.  I have sold the first five stories in the collection for 99 cents each (okay I put them up they didn’t sell lots) but I can’t see putting the collections at six or seven dollars.  Maybe I will go with $4.99.  See if people want it that way.  It will be a real bargain because they will be getting the five stories all ready released plus the novella that I finished up.  A lot of pages of some of y favorite character’s stories.  After doing that final edit last night and luckily caught the paragraph where I switched from first person to third.  That would have been embarrassing to have pointed out to me.

Now the Guardian tales don’t have any romance in them so I know I won’t be getting an audience from that part of the reader world but they are fun.  Yes they get darker, everything does right?  But Harry’s view of the world is still what you would expect after reading the first one.  A little world weary but a lot honorable.  He is just a good guy with a tough job.

I got the poetry book started.  I know I should be sitting down and working out what images to add to what poem but well I am not in the headset to do that.  Between finishing up Harry, getting stories together for another anthology and trying to remember to advertise all my work I seem to be tired.  Tired enough that I have taken off time to just read some good stuff.

I have a lot of other people’s work to read and since I have been having trouble with the whole head hurting thing I have read between headaches.  But tomorrow is a new week so I can just get my butt in gear and hopefully finish Blackbird for the anthology and get the images I want set up for the poetry book.  Ah goals..we all need them right?

All three and a busy day

If you have been keeping track of my other blog pages you know I have been putting up excerpts and photos.  Usually I try to do one of the three pages a day (okay I said TRY) but today I actually am doing all three!

The anthology group…Authors Choice asked me to help put together a website for our books.  The first one, Reflections of the End, will be out very soon now and I have started up a simple page.  Not sure how well it will turn out but it will give you readers a place to read about the books, the authors and where you can buy said anthology.  This group should be around for a while and we are all ready working on a second collection.  The first is about the end of the world…a very popular subject right now.  The second one will be about secrets.  I’m having a bit of trouble getting the second story to flow but I will get it done.

Now the work on the new website has reminded me that I have not updated my own website in a bit.  So later I will try to go in and add in the new reviews I have.  Two that are not up on the site yet along with the titles of the newer releases.  I have been busier than I thought when I look back at it.

I have one more erotic (okay I admit this one is almost pure porn) story to put up.  I need to change the title because the working title would not attract a reader at all.  Once I figure out a title I can whip together a cover and post it up.  I have been using draft2digital and it is a lot easier for sure.  They give you templets for things like dedication page and also written along with the copyright page.  Nice handy things they you don’t have to change for each publisher.  So that will be nice.

This month I still have the brown bar of shame on amazon but have actually sold two shorts through D2D.  One went on B&N and the other on amazon.  So they don’t show on the amazon site as a sale but I have sales and that makes me happy.  Okay so it is only 2 short stories but it is a start for the month right?

I have been working out how I will be doing the next poetry book in my head.  I will of course be using images again and I think if I can pull it off i will put the text on the image.  The problem there is having it in a color that can be read right?  With the spring images I have gathered filled with green and other colors this will be fun.  I need to be a bit more relaxed when I start to photo manipulate.  Thank goodness my hubby gave me photoshop!

I have got to start taking photos of the baking i am doing.  While my muffins dont come out the jumbo things that all other cookbooks show i think they look as good as they taste.  They are more in line with the size we should be eating.  The ones you see at the bakeries out there are all either two to four servings IN JUST ONE MUFFIN!  That is crazy and unhealthy.  If you are making stuff from scratch and don’t mind the smaller size then my muffins will be perfect for you.  So I will take those photos and use them in my at the moment imaginary cook book.  I will do one but when is the question.  So many ideas and so little time.

I have started working on Moments of Love, another ghost story.  Listening to music during my walks is making so many ideas fill my head.  This one came from Make a Memory by Bon Jovi.  In the video of the song he is a ghost and well you can see where that is going right?  So between that for the Death Walks through series and Down the Rabbit Hole for the Worlds Apart I am hitting my series with new tales.

and I am babbling today aren’t I?  Could be I don’t want to move on to something else or just that I want to babble.  Either way I need to get some work done on my writing!


What a Week!

I had planned so much.  I wa going to finish up a short story for the second anthology of selected authors over on facebook.  I was going to finish up Sudden Disappearances, edit it, make a cover, post it and then work on the omnibus of the six stories in paperback and take a ton of photos.

Well we all know the week did not go the way we expected.  Nature in her infinite wisdom decided that spring will be delayed a bit longer, so nothing really to photograph over than a few buds I found.  I will post those soon.

What really derailed me was the tragedies this week.  The bombing in Boston, so close to my hometown had me in tears and shock for days.  I watched the news, trying to stay up to date on the poor victims and the men who caused that whole mess.  I was scared for my daughter and my nieces who live in the Boston/Nashua area.  Yes i know they were safe but who would not be worried about men who drive around tossing bombs out of their cars.  NH was fully safe but at only 40 miles from Boston I was concerned.  The mom in me.

I got out my feelings with a couple of poems that I am submitting to a charity collection that a few of us have decided needs to be done.  While one four died ( four too many! ) there are over 100 people who lost limbs.  So expensive for them and the US just wont pay for prosthetics.

Then we hear about the explosion in West, Texas.  I didn’t even know there was a town with that name and it was terrifying.  A fertilizer plant, a fire and an explosion.  14 First responders dead and they still haven’t said what started the fire.  Could it be more terrorists?  Who knows?  I sat down and wrote more poetry, hoping to get the tight feeling to let go of my throat.  such a tiny place and such a huge tragedy.  Again I want to do something but what I have no idea.

Yesterday finally saw things calming down and I sat and realized that putting together anthologies is hard work.  There are so many people who need help and only so much one person can do.  I will submit when i find them and I will promote those books and thankfully I will not be in charge of the editing and putting together of the whole things.

But it did get me started on sorting out my poetry.  I came up with three titles for future books all ready.  Yes I said I came up with titles!  You readers know the hardest thing for me to to come up with names and titles but these hit me in between the eyes.  The first one will be Seasons of my Mind.  That will be a collection of seasonal based poems.  Pieces about the seasons and of course the emotions of the seasons.  So far I have 16 sorted but I have to have a minimum of 50 right?  I may have to start writing poems again.

The next is Generations of love.  Poems about being a mother, a wife, a daughter in law and about children.  Again I have 16 of those finished.  Not sure if I will do imagery on these like i did on Love, Loss and Loneliness.  I think i can do some good images that don’t include faces so much.  It will be interesting to work out.

The third one is Poems and Promises. More of my emotional riffs on love and loneliness.  More the love and betrayal that you feel.  Darker but still something I want to get out there.  I might do this one a bit different with the poems on the images instead of below them.  Not sure. Something I will play with as the season develops.

I have other poems that I should group together.  Stuff on natures and music and other odd little bits.  Not sure what i should do with them but I will figure it out.  I could probably makes 7 or 8 collections over the year.  I might not be selling like a madwoman but as long as one or more rad it can I complain?

Sales picked up this week finally so I am happy.  Looks like I cracked my way into Barnes and Noble, even if it was just with some erotic shorts.  It is a start.  Now if I can get my reports from Juicier Erotica and Just Fiction I can see if I have broke into places like Apple or Sony.  Would be nice to know.  I am going to start using places like Goodreads and LinkedIn to post my amazon canada, brazil and other countries to see if I can get a following over there.  You never know.

Its a cold morning for sure

Yup it is.  Last night I gave in and put Love, Loss and Loneliness up on Smashwords.  And the first error I got was you have used the sparbar! times that site is a pain.  Well I fixed all the errors but I don’t know if it will display right on everyone’s ereaders.  The photos look lovely but if you have a black and white viewer like mine they just wont be as nice.

Today the plan is to sit down and type up my notes on the Red Ghost story.  I think the title should be The Red Ghost Rides.  I just came up with a working ending as I was walking back from dropping off the kid to school  Won’t be a long tale but hey that is what I do, short stories.  A bit different than the others in the Death Walks Through series as there is no romance in this ghost story.  Just the ghost of a soldier and his camel…yes I said camel!  I think the end i have in mind will work beautifully.

Looks like the Fae poetry contest is not doing so well.  Counting my piece there has only been three entries.  So I think that one will come back to me and I can use it for the opening of another short story.  Sometimes poems make a great spring board for tales.  Ice proved that after all and look at how many of you have read that story and seemed to have liked it.

Pretty soon the contest that the sequel to Ice, From the Snow, will be closing and people will be voting.  Can’t wait to see how well it does.  And of course can’t wait for the anthology to be put out.  They have asked if my sweet hubby will help with the cover!



Pay attention to the web

You know when you plan on being a writer you need to keep an eye out for comments on your work.  Just checking one site will not give you everything that is being said.  Now I don’t have a lot of talk on my work yet but finding a review on Goodreads that didnt come from Amazon was very nice.

I have been lazy as heck on the writing front the past week.  Now this is not at all a wonder what with Christmas shopping, baking, making etc.  Too much to do and not enough time right?

I have two things in process.  One for an anthology about the end of the world and one a flash fiction I will toss up on my website.  Something quick and fun for New Year’s eve.  If I can get myself in gear.

With a sick kid I might not get these done but we will see.

I added a poem to a collection that a bunch of us author types did for the Family of Sandy Hook Elementary.  The collection has gone live and anyone interested to picking up a copy you can go here:

This is a collection of poetry, short stories, artwork and commentary.  All proceeds are going to the charity, which you can also find online.

Next up after the two stories above that I need to work on is a short story/poem for a valentines day contest on the Starship.  Can I do a new one or should I send over some of my poetry?

Now I was thinking last night/this morning about how to do the poetry book that a few people have asked me about.  Again we will see.  That will take a lot of work to get together but we will see.