Due to connectivity issues with WordPress I have not been posting. I will be back to daily posting on Monday.


Not Just Another Teen Story, page one

Well this is more a teaser than anything. I have a number of pages all digitally drawn up but I need to add text. You know actually write the story. Where this will go I have no idea but I wanted to try my hand at writing a teen angsty style story. The art is not that great I admit. After all I am drawing with my fingertip on a tablet i found in an electronics recycling bin and as you can imagine people are not really my usual thing in drawing. Some of them are good and some of them are awful but the thing is this is all me, my words, my story and my images. Enjoy.


A pause

Sorry I am behind on stories to put up today. Been just a wee under the weather. I will come up with something more soon. I am still sorting animal images for the photo stories. Way too many animal photos to sort through.