Just a bit of thought today

As a long time writer and a medium time blogger i have written about a lot of things. One of the things that I like to do is think back over the various things I have done. Now those of you who have joined my blog recently (Thank you) may not know that I do more than just flash fictions. I have written short story collections, poetry collections, novels, fan fiction and even erotica over the years.

I have been in the past really depressed that it seemed like my work was being seen by no one. That is in part why I started to post up those free flash fictions here. But also over the past two years I have gone from producing huge amounts of short stories and novels, to mostly flash fictions and drabbles to a really dry period for nearly a year. When I dragged myself back up by the bootstraps I found there was a new set of tales to be told but from a totally different style. I looked at my various pieces of art from the past forty years (Yeah I have stuff going back to around junior high school) and realized there were tales sitting right in front of me that needed only the words to be written. Thus my illustrated tales started. Now they are being posted up on two of my other blogs and of course over on deviant art.

If you don’t follow more than one of my blogs you will probably wonder what the heck. I have a total of seven right now and I am planning on starting one to put up all of my poetry.  This blog was started as a place to just ruminate on being a writer and all the things that both inspire and dull my art. Writers are probably both the sanest and craziest of people. We spend hours/days/weeks/months talking to our imaginary friends. We create stories that are our babies and we gleefully/timidly release them to the world to love/mock/enjoy all the time.

Everyday I see on social media people saying that society has stopped creating, that people dont read anything that isn’t 140 characters long and so many other dark and grumpy things but I argue that the art of story telling is still alive and people are still gobbling it up.

Everything from short stories in collections to interactive chat stories are out there. Novels are still selling and people have more choices than ever before to read. No longer do we need to feel ashamed of the hobby of reading thanks to all those dreaded electronic devices. You can read anything you want just by the click of a button.

I started rambling here commenting about my illustrated tales. I have written a series of different illustrated tales. They run the gambit of styles and genres. Though most of them could easily be considered childrens stories. I have used both hand drawn images and those i have created with an ap on my tablet. So the art is at times a bit primitive but it seems like those who see it are enjoying it.

When I started doing them I was expected them to be only a few pages but some of them are up in the twenty or more pages. While the text is only a paragraph at most on each image it does add up doesn’t it?

If you are interested in seeing these you can hit up either my deviant art page here


or my other blogs




And if you are looking for longer free reads you can find me over at Wattpad



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