Oh wow I have a lot of work to do or why did I decide to do this?

Well yesterday I sat down and worked on a lot of things. Between taking my flash fictions and putting them together with the images that inspired them was a full day project that is not yet finished! As of this morning I have 83 image/word files ready for audio and I am not anywhere near done with this part. I guess I have been a very busy beaver haven’t I?

I have audio recordings for thirty four poems that I intend to combine together with my photography and of course the original text from my poetry. It will be fun learning the way to combine this in the updated Photoshop I have on this machine. Once I figure it out they will be put up on my second Youtube account.

As for the voice recordings I think I will start those tomorrow, after all it is getting pretty hot today and I am not sure I want to do recordings when I can sit in a cool breeze away from the computer.

As for the illustrated flash fictions I have been working on I have four completed ones, or mostly completed. Three of them have all the illustrations are colored in and the words are inked in. I worked on the drawings for the four story yesterday and half of them are really good, the other half? Well you will see.

Hopefully this weekend the scanner will be set up so I can use it. Scanning in these pages will be the beginning of my new work. As I have said elsewhere these will be free tales. Hopefully readers will find them and enjoy them and maybe, just maybe want to read my longer for sale fictions.


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