Darn it all

Well I was all ready to take my audio files and post them up on this blog. Take it in a new direction and place up files of me reading my poetry, dribbles and drabbles up here but when I tried found out that while you can do that one WordPress, you have to have a paid account. Which of course I do not. Sorry folks but as I haven’t made much money as a writer/poet/artist/sculpture/etc I can’t afford pay for sites yet.

Back to the search for a place I can place my audio files and let people hear my work. The plan is to put up these files for free. The poetry ones are very short so I had no plan of making a video of them but well looks like I just might have to and put them up on my second youtube account. Now for those of you who don’t know I have a bunch of videos up on my first youtube account here:


This account was set up quite a long time ago and contains music videos I made and book trailers. I had to do aother one because no matter how I tried I could not sign in. So the original account is sorta linked to my current empty account



So I will put up updates with links so hopefully you wonderful followers can actually enjoy the audio version of my work.


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