Too hot to write

How about I just give you guys one of my fragments. This is from one of my paranormals that I hope to finish someday


592 AD

Somewhere in the mountains of western Europe

“We have to spread out. Too many of us in one place will cause talk and the secret will come out.” The tallest of the men gathered in the big dark cavern turned toward his bretheren. “The humans have decimated our numbers in their unholy war. We need to spread out. Increase our numbers.” The piercing golden eyes of the last lord of a forgotten country went from man to man in the cavern. “Spread out to all the known lands, take lovers but do not let them remember your face or name. Watch the children from these unions. Let your brothers know if you can not stay.”

“You want us to just run like dogs?” From the back came a deep, musical voice. Pushing through the mass of tall, dark warriors the objector stopped in front of his lord and king. A half span shorter than the king with eyes of startling green, the younger man growled low. “We are the last of our blood. What good would trying to breed with the humans who have killed our futures be?” The contained anger and grief in his voice touched each of the men deeply. Brother to the king and chief of the bards, he could use tricks of his training or magic to sway anyone to what he wanted but he was using no tricks. The pain was true as each and every one of them knew. This man had lost everything but his brother in the endless war of extinction that had been fought for decades.

Anwar placed a light hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Not these humans, no little brother. We must each leave this place, go to where our kind are not known and then wait for times to change. Wander from place to place.” Turning back to the gathering he continued. “I have been sent a vision. It will be years but our people will survive. You will each find a woman who you can find peace with. Be careful, follow the old ways and return to this place when the stars realign each time. May peace be with you all.”

As the brethern responded to that blesssing, he kept his hand on his brother’s shoulder and spoke softly. “Stay at my side Constantine. We must speak after the others have left.” He then stepped forward and accepted the oaths of fealty and promises of his men, giving them his blessing and sending them out on their way. When all but his core knights had left the cavern he nodded to those who waited to step away so that he coudl speak privately with the last of his faily and men.

Constantine had moved into the shadows. Sitting on a camp stool, he was softly strumming a sad aire on a lute. Anwar listened sadened by the soft words he could hear. The song was one that he had written for the woman who would have been his life mate. She had been killed when their castle had fallen to the invaders. Constantine had barely survived that day. The sword thrust that had taken away Cerise’s life had cut his brother deep in the belly. It would have killed him had not the tiny, powerful witch not dived in front of her betrothed. The sword sank into her back, bursting through her belly and into his. He held her to him she see passed, thinking only that they would be going to the gods together that night. But with her last breath she cast a final spell that kept him in this life.

The shaggy head, lowered over the lute as fingers stilled the strings. Without looking up his spoke, “So you wished to speak to me?” His voice lost all emotion, again.something that happened more and more as the months passed. He slowly started putting the instrument back into it’s case, fingers lingering on a soft faded ribbon that rested inside.

“Yes, Constantine, I wanted to speak to you more than the rest.” He knelt down in front of the younger man. “You are important to me little brother.


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