Another tragedy

I had planned to blog here this week about the poems I had written for charity and the role of writers in honoring those fallen to tragedy. Over the past few years I have donated work to books that we hoped would raise awareness, to fill in hope and to honor those who died for inexplicable reasons. Then a madman with an agenda decided to buy  weapons and shoot up people because they held different beliefs about love than he did.

There have been and will be many who write on this topic. From Trump’s self serving rants to those who spew hate and want to use this as another example of why we should hate. I find these people to be truly awful.

As has happened so often in the past few years there are those who will defend he right to buy any weapon his wishes. To misinterpret the second amendment as a free ticket to stock up on weapons meant for professionals. For police and for the military.

Those who know me from my personal facebook page know that I don’t like guns. It is a personal choice and I would not dream of taking a rifle from those who need it to feed their family or even a handgun from those who believe (if irronously) that they need a handgun to protect themselves from people in their homes. I strongly disagree that any person needs an automatic weapon, the weapon of war, in there homes.

The tragedy this weekend has once more proved to the world that once more Americans can’t control themselves. I was born in the US, lived most of my life there and was very proud of how safe and wonderful a place it was. But then we started getting mass murders, crazy men (in most cases) buying weapons of war and deciding to kill people either to make some imagined wrong right or to become famous. This needs to stop.

In the United States, a country that was supposedly built on inclusion, there is a major divide building. It saddens me that the place I grew up, that taught me that if we fight for our dreams we could become more has descended into this divisiveness. Remember kind readers that we are all human. No matter who we love, no matter what we believe, no matter where we were born, we are human. We need to truly look into the eyes of those around us and see ourselves. See the child who looks at the world with wonder, to see the heart that beats inside each and everyone of us that looks for that one soul who understands us. Can we try to agree that tragedy is tragedy and killing is wrong?

Like people all around this blue globe I send my prayers for those hurt and the families who have lost a child/father/husband/brother/uncle. My prayers may go to a different face of the divine than most but I know that we all deserve support. I no more want to hear about the man who took his homophobia out on a nightclub of innocent people. I want to hear about the lives touched by this tragedy. Hear about the wonderful people who were hurt, the heroes who tried to save lives and of the lives lost. For every person to be born on this planet is a story worth knowing. Lets not let those who died, those who were injured become statistics. Let them become heroes.


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