How about we be original folks

There is a lot of argument all over the web about making more inclusive characters in books, comics, tv and movies. Now I am totally for having characters of every race, color, religion, sexuality, etc. What I am not for is taking well established characters and forcing them to be something their creators did not intend just because it is a current thing.

Taking heroes and making them villains because people don’t want heroes anymore is just wrong. Deciding that two same sex characters who are FRIENDS have to be in a secret sexual relationship just because we are now more accepting of those of different sexualities doesn’t make sense. We have gone over board lately. Two people of any sexuality can be just friends, very close and not want to have sex.

If people are so desperate for great characters who are evil or gay or transexual or anything, then you need to WRITE them, MAKE them.

This blog is yes a complaint from a writer and reader and fan who is getting really annoyed with people.  As a watcher, a reader and yes a fan, I want new and wonderfully rich  characters to sink my teeth into. I don’t want beloved characters that I have read or watched gutted and made into something they never were meant to be just because some young person wants them changed to fit their idea of fandom. It might be me being an older fan but I think it is really just I love looking for new and amazing characters to love and enjoy.

I have for decades read fanfiction and this is never more clear than in the fanfiction world. There are thousands of authors out there writing new stories in old worlds. The best of them stay true to the characters they have come to love and they add in new characters that interact and fit into the worlds they are playing in.

In fanfiction people have been exploring those topics that are so hot right now for ages. The best of the authors there have been taking characters who are ambiguous and make them fuller is okay. They make the stories rich and intriguing. They don’t take established characters who are either straight or traditionally sexed and turn them into a chimera of themselves.

You fans out there need to realize that these characters, including the ones I write, are not yours to take and warp into your version. They are gifts to you to enjoy, to get a brief glimpse into the mind of the creative souls who make the characters. Realize that the writers, the creators, pour their heart and souls into these people, the children of their minds and hearts. Don’t mess with them. Read them, watch them, love them but if you desperately need a character to be more like you, Write them, Create them and then gift them to the world.




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