Yeah I know I haven’t updated in a while. Thankfully i can say I was working. I managed ten pages to coffee house blues and another seven to music is my mistress. Not a lot I know but I have been busy. I realized working on two different new tales in the Guardian series that I needed to go back and make a database to keep track of characters. There are a lot of characters from the seven tales so far. From the hero to the one scene characters, I wanted to make sure I kept the names straight. Good thing to when I realized I had changed Harry’s landlords name!


This is something we as writers need to think about. If you are writing stand alone a this isn’t so much an issue but if you do series, this is essential. And if you write series like me? Well let’s just say I have a lot of work to do.


I. Would love to give you folks a bit of my new stuff but that will have to wait till I figure out how to get my desktop/work computer to let me access it from the tablet.


Now as for the spreadsheets. If you are writing, just go and open up whatever spreadsheet program you have, set up your columns and make sure you read your work and putdown those names!


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