New Release…yes A Fragile Peace is out

As of Saturday I released the third of the Saga of Loralil Greyfox books. I seem to be slowing down in my publishing. While I do have a bunch of other finished titles, the lack of interest in my work has me rethinking things. Putting up everything is a lot of work.

Now it could be the weather making me tired. The end of summer is brutal on a lot of us. While many seem to love the heat and humidity, love having an excuse to go lie on a beach and soak up sun, that is very far from me. I only go out in the morning, early, if I can help it. Or it could be that sales have fallen more than flat. I had all of one sale last month. That is the worse month since I started publishing. But I decided that you know what? No matter how slow my sales are, I have a ton of stories to tell. I will continue to put them out. If they sell, they sell. If they don’t, they don’t.

I had a young woman on Twitter decide to tell me that the reason my work doesn’t sell is the covers. Now I know that that particular comment is only partially true. I have covers that run the gambit from awful to amazing. If it was just the cover things like Escape, Fall Into Nightmares and To Save Face or Family, should have sold hand over fist. The covers on those three novels are professional quality, the stories are really good (If I say so myself!) and the price is not too high. But when you look at the biggest seller, Ice, you see a cover that is one of my photographs. Never let another author tell you that you need to use their tricks to strike it big. In this case her genre is a hot one, so selling is almost a no brainer. I say almost because no genre is an easy sell in today’s market.

But back to my release! While this is not the best cover out of my collection of them, it works in the series. The colors are different, yes, but the fonts are the same and the image is close. I think what is more important than a cover, is the blurb. Now that I could use help with! Blurbs are what draw me in as a reader. Yes, a cover can draw my eye, but I have passed by many great covers because the blurb was CRAP. When I get my daily  emails of new titles, I don’t even look at the covers, I look at the title, does it interest me? If yes, then I read the blurb. If it is a good one, I get the book. Covers for me as a reader are candy. They can be good, they can be bad but they don’t decide me. Not that I don’t try to put up great covers.

Okay I have babbled about this long enough. What you want is the link for A Fragile Peace right? After all it is the next great story in the series.

Amazon :


The other e-retailers are still being processed but it will be up all over soon.


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