Spring has sprung for real thankfully

Well I have been a both busy and lazy lately. Last week I just wasn’t feeling up to writing my blogs, instead I just read and read and read and read….yup did the thing that makes us the best of authors.

Every writer needs to read. Because we need to see what else is out there. Not just in the field we write but what else the world likes. Now we need to read not just our genre, but as many genres as we can. I tend to delve into fantasy, science fiction, romance, paranormal, mystery, western, the occasional biography, manga and of course comic books.

Yes folks I mentioned illustrated work. See the truth is manga and comic books is a great source of writing. While they don’t have to go into the world setting like we do, describing everything. They do have to give you depth to the characters to make you care enough to buy the next issue.

For example I will pick one of my all time favorite comic book series, Elfquest. Now I started reading this way way way back (1982) yes that far back. When it was coming out about three or four times a year in this huge format. It was stylish, intense and well written. The characters were very diverse (yes all those elves each had personalities) It dealt with racism, violence, love, tenderness and so much more. The fact that they are doing a current series that ties up many of the threads that have been made in the various issues shows how long a series can endure. The Pinis (author and artist) have taken us along for a very long ride and managed to keep us determined to read every last word.

As an author I only hope to write a story that can have people still reading it thirty years later. It is something I think most authors dream of. In this world of needing to sell the most, the biggest total we forget that we aren’t writing to make the most money, we are writing to tell a story and to hopefully find people who love our words.

I of course have been writing since I was young. With working on my oldest character’s next set of books, I am bringing people back around to reading a character who means a lot to me. Loralil is a huge part of me. While no, I am not a 4’10” sexy silver haired warrior/bard elf, I have grown as a person and a writer along with her. I have dealt with some of my own internal fears by writing her and I will continue to do so. Every writer will have that one character who means more to them than the rest. In my case it is her. So you gentle readers. Do any of you have characters the you find more Interesting than the rest?


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