Going back and reading what you published

Over the past week when I should have been starting work on a new book I decided to re-read and re-edit some of my older works. Every author should do this btw. No matter how many times you have edited, re-edited and even had others edit your work, you will probably find something you missed.

Secondly re-reading your own work can be both educational and fun. Going over Endings, Revenge, Fall Into Nightmares and Guardians of the Gate City collection. Now, yes, they needed some editing. I am much better now at knowing where commas go and hyphens and apostrophes. Punctuation is tricky and you really need to go over your work and see what you missed the first passes through.

Now reading your own stories after a year or more is educational because you can see what problems you have, but also just how good you really are at the real meat of writing. In other words your characters, your dialog and your pacing. You can look back and go, yeah I need to work a bit harder on this or whoa I actually am not too bad at that.

As a voracious reader I have read many really good books and of course a number of stinkers. What was fun was realizing that my stories stood up to my more evolved sensibilities. I did not find those that I published were childish or lesser quality. Yes, they needed corrections, but the stories were actually pretty good.

Now the downside is after reading those four, I want to go back and write more of these. All four need sequels and deciding which to work on has been my problem for a long time. After finishing up Guardians I noticed I had put in a note that Lady of the Merrimack would be the next story in the Guardians collection. Now this one is not written in first person with Harry as the main character. This is a more traditional third person story and Jackson is the main character.

With only three pages typed up so far, I have a long way to go obviously. And hopefully it will come out as good and the Harry stories did. Don’t expect as much fun. After all Jackson is not as light-hearted as Harry. He is a serious cop, okay a cop who loves the ladies.

This will be one of the next series of Guardian tales. The Nashua Tales, as I have called them will be as follows:

Lady of the Merrimack, To Catch a Killer and Pain returns – Jackson stories

Coffee House Blues – Maeve and Daniel’s story

In the Dark – Thomas, one of the Manchester Guardians

The Ties That Bind Us All – Angela’s (the stitch witch) story

Little Unicorn Lost – two unique creatures who show up in Agnes’ kitchen for help

Hopefully I can finish these seven tales this year. They range from current to a decade back in these stories. From my typical fun urban fantasy to something a bit more of a procedural cop story. Harry will appear in these tales but only along the sidelines. He will be helpful and bring a bit of lightness to the stories that haven much heavier themes. Wish me luck.


2 comments on “Going back and reading what you published

  1. Aw but Harry is only a side character in these. I have mostly finished up a fun tale with a bard who travels to Undertown, and a few other characters…just not sure if the ending is good or not.

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