Getting back to work

Well after the holidays and then getting a bit of a cold, I am finally back to work. Thanks to my beta reader who is sending me little fixes, I have noticed what I am missing on my editing. Little things are what get you with the more picky of readers of course. Miss a comma or use a word that seems perfectly fine to your way of talking and you get trashed. So it is important to find someone you trust to go over your book. I am lucky that I have a few fellow writers who are willing to read through various of my tales and point out where i missed a comma or used a word that just doesn’t work for the average reader.

While I admit last week I was feeling way off after getting a review that was both good and bad, but now I am much better. In fact so much better that I got my reviewer pen out and decided to read and review a few things. Two new reviews from me are up on Amazon and today I will be doing some reviews over on booklikes soon for other work. There is one read and review I was requested to do that is putting me in a quandary. I have an early novel from another writer that is bouncing between two and four star for me. There is a lot of editing issues and some historical bits that are way off but the characters are quite interesting and the plot at times runs full steam ahead before it stutters to a halt. anyone who knows me knows that generally I can read a book in a day, a good one in hours. this one has taken me over a week to get half way through.  I will continue to persevere because this is a fellow indie author who needs a review. If this was an established traditional author I would have given up on reviewing this book but I offered, so I must.

Now for what I am doing. Over on my Books by Lisa Williamson blog I put up an excerpt from  one of the new tales I am working on in the Flights of Fantasy novella series. Here I thought a bit from the next novel I should put out would be good. the Price of Freedom will be book two from the League of Stars series. Now unlike most books in a series now a days, the ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ will not be carrying over to this book. In the style of the Diadem of the Stars series by Jo Clayton, I decided to take a character from book to book but to have the main characters of each book entirely separate. While Quirin and Babe will be in each of what i hope will be four books in this series, they are not the ‘stars’ of this book.

Here is a bit from The Price of Freedom:


They had all been born together, a rarity for the People. Four tiny daughters brought forth from their mother’s womb with great pain. One young father left with those daughters when his mate died. He was a gentle, quiet man of the people and he raised his daughters with love and understanding. Never once did he blame the little girls for the loss of his mate.

The eldest, Druscilla, was the tallest and fast to anger. She fought for the rights of her family, teaching those who tried to take advantage of them that she had hidden weapons that cut to the quick. Her flame-red hair caught the attention of many, but her fierce eyes made most males of the People nervous. She was the leader of the sisters, often into trouble.

The next oldest, Chantrea, was the gentle one. Her large, soft brown eyes captivated many of the young men their age. She always had one of the small creatures about her. She would care for the bird with the broken wing or the injured squirrel. The three other sisters did their best to help her find training for her healing hands. There was little money for a formal apprenticeship, but the healer let her work with him as an assistant, teaching her when he could take time from his paying students.

The third sister, Tatum was the practical one. Her black hair and green eyes were striking, but more so was her sharp mind. She schemed and plotted and helped her father keep her sisters fed. When Druscilla’s temper got them all in trouble, she would find a way to ease over the injured pride with wise words or a bribe if necessary.

The final sister was the wild one. Where her oldest sister fought and grew angry quickly, little golden Arella was always running. She gloried in freedom and movement. Always laughing, her eyes sparkled and her laughter was contagious. She was fiercely protective of her sisters and father, loving with all her heart and rarely did she hold dark emotion. Always, she was willing to lend a hand when needed, but rarely would she be found doing those things that women were expected to do. The tasks that were repetitive or slow were not for the wild child, though she could sit still if the task involved making beauty. She had an eye for colors and how they should be put together.


Just the brief description of each of the four heroines of this book. The characters from this book will mostly not be humans this time. While I will have humans in this book, they will mostly be the villains (other than Quirin of course). Writing a nonhuman race can be an interesting thing for a writer. As a fantasist writer, I have written elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and elementals, but these are all more like their human counterpoints than not. The small, furry aliens of this book are from a society that has collapsed and regressed yet still retain bits and pieces of their high tech. They have powers that will seem like magic but are really more mental than magic. I am hoping that I can pull this off and that I will be able to find the help I had with the first book of this series. Writing science fiction is very different from writing fantasy of course. But luckily there are so many things that are the same, no matter the genre. There will always be elements that match, from good versus evil, law versus chaos and life versus death.

So hopefully this week I will get a lot of writing done…is it all a working author can ask for right?


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