The year in Review

Okay how about the reviews I have received this year? As many of you know, I have been publishing for almost three years now. With the way I work that is  lot of titles out there for readers to find and hopefully review. Which we all know is not generally the case. The idea that is tossed about by many is that if the book is good it will sell and it will be reviewed. Not true. You, if you try publishing, while find that you can write one of the best books ever but unless you are lucky sales and reviews do not roll in.

Now I am not complaining here. Because I have had sales and reviews over the past year. Maybe not a lot but hey, any is good for me.

As of this morning I am only actually down three sales from the numbers last year. That is not too bad. Yes I admit I didn’t make a huge batch of sales but a reduction of three is not so bad when sales are falling off all over for writers.

Now for the numbers on my reviews. I went to Amazon, Smashwords and Goodreads to get my numbers. While I am all over I have found most other sites just don’t have a review anywhere! So these numbers are not totally accurate but they are a good example

The Dream Wish                                                         four stars 1
Where Angels No Longer Tread                                 five stars 1 four stars 1
Possibilities                                                                 five stars 1
Rebirth                                                                        five stars 1
Not Just Another Morning of Business                         five stars 1
Guardians of the Gate City                                          five stars 2
It Just Might be Gremlins                                              five stars 1
Blackbird                                                                     five stars 1
When Winter Comes Roaring                                      five stars 1
The Traveler                                                               four stars 1 three stars 2
Fall Into Nightmares                                                    five stars 3 four stars 1
Hope Everlasting                                                         five stars 1
To Save Face or Family                                              four stars 1 five stars 3
Death Walks Through                                                 four stars 2
Escape                                                                       five stars 4
The Red Ghost Rides                                                 five stars 1
Echoes of Elder Times                                                 five stars 2
Now and Forever five stars 1

smashwords reviews
When Shadows Rise                                                 two stars 1

Goodreads only reviews
Traveler                                                                    three stars 3 four stars 1 five stars two

Now to help make it easier to understand I basically put the info as the number of stars first and the number of those reviews second. So for To Save Face and Family you see I have three five star reviews and one four star. Generally my reviews are good.

Something I have noticed over the years is that of those who review my work they generally like or love it. Yes as you can see there is a two star review on one title (that is a fan fiction and well from their comments they didn’t know the anime it was based on!) but most of my reviews are in the range of four and five stars. Which makes me happy.

Now the forty reviews that came in are on titles that are exclusively mine. There are reviews on the various anthologies I have been part of but i am not listing those because they are not just my work. A review on an anthology usually reviews the entire collection and not each author’s story in the collection. It tends to skew numbers in odd ways.

Now I am happy with all the reviews I have received. Good, bad or indifferent, having a person write a review in 99% of the reviews received the writer of them has read your work and felt moved to comment. I have seen on those anthologies, reviews done by people who just did not finish.

Just letting you know that is something that bugs the hell out of me. If you can’t finish the book, don’t review it. Just don’t. You may not have come to the best part of the book. The best thing to do would be to finish up that book and then review but if you can’t? Well then just move on. It is what I do.

Yes folks writers read. I read a lot. Thanks to the holidays I am taking a three week break (mostly) from writing. I am diving into the many free books that I have picked up over the past three years and reading and reviewing them as I go. I have put up two reviews a day over the past three days.  Now that doesn’t mean I have finished every book I opened. If I get almost halfway through and the book just doesn’t keep my attention I close it and move on to another, without leaving a review. See I know that every book has an audience and I am currently not the audience but I might find myself loving that self same book a month or a year later. So I don’t review till I finish a book.

And yes folks I have left two star reviews when I don’t like a tale. I won’t leave a one star simply because the author worked hard on that tale I disliked. No mater how poorly written, poor edited or poorly conceived  I will not kick another writer in the chops. I will politely and clearly explain why I disliked their work and how I think it could be improved…because hey we all need CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

So anyone who wants to see the reviews I leave just look for Lisa Williamson on those book sites.


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