Getting ready for a holiday release

As you readers know I have been dabbling in the shorter forms of fiction over the past few months. Because of the series of wonderful holidays at this time of year I have written a number of them over the past month or so. When I let my friends over on the amazon writers group, the Starship Wordsmyth, a number of them volunteered to write up pieces to be added to my collection and I have a special bonus section in my collection for you lucky readers. These little tales will give you a taste of what some of the very best indie authors on the net have to offer.

The planned release date for this book is Winter Solstice. Why then? Because those of us who are Wiccans hold this as one of the high holidays of the year. The flash fictions in this collection will be everything from hint fictions of 25 words to full flash fictions that stop just under 1000 words.

I have been researching the many myths, legends and superstitions of the four major North American holidays. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and ending with New Years. While every culture has tales of harvest festivals and a light festival that lands around the longest night of the year, they are very different. Some of the pieces I have written are about creatures that are unknown by most in the US and Canada.

Today I have been playing around at making a cover for this collection. Because I am doing four holidays in this collection the cover needs to show jut that. Take a look and if you like comment on it for me.



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