Raffle copter….hey I am part of this!

I was invited nicely to be part of a raffle copter give away. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a raffle copter is a bit like a contest. You go to the linked site and put in your email. At the end of the contest time one name is picked and that person gets all the books that have been added to the raffle copter for free. Basically all the authors hope for in this is that the winner will read and review the books they have added to the copter.

I have participated in these both as a reader and a writer. They are a great way for you, the reader, to be introduced to some of the best of the new indie author voices out there (and me of course not the best but worth reading)

If you are interested in seeing all the books in the copter or if you wish to sign up please go to this link


Here is the list of titles that you will win

Double Helix Collection — by Jade Kerrion

Miriya — by Jade Kerrion

Escape: League of Stars (Book 1) — by Lisa Williamson

The SatNav of Doom — by Will Macmillan Jones

Dragon Fate — by J.D. Hallowell

The Chosen — by Sheenah Freitas

The Naphil’s Kiss — by Simone Beaudelaire

Daughter of Light & Dark — by Ch’kara Silverwolf

>Warlord’s Honor — by L.W. Browning

M.O.D. — by J.C. Allen

The Founders — by Holly Barbo

Divergent Paths — by Holly Barbo

The Writers’ Stuff Multi-Genre Anthology — by Write Stuff authors

Hot Summer Nights Anthology — by Write Stuff authors

I have read most of these and they are some really good books. As for the final two on this list…your blogger here has been a part of both of these anthologies and they are filled with more amazing indie authors! So if you own a kindle or think you will get one by Christmas I would go sign up for some really good work! The drawing will be on December 29th! Good luck!


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