This week’s recommendations November 8th, 2014

Indie Book Nirvana


4.3 stars with 3 reviews!

This Road Darkens is a collection of five short stories. This compilation includes four short stories that were published separately and can be downloaded apart from one another: The Interview, Story Night, Thief and Lift After.

This is the tale of a trucker, Roy Roberts, who believes he’s seen it all. He finds out how truly wrong he is when he’s sidetracked by a wild fire and drives down the wrong road. The path gets worse and worse as he comes face to face with true evil.

Word count: 20,320 words
$0.99 (Kindle Edition)
$4.99 (Paperback)

4.4 stars with 8 reviews!

At five years old, John Andrews’ life is changed forever by a fistfight in a vacant lot. Twelve years later, fleeing a haunted past, he and his mother abandon post-war Newcastle for the hope of a better life in Cornwall—in the village.


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