The difference a page makes

As a writer of short stories I am always looking for places to publish my work. Mostly I have wisely published them myself on the ebook retailers out there. With the amount of work I have out there now I have of course decided to combine them together into collections.

But with the growth of sites all over looking for flash fiction I thought I would try a couple of them myself. In most cases they accept your work and put them up for people to read. And of course in most cases I send them things that have not been published before but I have in fact send a couple of my published tales over to the site

Now I am very confused about this site. They want poetry and stories under two thousand words, which I can do of course. I have one tale that they have accepted and no one seems to look at (you can see it here)

Once I got the first one up I decided to toss over a handful more of my work. Some poems and quickie flash fictions, which are under five hundred words. Every one of them were rejected for being too short! They actually said that the work submitted were unfinished…which is so wrong.

Okay now that confused me. See any of you who have read my poetry collections know that I write short free verse poetry. In most cases the poetry is only eight to twelve lines long and are COMPLETE! Same with the quickie fiction I posted. These are quickie, tales meant to be under 500 words.

Well okay I thought, maybe i need to send them over something longer. I looked over my published tales and decided to send them Partings and Twas the Night. A ghost story that has been edited over and over to the form it is now and a science fiction Christmas tale that again, edited and complete.  Well today I got an email again stating that they need editing and to be COMPLETED! Really? This has made me decide to give this place a skip. If a tale that has nine reviews on Amazon that are four and five stars then I would say they just don’t like my style and wish them a lot of business and luck. The concept of having flash fictions and short short stories up for sale for a quarter a read is a great idea but it looks like I don’t fit their idea of stories.


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